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Goal weight for 5'6" and 5'4.5"

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What a good goal weight (or a range of) for someone who's 5'6"? and what about for 5'4.5" (my friend is asking)?
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Well, I'm 5'6 and my goal was 135, though now that I reached it (yay!) last week I think I'm going to keep going until 130. 
Jan 22 2007 06:08
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Be careful how low you go b/c some people are literally bigger boned than others. Take a look cl/healthyweight/healthyweight.jsp?h=0&fr m=0
I have a large to medium frame and am 5'6" and I am shooting for 139.
I'm 5'4.5" and my goal weight is 125.  C-C put that BMI at 21.5 which is the lower end of 20-24 for a healthy weight.
Yuck.  My goal, at just over 5'4", was 130.  That calc set it to 119. 

My s-i-l nutritionist said it varies by 10%, which, acc to her, was 120 +/- 10% = 108 through 132 for me.

I say these calculators should ask cup size too.  lol.
What gender / age are you?
5' 4" - 40 yr old female

I agree the number doesn't matter, and the BMI is a better indicator of health. BUT... from what I've seen about normal BMI calculators on the web is that they do not take into account age. Yes, when I was 20, I should weigh around 125-35 (according to the older weight tables). Now that I'm 40, um, things shift. Look for
*healthy* not thin;
*healthy* not pounds;
*healthy* not overweight.

The weight tables have been re-configured to try to give a more accurate model, not being Twiggy, but not being Ruben-esque.  The following website seems to be fairly balanced in it's configuration:
Weight Watchers: healthyweight.aspx
Harvard: 00/document/aim.htm#figure1

Hope this helps.

FYI i (the poster) am a 19 yr old female
yeah--sorry. i'm 22 so my healthy weight is somewhere between 120-135, i think.
oh and i'm a small frame. sorry for the multiple posts!
I'm 5'6 and my ultimate goal weight is 120. I would be happy first just getting under 140 (I'm 144 right now). I wear a size 6 and I want to get back to my original size 2!
I'm small framed, 19, and female and my first goal is 136.. I figure I'll probably attempt a muscular 125 after that... but I'll only know when I get there. I'd like to wear a size 5 again (boy, its been a long time!)
I'm the exact same as vpmraika, I'm 5'6, my goal 135. I have 5 more pounds to lose to make it to my goal, but I think I'm going to make a new goal of 130.
Mine is very similar to the rest... I'm 5'6", and am currently 137.  My first goal is to weight 128 and maintain that, then my next goal (ultimately) is somewhere between 120-125.  But I would be completely thrilled to stay at 128!
I'm 5'6" and currently 126 lbs..I'm pretty happy where I'm at but I still seem to have a belly...i want to go down a size but when I set my goal weight at 120 it said my BMI would be underweight..I don't think I'm anywhere NEAR being underweight I guess I'll aim to tone more than looking at the numbers on the scale
What is a good weight for a female who is 17 years old and 5"4?
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