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Weight Loss
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Goal past and sadness sets in...

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Well I left this account for a time and finally have up after a few rounds of yo yo dieting and now a stand not a lb lost and really angry at myself! My life has been absolutely nuts this year and I let it get to me. Now i am starting again at 5 7.5 and 165 with a goal of 121. Guess I wanted some support ya know? :/
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You are picking a goal that is almost underweight. So maybe you should start this time by picking a healthier and more realistic goal.


You right I say 120 but will most likely settle at 135 my body type has changed drastically in the last few years do it favors a lower weight.

We all take breaks especially when life gets too intense.  I am also coming back after a long break, having gained back ten pounds of the hard-fought loss that took me three years.  We are all in this together and we all go through difficult times that set us back.  But every single small thing you do to take better care of yourself matters.  Every baby step is 100% better than doing nothing.  Welcome back, and I wish you happiness and good health regardless of what the scale says.Smile

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