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Gnawing feeling

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does anyone feel like this too?  i know i'm not hungry, but it's like my stomach's constantly gnawing at me. i don't know if it's indigestion or something, but it feel terrible because i keep eating thinking that eating will make the gnawing go away when it doesn't do so at all.
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That happens to me too...
It only goes away wehn I eat a whole lot of food.
if you truly are eating enough for your height,age,weight, activity level etc., then it's just your metabolism working! that's a good thing! remember, you don't have to starve yourself to lose weight; by going slowly you'll keep it off and change your lifestyle so it'll be impossible to put those lbs back on. try eating smaller more frequent meals. what i do when i get the gnawing feeling but know i've eaten enough is drink plain hot tea or seltzer. the seltzer really fills you up because of the carbonation. if you've got self control, eat a couple of nuts and then call it quits-- just enough to satisfy. if you don't think you'll be able to stop however then dont start :)
I have that feeling today but blame it on TTOM because I don't have it on "normal" days.
I have days where that feeling just kills me all day, no matter how much I eat. :(

But recently it's pretty much gone away, so I don't know what the deal is. Weird. I'm glad to know I'm not alone, though... lol.
Could it be stress? Or psychosomatic?  I know that when I am constantly thinking about food, I get that feeling, its like wanting something you cant craaaaave it.  Maybe you are tricking yourself into thinking you're hungry!
^ Sometimes I think it might be psychological, because a little while after breakfast, I always think, "Am I hungry? I think I'm hungry," and then my stomach starts to gnaw at me a little bit. If I ever think about being hungry, I start to feel more hungry... there are some days where it's just so much worse than others, though.

Like right now... I just ate, but thinking about this is making my stomach rumble uncomfortably... however, I know I'm not hungry, so it's making me feel a bit ill. :| to!
I feel that way only when I am hungry, or if I drink a lot of water.  If I drink a bottle of water shortly after I eat, I feel hungry again.  But I just ate an hour ago, so I know I shouldn't eat again!  I think the water speeds the food through your system a little bit.  So the less in the somach, you get that wrenching feeling.
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Keep some fruit around and pop a bunch of grapes or an apple when you get that feeling - it helps...I usually use that feeling to tell me when I need a snack!
When I get that gnawing feeling, and I know that I am not hungry, I have a cup of hot tea(with either 1tsp of honey of sugar) and it helps a lot!
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Is the acids in your stomach. From eating high protein foods combined with other food types that create acid in the stomach. Such as bread and chicken, or meat and potato. best bet eat the protein alone or with greens. and eat fruit alone or wait at least 30 to 40 mins. before ingesting any other food item.

Hope this helps. 

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I have been getting this lately too. I almost feel as though if I eat some more it will go away, But it doesn't. I find when I drink some water or something it helps!.
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