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Weight Loss
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As a way to boost my diet I'm considering giving up on ALL kinds of bread. Not just muffins and bagels, but also whole wheat and rye bread. That DOES have more nutrients but I feel like the calorie count is too high, as usually a slice packs about 100 calories or so, and of course you have TWO. Add the peanut butter/meat/tuna or whatever, and you have a 4-5 hundred calorie meal for just one sandwich. I bought these whole wheat WRAPS that are only 100 calories, and I could wrap things up in it and still get the nutrients, as well as getting whole wheats from oatmeal ad cereals. Is this a good idea, and is there anything that you specifically need from bread? It's not exactly my favorite comfort food so depriving myself of it isn't going to make me eat an entire loaf in one night or anything....

 Also, if I do choose to eat a slice later on is it going to freak my stomach out? I know that after I gave up fried foods every time I'm forced to eat it I feel sick....I know that if a vegetarian eats meat again they get sick too....just wondering!

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Hey! Just wanted to let you know that I buy low cal bread its only 35 cals a slice and it tastes just like the regular bread..they have it in white or wheat.

I don't think you NEED bread...but it is a good source of fiber.. So I would say if you give it up be sure to suppliment the fiber you'll be losing with something else. :)

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You most certainly don't need bread--there's nothing in it that you can't get from other whole grain products like oatmeal, brown rice or whole wheat pasta. I bough a loaf of bread at the end of August and put it in the freezer... I think I've had three slices of it since then, and I'm not dying of any nutrient defeciencies!

Where do you find 30 calorie bread?!

I did find these rice wraps that were 70 cals too :) but yeah definitely what brand are they?

are you talking about la tortilla factory wraps? they're great. and with 12 grams of fiber each they are so much more worth the 100 calories than a slice of bread. i say go for it.

Are you willing to give up bread for your entire life?  Because that's what this means.  If you are figuring that you'll give it up for your "diet" then go back to it, you will gain back every single pound, plus more.  I'm speaking from long years of bitter experience.

Much better to learn how to control your portions.  How about half a sandwich with only one slice of bread?  Or just a piece of a bagel?  You can fit these foods into your meal plan!

I do like the idea of using wraps and other kinds of grain products though.  It makes perfect sense.  I like Flatout light Italian herb wraps at 90 cal each.  Nice a big and very tasty.

Sarah Lee makes a bread that is only 45 calories per slice. It's very light but it works for me and I can still make a pretty good sandwich with it. You have to read the labels though to make sure it's the one with 45 calories per slice.

Sara Lee Multigran is 45 calories a slice and Village Hearth Light Wheat bread is 40 calories a slice.  Very yummy.  I miss the 12 grain bread I used to eat, but I'm surviving.  When you eat the light stuff, you pretty much get two slices for the "cost" of eating just one regular piece!

I stopped regularly eating bread, pasta, rice etc. when I started calorie counting.  I just fill up on the meats and fruits/veggies and dairy.  I haven't missed it and I am still getting enough fiber in my diet.  My analysis shows I am getting the right proportion of calories and all my nutrients.  I have had bites here and there but rarely a full serving for 12 weeks now and I've lost 22 pounds.  However...

I don't know if this is related but twice now after having a full serving of bread, I have gotten migraines.  It doesn't seem like that could be the cause but it's odd.  Makes me not want to eat bread even more!  I have had more full servings of pasta without the same effect. 

Again, not sure if this is related - has anyone else heard of this?  I can't figure out where else they could be coming from. 

You could have some gluten sensitivity, tracyaudette. I don't know enough about it and can't really explain the bread vs pasta migraine but I have a sneaky suspicion it's something gluten related. Bread makes me feel like death and I don't like pasta. I know I have an issue with gluten; I get migraines, too
What I do is just make open faced sandwiches! That cuts the bread and the mayo in half. I like that rather than cutting a slice in half to make a half sandwich. When you do it openfaced you get just as many bites!
clairelaine said it perfectly! This is for life and it's all about moderation, balance, AND indulgence once in awhile. I don't do the conventional dieting gig -- I eat normally, exercise, and have a day off here and there. It works for me. I gave up on deprivation and avoiding certain things -- it leads to failure and boredom.
So, is the 30 calorie bread is that regular calories, or calories from fat, just wondering. I love bread and pasta, but i think that and pop are my down fall. So i'm quitting pop, and have a half a sandwich once in a while.
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I don't think you have to give up bread alltogether.  Perhaps just switching to a more nutritional bread is the answer. 

I try to stay away from any breads made with "enriched flour".  I stick with 100% Whole Grain (not whole wheat).  I'm not very brand loyal, but I've liked the Sara Lee brands.  Just check the nutrition lables and if it says "enriched" anywhere or you see HFCS (High Frutcose Corn Syrup) put it back on the shelf.  

It's certainly your prerogative, but I've lost 70+ lbs eating bread almost every day.  I avoid white bread, and instead have french bread or rye whole wheat bread, in about 180 cal servings at lunch, and have found it to be quite filling.

Anyway, why do you have to "give it up"?  Why not have bread sometimes, and wraps other times, brown rice other times, a little pasta other times, depending on your calorie needs? Variety is the spice of life! 

Well when I started dieting last Feb, I gave up fried foods (well every month or so obviously it happens, but it usually makes me sick so I really don't ever eat it) and I haven't wanted any since. I think this can be the case for bread. I haven't eaten muffins since dieting, and I only had bagels on occasion so I think that I'll be fine without it. I had bread the last time I dieted and I still lost weight, but some people tell me that bread makes them gain weight and I had a friend who found out she was gluten intolerant and stopped eating bread products and lost a lot of weight as well so I thought I'd try. It's really not my favorite food, and wraps taste just as good anyways.

Quitting pop is probably a good idea. You can switch to a diet brand every once in a while though for a treat. I used to only drink diet but then I realized that it gives you headaches and working out is always harder because it dehydrates you. So I think if you don't want to have to give it up drink it AFTER exercising and go diet :)

I regularly eat three things in the bread category ... and my diet is doing just fine.

Thomas' Light multigrain english muffins ... just 100 calories (and 8g fiber!) They are awesome in the morning for breakfast, they make great sammies, and they are great by themselves.

Alvarado Street organic, sprouted flax seed bread ... just 100 calories for TWO slices. It freezes well, and we store it in the fridge. I can buy it locally at two stores (including trader joe's) or you can buy it online from their website. Plus, flax seed has healthy Omega 3s!

Kellogg's All Bran Garlic Herb Crackers ... just 120 calories for 18 crackers (plus 5g of fiber). A nice crunch, a nice taste, and a nice serving size. Great with soup, salads, cheese, or even hummus!

I use the muffins for breakfast ALL the time, and often for lunch/dinner, too. I switch off with the flax seed bread just for variety and taste.  And I've made some KILLER FRENCH TOAST using eggbeaters, the flax seed bread and sugarfree syrup that is VERY diet-friendly.

My advice? Don't give up anything on your "diet" that you aren't willing to give up for the rest of your life.

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If you don't like bread that much, of course, give it up. Life's too short to eat anything you don't actually want to eat! And if it's a painless "sacrifice" that will help your diet why not? Bread has no more nutrients than any other whole grain product so go ahead, reach for the wraps. Good luck.
Well im the same way that you, if I have bread or bagels on sandwiches I have to be oat of my house..... I buy low fat low carb tortilla or whole wheat tortilla, and is about 70 to 100 cal, 0-2 g of fat and 8g of fiber, not sat or trans fat.... I also have those wasa multigrain crackers....

I get fiber from oatmeal, brown rice, beans, veggies, nuts...
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