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Weight Loss
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5'2 girls post xmas looking to loose 10lbs!

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New year, new determination post christmas! Currently at 117 lbs and feeling like really need to slim down 10 lbs.

Anyone else 5'2 or similar height with similar goals care to join me?

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Meh. About the same... 113. But I didn't really have much of a deficit this week. Basically ate at maintenance so I guess it's a plus that I stayed where I weighed in last week and didn't gain :)


Start: 126.8lb

Last wk: 126.8lb

Today: 125.4lb Cool

down to 115.5lbs. But the best bit is was working out yesterday and felt an ab muscle that has never bulged so much before, really made me realise my workouts and low carb/high protein has been working!!!!


Woop again!

Start: 126.8lb

Last wk: 125.4lb

Today: 124.2lb Surprised Wow so chuffed!

yes i want to lose 10.




running 30 min/day. every other light weights. watching what I eat. i wonder if i should up my running to an hour.??

o dear, mine has not been going so well, appear to have developed a sweet tooth the last few days. gonna be back on it tomoro thou!

Original Post by harriet1988:

o dear, mine has not been going so well, appear to have developed a sweet tooth the last few days. gonna be back on it tomoro thou!

lol u make me laugh! I shouldnt let it worry you, I would KILL for legs like yours! Still, you have given me the inspiration to keep dieting!!

Yeah... haven't budged much here either. Had a major binge last weekend. Ick. Yes, tomorrow will be back at it! 

Start: 126.8lb

Last wk: 124.2lb

Today: 122.2lb!! Cool

hey everyone!


I just found this thread and was wondering if i could still jump on the band wagon.


im 5'2 to 5'3

current weight: 119

goal weight: 110 (ideally 105, but im focusing on body fat % and would like to drop only fat and not rush myself)


I struggled before with trying to lose too fast by aiming for 2lbs a week (it puts me at adding an extra hour workout to my day and cutting another 500 calories). Trying to get lasting results but ive been frustrated that I really havent lost much in my attempts.

I'd love advice about how much I should be eating/ buring. Currently I aim for 1500-1600 calories. I lift weights 4 days a week and do cardio for 30-60+min 6 days. I also take modern dance and ballet 2x per week.

Id like to get my hips, lower back, inner and backs of my legs nicer.. and hopefully perk up my butt :)

I'll probably post on tuesdays. Thanks ya'll!

Of course you can! Welcome!


Eek, I have not weighed in the last two weeks. Oopsies. I did realllllllllly good the last couple weeks and got down to 108.5... then over the weekend developed a bit of a sweet tooth and became a little bit lazy :-/  Good thing is... next week I begin my half-marathon training program, and I am MUCH more dedicated when I'm in a training program. So, as of Sunday, I won't be allowing sweets, junkie foods, etc... so hopefully I'll get back down to where I want to be. I'm setting my goal date for the date of my half-marathon (May 17th), which gives me plenty of accomplish it.

I weighed in a little early this week, no less :( but no gain either!! :)

I blame my birthday lol! Cake and ...some more cake! Ah well, u only live once! ;)

Helloooooooooo? Anybody there?

Lol, no ones been posting here so I am not bothering this week...seems like all have given up with this thread, ah well...

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