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Sooo I keep seeing all these picture of people, but they're only from the neck up. Trust me, I understand, but I really want to see what people my height look like at different weights.  I personally don't think I carry weight very well.  When I gain I look like a bowl full of jello, even if I'm only at the high end of "healthy".  I used to have a BMI of 22 not too long ago, but even then my fat didn't seem to distribute itself very well on my small frame.

I was wondering if anyone has any pictures of themselves, full body, or at least from the waist up, so I can see what my body might look like when it's smaller.  I'm also curious about those of you who are around 110 lbs, because I got there, but I had a really hard time staying there and I didn't get to appreciate my body that small.  I think 110 is the lowest my body will allow me to be.

To keep it fair, I'll try to find some full body shots of myself too.  I might have to take one at this weight (eek!).

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Check my profile--the one of my full body is me at 5'3'' and about 107 :)
Im 5'3'' pretty sure my pictures say what weight I was in them

I am 5'2" and currently 114, hoping to go to 105.

 I have some pics:-)


Wow runner girl... you actually look skinny. When I lost weight the first time I still had the belly.  I would give anything to have your tummy.  Do you do lots of ab work too? 

Karliann, I went to your profile and I couldn't find a gallery to look at your pictures.

This is me before going out one night in the summer... I'd guess that I was about 115 lbs here, but I didn't weigh myself all summer much so I don't really know.

My computers not working very well right now, so I'll have to add more later.

hmmm. I added a picture, but it didn't show up when I posted it.


I'm 5'2", 23 years old, and weigh 122, my goal is 115, I don't carry weight well either, actually I have a pot belly and people have sometimes asked if I am pregnant...(they used to ask before I had my daughter, and I have had someone ask recently, 2 1/2 years after my daughter was born.) It's tough, some people definitely carry weight better than others. I should post some pictures to keep track of what I look like (I'm still new)...


baby_creature:  thanks for your compliments.  While I do some ab work, it tends to be one of the areas I slack on consistently.  I think I've been able to maintain my stomach just by lifting and doing cardio consistently that requires core stabilization and keeping my body fat relatively low (I aim for 13-17% depending on the season).  Feel free to PM me and I can try to give you some tips :)
I'm 5'2 and 98 lbs. 21 yrs old. I just started this eating healthy and working out regularly thing and i am hoping to become more toned, especially on my butt and thighs!
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You look great! What was your starting weight? How'd you get to 107? I'm 5'3 currently at 120 and would love to get to 110. Any advice?

i just want to say, JamieEaves--WOW! you look amazing, and have such a nice figure for someone who's had 4 kids.

I'm 5'1" and 126...I'll try to upload some pictures.  

My display pic was taken when I was 5'1" and 110 lbs. I tend to "hide" extra weight very well, too well, actually. I hide it so well that I don't notice that I've gained 10 lbs. until I get on a scale. I actually gain weight everywhere (even my wrists) so that I often don't notice the 10 lbs. in my clothing, etc. This, unfortunately, is how I gained so much weight over the summer.
Thank you Hungary That really means a lot to me, I appreciate it!


My starting weight was around 132.  How did I do it?  I run a lot (obviously), but I also spin and cross train, I lift weights, and I make sure I ALWAYS eat enough (even when I don't feel like it).  I average about 1600 calories a day and I get 20% fat, 40% protein and 40% carbs.

Everything in moderation.  PM me if you want any specifics :)

Wow, you guys look great.  I thought seeing everyone's pictures would give me a better idea of how I can look, but I'm realizing that it's not just height, bone structure and muscle composition really make a big difference.  At similar weights everyone's bodies look different.

I don't know if I'll ever look like jamieeaves... *sigh* You look like a lingerie model!  When I lose weight I always lose the boobs :( Maybe I need to have some kids to help me with that!

Lucypooh, I love your display picture.  You look so happy. I've always wanted hair like that! How did you style it? Don't worry about the 10 lbs, that's what the winter's for.  You can lose the weight in the comfort of form hiding clothing and then be bikini ready when summer comes!

I have pics in my gallery, my heaviest I believe was 120, but give or take a pound.

I am currently at 110 right now, I am with you, my body does not distribute it's weight evenly, even at this weight, there is little difference in my thighs & butt, but there IS a difference. My stomach I think reflects the difference the most.

Unfortunately, at this current time I do not have any pics of my weight now, all I have is the pics of my weight at 113. Which is fairly similar.
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i have pics in my galley. im currently @ 110, but i have no pics of that, i took bathing suit pics again today, but they did not come out properly, the card was defunct. But when I saw them on camera, I could NOT tell any sign of weightloss :(

That's what I hate.  I thought you'd see more weightloss on a small body, but it's like we're not long enough to show the big overall weightloss.

Lol, I just edited it. I know I would think 10lbs would be a SIGNIFIGANT difference, especially withour short stature, unfortunately I have a medium sized frame with a bigger bottom, than top. (except for my arms, dunno what happend there).. Seems all my weight missed my boobs lol, the only place I actuallly WANT it.

 I'm not sure if it's the camera.. or not. I think side pictures show MUCH more signifigance (for the stomach) than front pictures do.. and the thighs would just have to be front only.

 But I looked in the mirror... and my stomach & thighs are definitely smaller, idk why it didn't show in pics.

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