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That girl on the Gordmans commercial

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Has anyone seen that Gordmans commercial advertising back-to-school clothes?  The model looks like she is about to break in half!  Her arms look like twigs, and you can see her hip bones about to break through her skin in part of it. 

How can anyone possibly think that is attractive?  The girl would be pretty if she'd gain about 10 pounds. 
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yah but it seems like it's not limited to (young) adults anymore...

*sigh* i was just browsing thro this back to school thing The Bay published, and the kids there were just as twiggy, and scary. I swear the girl models are anerexic. And im talking about age 13, 14 here..
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Wow, just watched the commercial. That chick is HOT! She's super skinny/slender. I think that's a very sexy look for a girl her age. I dont think she needs to gain any weight, because then she'd probably lose that flat tummy.
disgustingly skinny? seriously? that's nothing compared to other models out there.

check this one out

http://msnbcmedia2.msn.com/j/ap/nyr1060112193 7.widec.jpg

i personally think she looks great. that's what i WANT to look like. that's actually basically what i look like, but my hip bones dont jut out as much.
ummm, thin-bashing anyone? That is how I look when I am at my healthy weight. Thanks for the insults!
Hey, look, let's be objective.  If you look at the end of the commercials there is a big "junior's" on the wall.  Now if you are advertising for a clothing store that does not carry beyond a size 8 for example that is who you are going to use to help your advertisement.  Granted she is a bit thin, but its what most of society prefers to see.

Lets go here for a moment.  Anyone remember the Dove commercials and billboards, for the real woman in all of us?  I loved the campaign, for once plus size models.  Again, anyone remember the Dove commercial?  No where. Why?  Most of society does not want to see plus size 3/4 naked woman on television or while they are driving for that matter.  Put the Gordmans on there and Dove soap would be a miracle remedy for silky smooth youthful skin.

Thats it.
Those hip bones seriously scared me. O_o And the width of her triceps and biceps were bigger than the width of her waist if you look at it from the side. That's totally insane. I rarely see girls (and definitely women) with proportions like that in my life.
I agree with the thin-bashing... I am also that skinny, though just not as tall. Wherever I go I get comments from people, "God!!!! Eat a cheeseburger!!!" It is so depressing :(
Honestly,  I don't think she looks too thin. She has a BMI of 16 or 17, perhaps. Underweight, yes. Eating disordered, possibly (no one knows but her). But she isn't emaciated.
am I missing something here? I'm with edenspromise on this one.. I'm that thin, just not that tall.. and I REALLY don't think she's disgustingly or dangerously skinny or whatever. and I too hate when people tell me to eat a cheeseburger or something. there was a girl at school [an overweight girl no less] one of the first days who totally started trashing me and calling me unhealthy and told me to eat a pizza. I was just like.. okay, I don't tell you to eat less. I didn't SAY that, obviously; it was just my natural reaction. but that's not the point.. that girl just doesn't look 'disgustingly' thin to me.

BUT.. I do agree that having a skinny beautiful adult woman advertising to younger teens who haven't finished growing yet is potentially dangerous. she should be on the runway, not a commercial!
I don't quite get when the fashion generation went back to coke sheek. The fashion world was ruled by this image in the 90's, and thicker more voluptuous women came into place and ruled the fashion world. Now its turned back around again, and its getting worse and everyone is effected by it. I don't know where and why it happened, but its definetly took over. The fact that we're hiring 20-22 year olds to play 16-18 year olds that are a size 0 isn't helping to rid of the coke sheek to the future generation, either.

The comment about the dove commercial is sadly true. People are used to seeing the skinny girls rather than the real girls. I liked the dove ad, and many people did, but in the shallow business of marketing and advertising, it wasn't going to last long. Its like people want to see the rail thin models, so they can think, "if I use this, I'll look like her!".

Its not so much skinny bashing as it is bashing marketing this to children. Gordman's is a store that is shopped by anyone, low budget or high, and that obviously attracts many people of different sizes and shapes. Its sad to see that stores such as Gordman's are effected by the high fashion "coke sheek" look and cave into advertising the look as well.
i wasnt thin bashing. just stating that people are a lot thinner in ads than they used to be for younger people. most everyone i knew at that age was a lot bigger than those ads. only a few were super thin like that.

80's baby fat was the look
90's twenty something heroin
00' super thin like 60's twiggy+ teens trying to look older/slutty

Really bad ad overall!

I don't even know what the message behind the ad is, and the clothes, pardon me I'm a man and don't have taste, don't appeal to me at all :P

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That's not naturally thin.  Hip bones are not meant to poke through your skin like that.  Your arms are not meant to look like a skeleton.  She looks like one of those starving children you see on those commercials. 

I'm not thin bashing (why would I do that?  Don't we all want to be thin?).  I just think she looks unhealthy, especially as the "ideal" for back-to-school shoppers to strive for!
She's actually bigger than many runway models, and most successful Hollywood actresses wear size 0 or 2, which this model would fit right in with. Average for television. Not stick-thin, in comparison to others in the media.

You can usually see "unhealthy-thin" in the face, and her face doesn't have that drawn, sick look to it. She's naturally thin, probably at the lower end of her natural range. Nothing wrong with that.
I would first of all like to appologize for my previous post, as I look back on it now, it does sound rather immature and 'thin bashing'. I blame Missing snack time for that :P

But I still stand by how this is warping tweens minds.  Its sicking how Movies and TV shows (Not just targeting teens, but the general majority) have people who are made to be strangly thin. Yes, I understand how some, heck maybe even most people are naturally built to be that thin, but the pressure that they have to go through just to stay like that. My cousin was a model, and if she fluctuated as much as 5lbs they would cut her and say she had to lose the weight. Are these things really what we want our young and growing population to start recognising as the Norm?

In my own opinion I would say that having abnormaly thin people apearing to be normal, or overly attractive in movies and on TV is just as bad as having characters in Childrens movies and TV shows smoking.

But I have to say that I have noticed some more natural looking women and men on TV (I love reality girly shows hee hee) and commercials. Also in some Magazine adds (but mainly for older women, not teens).

Thin bashing, dior...

You say that's how you look at a healthy level, because your idea of a healthy weight is skewed. I thought we went over this. Someone who is 5"8' is UNDERWEIGHT at 105.

yeah I agree with a few of you.  I saw that commercial and couldn't see what you were talking about.  I thought the model was fine.  She wasn't too thin at all.
her weight it probably NATURAL. i have a friend who's STICK THIN but she eats anything she wants. Her hip bones jut out just like that. its because she has a really small frame.
UM, my usual weight is that, the only reason I have gained this much weight is because of an injury, I couldn't walk much so I just sat and ate and ate and ate! I was always told to go eat a cheeseburger, a pizza, chocolate, etc. And I did eat all of those foods-a lot of them. I am not unhealthy, just naturally thin.
Congratulation on being blessed with a thin stature! I'm Serrious! If I sound like I'm being rude I appologize, but you guys are lucky!Most people have to struggle with either will power, Slow Metabloism or physical discrepancies that hinder their will to be skinny. I'm glad that you can look at those and see nothing out of the norm. The sad thing is that some people look at it and see something they want to be. And sometimes they dont reach it in the healthiest of forms. Also there are the people who's body is just not shaped that way, making it impossible for them to abtain that kind of beauty, thus adding on to any possible insecurities on how they precieve themselves.

I guess its more of an personal issue for some people. Some people (such as the naturally skinny people) may see it as empowering.  I understand how it can be hard for people to critisize how you are eating (I used to get that all the time, but you must understand that I was overweight), so it must be hard for you to hear the 'thin bashing'. But remember there are always two ends of the spectrum. And yes, I understand that I am being slightly hypocritical of myself, but at least I am aware and not blindly running my mouth off.

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