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Gaining weight in face?

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I am one of those people that is prone to gaining weight in my face first. When I lost 30 lbs awhile back people noticed right away because I also lose it in my face first. I am fit now and happy with my weight.. but anytime I gain a couple lbs here or there it goes straight to my face and is extremely noticeable. I am having a hard time coping with my round face. Is anyone else this way? Do you have tricks for dealing with it.. like certain haircuts?? Yes, this is a serious question! haha

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You are not alone.  When I was 275, the first 2 pounds I lost was in my face.  It actually made me feel good when someone said, "are you losing weight"?  "yes I am", I replied.  Unfortunately, there is a negative side to you know.  The first place we gain it is in our face...right?  Some of my bolder friends will say, "hey, packin on some pounds again huh".  I think it's just something that we deal with.   I don't think spot training your face is an option since eating is probably the only exercise we can do...although fun, very detrimental :):)


Good luck

I'm down 10 pounds and i swear it's all from my face too! LOL.


I don't know if there is anything you can do about it.  Just try to maintain the best you can.  Some days you'll feel heavier than others, but if you're maintaining, that'll go away eventually. 


remember, if you menstral cycle is starting around the weight gain, it's only temperary.

Well mperic...since I don't have a menstral cycle (at least I don't think I do), I have no excuse for it other than gaining "real" weight.  You women have a much different set of issues that, quite frankly, a man could never deal with.  I see a ton of these posts that women talk about how often they should weigh themselves.  With water gains and the cycles and all of that other "stuff", I have no other choice but to applaud any woman for sticking with any program.  I've heard some women say that they've magically gained 3 pounds overnight!  If that happened to me, I'd either smash the scale or go on a ten day eating binge!

I'm down 60 lbs from a year ago and I'm just looking to put the "finishing touches" on myself.  It's very difficult for me to increase/decrease calories without worrying that I'm going to start gaining weight.  I run 3 days a week and lift 3 days a week.  It's tough for me now to base my progress on weight.  Lifting should make us gain weight right?  I have to assume that no matter how much I lift that I won't be seeing any facial muscles start bulging out.  I guess, now that I think about it, a good measure for me would be my face.  I should take a picture of my face, stick it too my bathroom mirror and use that as a gage to whether my weight gains are muscle or fat...since that's where it goes first!!!  It may take some getting used to though.  I'd probably scare myself the first few times!

Good luck!!!!

Be happy to lose the weight on your face!!  I have a very round face and I gain and lose in my chin area only.  I just lost 12 pounds from being sick with the flu/bronchitis and everyone I know is commenting on me losing a chin.  I am 184 pounds and 5'5" and I used to weigh 140 pounds 3 years ago before I had my son and several surgeries.  My face is so round that I have always looked much heavier from the neck up.  I wish I could lose weight in my face!

I guess I am sorta like that, but it's weird for me because I don't notice the fact the my face looks bigger. 

I think I look great in the mirror and then I see a picture of myself or my mother lovingly tells me how fat my face is and that's how I know I've gained in the face.

I really hope I lose in the face soon. it's one of the worst places to gain. It's the first thing everyone notices. Talk about annoying. I feel for you!

Depending on your hair texture, I have found that a bob just below chin length is a good cut for round faces. 

I am doomed to not lose weight in my face but have always received compliments when I've had this style.  A lot of people with "round" faces may not feel comfortable with this b/c it may feel like you're showing "more" face but actually it will taper around your face and give it a pretty frame and something off the shoulders will "break" that long line from your head to your shoulders which will give it more style.

Plus, tapering (sp?) it around your chin, or just below will give a break between your chin and neck which gives the illusion of being more "slim".

I think this style works best with semi straight or straight hair, if you have naturally curly hair, then I don't know what will work -- unless you want to straighten it everyday which is a pain!

For some reason I just don't think a "bob" would look good on me Tongue out


I have the same problem, face first, than boobs, belly and so on. But I think the facial fat never bothered me, I'm more irritated about how long it took to get fat off my hips!

Anyway, there IS actually programs to work out the face. I have the book by Carole Maggio, Facercise, and even though I "forget" (yeah, I'm lazy) I noticed changes. Some Facercises actually caused a burn in the muscle!

I don't think you need to buy the book, there probably are facercises online. And yeah, about the laziness, you need to do them often. But they're also easy, you can do them while driving. One looks reeeally smart doing them...

I would pay money to see that!!!!!!!!

Facercise!  That's awsome!  I will research that for sure.

My chipmunk cheeks is the part of my appearance I am most insecure with.  I could never loose enough weight to get that hollowed face look.  I was and still am pretty underweight (trying to recover and gain) and still my chipmunk cheeks stayed.  They weren't as puffy as when I was healthy weight, but still there nonetheless.  Unfortunatly in my steps towards gaining weight back, my face seems to be the first thing that shows...  Last thing to do on extreme weight loss and first thing to return on the road to a healthy weight. 

I actually was so insecure that I bought a facial exerciser online for $60.  It was like a mouth piece that kept your mouth open/cheeks pushed away from the closed postion and you would have to force your tiny cheek muscles and jaw muscles to close your mouth (if that makes sense).  Didn't really work for me, $60 down the drain and a further devoloped complex about my appearance.

My advice is just try to learn to live with it and embrace the fact that you will have a more youthful appearance later in life...


Thanks for the replies everyone. Good to know people can relate. Even at 5'5 and 115 lbs (too low of a weight for me) I had the baby face. Oh well.. I will work on embracing it! Like said, it gives me a youthful look. People usually think I am a few years younger than I am and that will probably work to my advantage in the future. I am so checking out the facercise though... just because that's hilarious!


oh and about the bob.. I have had an a-line haircut with the front falling about an inch below my chin for the past 3 years.. I always loved it but recently I have tried growing my hair out... getting frustrated and may just go back to the bob.

You're right do have a round face in your picture Smile

Original Post by bigbearjoe:

You're right do have a round face in your picture Smile


haha oh man! I thought I picked the picture that was most flattering... oh well.

Big eyes too Smile

Ive actually always heard that most people tend to lose weight straight from the top down!

Cheeks and chin first, then breasts, then tummy, arms...and then, though, once it comes to hip and bum and thighs (and yes even ankles!), its nearly impossible to lose the weight!

So I think its really common to find weight kind of comes off from the top, and it makes sense too, cause really, the weight on the lower areas really IS usually where those pesky 'last 10lbs' are, right?

Anyone else noticed that?

--oh! And the good thing about "round" cheeks? You'll never looked wrinkled as you age!

some people claim it is the first and easiest place to lose weight. 

others say it is one of the most stubborn.

I guess it all depends on the body.

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