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Weight Loss
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in april and probably may I was 135, by the end of june I was 162, and that's when I started my best efforts to lose weight, despite that now 4 months later I am 10 pounds heavier and according to my trend line im still gaining weight. I go to the gym every single day and am on the elliptical for 2 hours. It says I am burning 2000 calories but its probably not that much. I eat about 1400 cal a day. I still gained weight when I was at the gym for 1 hour a day and supposedly burned 1000 cal a day, I still gained weight when I didn't exercise at all and only dieted, I gained a TON of weight when I wasn't dieting. I'm doing all this effort just to slow down the weight gain? By now I should of lost at least 20 pounds. And no its not muscle because my measurements got bigger with my weight. I went to the doctor and had a bunch of blood tests and everything's normal. Has anyone else experienced weight gain despite all your efforts? What am I doing wrong?

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Is it possible that your food intake and exercise output are putting your calories at too low a deficit?

I find it worrisome that you gained 27 lbs in 4-6 weeks. Your doctor did thyroid tests, I am sure, but did he/she do a hormone panel? Also, did he/she test for insulin resistance (pre-diabetes)? If so, I would see a dietician. Its very possible that your exercise output and dietary intake are not working together..but the initial weight gain in such a short period is still concerning.

Best of luck to you. I hope you see the scale start going down very soon.

Yea the doctor tested my hormones and they are all normal and insulin resistance. My deficit over the last 30 days has been 1200 on average but thats only if what the elliptical says im burning and what the site says my metabolism is are both accurate, which I doubt. The thing I dont get is that i lost 30 pounds last year and I wasnt working out nearly as much as I am now and im eating the same stuff. I thought weight loss got more difficult as you get older because your much older, not in 1 year

In your journal, on June 23 of last year, you posted an article titled "effect of long term calorie restriction". Have you thought about whether that article may describe your situation?

1200 is a huge deficit at your weight and your body might not like that and is fighting you.  I think you should up your cals a little, you are very active and 1400 is on the low side for that.

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In your journal, on June 23 of last year, you posted an article titled "effect of long term calorie restriction". Have you thought about whether that article may describe your situation?

thats based on older people who have dieted to the point of starvation their whole lives and didnt exercise. ive only been restricting my calories for 2 years and haven't gone below 1200 and I eat 1400 most of the time and had successful weight loss last year and kept it off til i got sick this year and gained it all back. I tried eating 1800 for about a month while exercising and I gained almost 10lbs.

have you considered supplements?
Fat burners or appetite suppressors?  

If your normal daily burn is, say, 1800 cal and you were burning another 1000-2000 cal from 1-2 hours daily on the elliptical, for 2800-3800 cal burned per day, while eating only 1400, I don't think it's inconceivable that you did something undesirable to your metabolism via a sustained 1400-2400 cal deficit. For how long did you do that?

I'm curious to know what you are eating? You may not only be eating too few calories which might be forcing your body into starvation mode (the body's defense mechanism where the foods you eat are stored as fat) but what you choose to eat is just as important. I would recommend taking a close look at the foods you are eating to make sure you are not consuming foods high in carbs or fat. My diet is protein based and low in carbs, fat, sodium, natural sugar, and is refined sugar free and I found this way of clean eating not only very effective with weight loss but also for maintenance. If you are eating foods high in carbs and or fat, I would recommend reducing those numbers. If you are eating anything with refined sugar in it, that would need to stop because refined sugar raises blood sugar levels which lowers your metabolic rate.

Usually I eat 2 servings of yoplait triple berry shake made with 2% milk in the morning, a pb&j sandwich using fiber bread for lunch, and a turkey burger with country potato buns for dinner and a slimfast shake for a snack. I just bought a bodymedia fit core armband and im gonna see how many calories im actually burning and adjust what I eat accordingly. I have eaten this way since jan '10.

I currently take Tonalin CLA along with normal vitamins but im considering also taking Oxyelite Pro

You might want to switch to fresh veggies, fruit, plain milk, lean meat, nuts - preferably raw and unsalted, lose the peanut butter/shakes/jelly/slimfasts/burgers/buns/fr ied things and the like, they hardly make up a balanced and healthy diet and they're helping you keep alive the fast food/sugary crap vibe.

Have you started taking any new medications? I know that's something i started looking into when I gained some weight.

I really don't understand how with doing that much exercise and eating that low you could gain that much weight. It seems impossible. I mean unless you're pregnant, but even then..

I really think something is up with your diet. Maybe you're underestimating your calories? That is all I could think of. I hope you figure it out because that sounds extremely frustrating.

I really recommend buying a good heart rate monitor with a chest strap- that way you can monitor your calories burned with complete accuracy, and avoid the pitfall of either eating too much or too little (which may be causing your gains now). The heart rate monitor on ellipticals is notoriously wrong- when I'm using those machines, I aim for keeping my heart rate above 165 the entire time, and then burn at a pretty good rate. It's really tough to find the balance between too much and too little (isn't it awful that undereating and overexercise can cause weight gain?), but a heart rate monitor will really help. I use a polar f6 and LOVE it.

CLA is absolutely useless and i can tell you that with certainty since its the only supplement i took on its own...Oxyelite on the other hand is just great!! its too good actually! i lost like 8kgs in one course of OXY "I only wanted to lose 3"

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 I just bought a bodymedia fit core armband and im gonna see how many calories im actually burning and adjust what I eat accordingly. I have eaten this way since jan '10.

I recently got one too and found my burn was higher than I thought.  So I have upped my cals by a couple hundred on workout days.  Let us know what you find out :)

After a prolonged period of low cal eating, I'm not sure a month of eating more was enough to get your metabolism back on track.  With that amount of exercise you should be able to maintain on way more than 1800. 

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