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gained three pounds since treadmill

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I now weigh 148 (5'8) and i just bought a treadmill 3 days ago. I workout 30 minutes a day at a speed of 3.5-4, and an incline of 4 (sometimes lower). I have lost 30 pounds from dieting alone but i wanted to exercise now to. Why have i gained 3 pou nds since i staRTED USING MY TREADMILL. When will i start to losr and see results from treadmill ?
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Are you drinking enough water??

I don;t drink that much during the day. I drink probably about 2-3 cups of milk and the rest of the day i drink water. I end up drinking about 2 bottles of water a day. 

After 3 days of buying a treadmill and walking on it shouldn't have made you gain weight.  Maybe its just temporary water weight?  Have you been watching your sodium intake?  From what everyone says on her 3 pounds just could be fluctuation weight.  I'm not an expert, but that's my thoughts...Maybe drinking more water might flush you out a bit.

I believe it is water weight.  Your are not drinking enough water during the day, especially if you are working out.  Your body is trying to hang on to the water it needs by storing it.

it has nothing to do with the treadmill.
I don't know any scientific facts behind this but when I am doing my cardio and running every day I tend to retain more water ( I assume it is water)  My weight goes up a few pounds.  If I take a few days off I lose that weight pretty quickly and then I start running again and my weight goes up a few pounds.  It seems my body wants to retain water when I am working out hard.... Does that make any sense?

There are many reasons someone can gain weight during a given time period.  In a lot of cases it has to do with temporary changes to your normal routine.  Example:  You usually are up and moving around a lot in your normal daily routine (work, school, etc.).  However for the last 3 days you've been in an all day meeting/lecture just sitting.  Thus while you would normally walk about 10,000 steps (about 5 miles) in a day, you're now walking only 3,000 steps (about 1.5 miles).  The treadmill workout you listed would give you another 1.75 to 2.0 miles each day so you would have had a net decrease in walking of about a mile each day.

Hopefully you aren't weighing yourself every day and expecting to see results.  It is quite common to have weight movement day to day as well as during the course of a given day.  Weighing yourself once a week under the same conditions is more than enough!  Remember the weight you're trying to get rid of wasn't added over night so it won't disappear over night either.

Using your new treadmill on a regular basis (at least 3-4 times a week) will help in the long run because it will change your metabolism and in the long term help you keep from easily gaining the weight back that you've lost.

Cheers From Texas....

the thing is that i was maintaining my weight before i bought my treadmill. If anything i have increased my exercise for a day. I weighed my self today and again i am a pound heavier than the last time i posted this. Idon't have my period for another week. This is not normal.
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