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I gained 6 pounds in one week! i really really don't know what is wrong with me :(

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I have gained 6 pounds in one week! I cant even begin to think of how this happened! I just moved to VA and i have been much more active then i was back in NY  and i have been eating way less! I started to put all my lost weight back on around august ( I moved in with a scheff) and i was completly inactive i would litterly eat lying down and pretty much go to sleep right after. the weight slowly went back on. but now i moved here, I've been eating about a 3rd of the calories I ate before and i have been much more active! I weighed myself expecting to to see a great change and i gained 6 pounds! so the next week i worked twice as hard and only ate dinner... i lost two pounds, but as i know this is not healthy I started eating my normal breakfast ( one activia yogurt) no lunch and a small dinner and working out as normal and I GAINED 4 more pounds! making my self 184! I left my sloth lifestyle in New york at 174 is (which is very disappointing as i did manage to get down to 155 on the subway diet) I just dont understand it i am WAY more active now and eating WAY less and i GAINED weight! has this ever happened to anyone? am i just retaining water or something? HELP PLEASE
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It sounds like you aren't eating enough, you need to eat no less than 1200 calories a day, and if you eat less than that your body will go into "starvation" mode and when you eat your body will store that as fat. Also, if you skip meals you will gain weight. This is an unhealthy way to diet...all you need to do is exercise and eat better food, not necessarily less food.
Here's a good article that sounds like your situation...

http://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/core_march_8. htm
Thank you guys that could be the problem.... and that article was very helpful. do you think activia for braek fast, a salad for lunch with crutons and bacon bits and a 6 inch turky wrap from subway for dinner would be enough or too much? i would probably only be able to do subway 4 times a week and then just an equivlent dinner on the days i don't have subway... I also tend to have about 8 animal crackers at work I love animal crackers... Thank you so much! please let me know if that sounds reasonable!
Well, have you tried counting your calories to see if that's enough? there's a great food tracker in here. I used it all the time, and it's helped me out like gangbusters. I feel your frustration, though.
you may be eating less but were you able to actually track down what you were eating and calculate the calories? you may have been eating hidden stuff that are high in calories for example dressing and creamy soup. and since you were inactive the calories might have just been packing up.
Or it can be due to water retention maybe you were having too much sodium
Or it can be the timing of your weighing... you normally tend to weigh 2-3lbs less if you weigh yourself after going to the bathroom
I had this problem in the first week of my diet. I gained 3 pounds after quite alot of hard work but I put it down to it being 'that time of the month' and the following week I lost 5 pounds so maybe your body goes into shock or something? I don't know exactly but hope that helps! x
You can't possibly gain weight if you are eating too few calories!

However, you can gain quite a bit of weight if you eat too few calories by skipping meals then suddenly binge but you never said that's what you were doing. That article someone linked addresses that issue and how it was possible for the woman to weight 185 while only eating 700 calories a day. She wasn't eating enough and then she would binge....that is a great way to screw up the metabolism.

But see now I have no idea why you keep putting on weight when it sounds like you hardly eat! Are you skipping meals then suddenly eating normal? That can make a person gain weight in a short amount of time.

Anyways my advice for you is to just eat 5-6 very small meals a day. Keep your diet high protein, low fat and low carb. Nothing processed and no pop/soda even if it is diet. Eat no more than an hour after waking up (Something like fat free yogurt) then eat the rest of your MINI meals spread out to no more than 3 hours apart and nothing after 6:30-7:00 p.m! If you must break that rule then have a small whey protein mixed with water, do not under any circumstances eat carbs or fruits past 3:00 p.m they will get stored too easily.

Good luck!
I have been using the tracker but im gonna have to start using it more frequently agian i guess i have been slacking :( too buisy planning meals lol Thank you guys so much!
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