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Is this actually possible? I thought it was a joke when the scale actually told me I had gained five and a half pounds since last Tuesday.
When I weighed myself a week ago, I was 120.5 lbs. Today, I didn't take off my shoes, but the scale said 126! I know I didn't eat that well over the weekend, but seriously?!

Is something wrong with the scale, or is it actually possible to gain that much in a few days?

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I gained 2.2 in a week??? Just got back to the gym, so it could be muscle weight gain. Have you done more toning this week than usual?...It could be that and part of it is probalby water weight, too....and that will go awaySmile.
i gained 6 pounds in 5 days last week  LOL  seriously though, i did  :(  i ate out for 5 days in a row.  i finally am back down to what i was before that.  it took about a week to lose it all

Shoes could account for at least 3lbs of it.  One morning I weighed myself before my workout, and I was high, so I took off my shorts, t-shirt, and watch and I was 2.5lbs lighter.

And, not to bust anyone's bubble, but there is no way you can gain 5lbs of muscle - not even 2.2lbs.  It takes about a year for the average exerciser to build 1lbs of muscle.  (If you don't believe me, just look up some muscle building sites/articles on the web).  But, your muscles do retain more fluid if you are working out or have been working out hard.  Probably not enough for a 5# gain, but that plus shoes, plus a little bloating - yeah, it could happen.

Nope, I had an insanely busy week moving from one city to another, so I had no time to go the gym and no healthy food because I didn't buy groceries. So it was fast food for the past three days, burgers and fries, etc.
And no working out except for carrying boxes and furniture and unpacking/assembling furniture.

I did have a lot of salty food yesterday. Hoping most of it is just water retention!! :(

sounds like typical water retention.  If you ate a lot of fast food it was loaded with sodium, which made you retain water.  A pint of water weighs a pound.  To get rid of it, stick to your sensible meal plan and drink extra water to flush it out.  It's doubtful that you gained the whole 5.5 pounds of fat.

this is from the CC+ Library

"How did I gain 4 pounds in one day?

Temporary weight gain is most likely a result of water retention, which can be caused by eating too much sodium. Water is heavy: a gallon weighs 8.34 pounds. In the body, sodium is found in the tissues outside of the blood vessels. If sodium becomes too concentrated, water rushes in to lower the concentration. The result is puffiness, often seen in the fingers and ankles as gravity pushes water to the ground. To eliminate excess sodium and water, reduce dietary salt intake and drink plain water to flush out the system. In women, the hormones of the menstrual cycle can also cause sodium retention. Certain medications can cause water retention as well."

I'll get back on track this week, eat healthy and work out a lot more. See what I weigh next week and report back on what was fat, what was water retention, etc.
Yay! I just started my week of placebos on the pill, so the hormonal changes must be contributing to it as well.

Thanks for all your help guys!
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I know what the articles say. I have read about/studied nutrition and fitness for several years now,  but I also know what I have experienced with what the scales say before and after a weeks worth of working out...and I in no way was suggesting that I had gained 2.2 of ALL muscle...or that she had gained 5 lbs. of muscle!..sorry for the confusion....I would definitely suggest most of it to be water weight gain, and what the one poster said (forgot her name) about muscles retaining water.
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oh...the poster was lovelylynne..........

No worries:) no bubble busted hereSmile.

I am a weekend binger. I have actually put 10lbs on in one weekend, but dropped it all of within a couple days. Most of the time the weight you gain is from food not digesting out of your system. As sick as it sounds, you can hold up to like 8lbs of waste in your system at any given time. Unless you just don't eat, but there is another forum for that. Just this past weekend, I went from 213.8 on Friday to 220 Sunday night. I work so hard during the week and then the weekend comes and I ruin everything.

But your right, it could just be muscle that you have gained.
It's very disappointing I gain 4.5 since my last weight in and I did go off it on the weekend but still 4.5. I know I should be starting my period this week does anyone know what's the average weight gain when you are on your period?
I bet it is premenstrual water retention and possibly increased sodium intake from the weekend. I don't know the average gain, but I have noticed quick gains that I think can be related to menstruatioin....usualy 2-4 lbs....Let's both hang in there, wait for the water to go bye bye and get some good results next time...b/c of the day to day fluctuation of water weight gain, I prefer to weigh once a week....but I can understand the need/value in weighing more often.
I know what you mean, kraka
Thank you for responding it helps. I am new and learn so thanks. BTW-if i work out can I add the activity calroies towards food?
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..silviaesther..have to tell you that I can predict a 4lb. increase every month with my menstral cycle. The scale can be so cruel sometimes...I have reframed my thinking with the whole "dieting" thing..I look at my journey more process oriented and my overall health and well being. It is a much more satisfying feeling knowing that yes, I am losing weight, but that the scale alone does not determine my overall satisfaction with my progress. I have lost 65lbs so far and have learned that flucuations in the scale are not the only dictator of my success. I look at how things are going with my daily plan..am I choosing whole foods? drinking water? exercising? It is the daily plan of doing what you know will get you to your goal that makes the difference. The scale will be fickle at times and is not the full predictor of your success. It is all the little things you are doing on a daily basis that add up to your success. Be kind to yourself, applaud yourself for the things that you are doing and laugh at the scale when you know you are sticking to your plan and be proud of your commitment to true lifestyle change. You will make it! I wish you grand success and appreciation of who you are right at this very moment.
All that processed food you ate during the week was loaded with salt... I'm sure it had a ton of calories too, but since it takes 6000 extra calories to gain a pound, you didn't put on a pound a day unless you were eating like a sumo-wrestler! Most of it is fluid retention... drink a ton of water to flush it out.  I had pizza yesterday (just two little slices, and I was incredibly careful to stay under my calorie allowance for the day as a whole) and this morning I weigh an extra pound because of all the salt.
Nov 21 2007 13:27
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(3,500 calories = a pound, not 6,000.)

a year to gain 1 lb of muscle! no no no. You can gain 1 lb in a week if all is right- diet exercise etc. if you have never worked out before you should gain alot of muscle in the first 6 months while reducing fat. Then you have to work harder after that for each lb of lean muscle mass.

that 5 lbs is probably not any muscle though if you just got back

its water- many actors can make you retain more water. 

the person who was eating out every night was probably taking in massive amounts of sodium from restaurant food. that will make you retain water. 

I am an exercise physiologist. 

it is still hard to gain 1 lb of muscle consistently every week- but it is physiologically possible. you need an extra 3000 calories a week above what your BMR- basal metabolic rate is. BMR is how many calories your body uses during the day. You need to split that 3000 calories up by 7 days to support that extra lb of muscle. They cant be crap food either. 

3000 calories not 6000


also eat sea salt instead of standard table salt it has less sodium. thats if you are adding it to food.


of course menstrual cycles will make you retain water. and you have the right attitude- the mirror is also more important than the scale- if you are doing it all right your weight will shift from fat to muscle anyway as you exercise and eat right. You may weigh the same within reason but have less fat and more muscle.

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