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How have I gained 10 pounds in 7 days?!?

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I just started working out doing the power 90 from beach body... I am fairly unfit so it is a pretty good exercise for me.. I have trouble keeping up by the end of the video... Well I started that last Sunday and I had been taking whey powder as was suggested. I have been eating moderately healthier as I have been cooking at home using vegetables and what not instead of eating fast food everyday 2 meals.

So now I weigh in tonight granted after I exercised and drank a shake.. but I am 10 pounds heavier... I had not eaten in several hours and the shake cannot account for 10 pounds?! So how can I eat better and start working out for the first time in probably 6-8 months and then immediately gain 10 pounds after my weight had been stable for several months?! Have I really gained that much muscle from the whey powder?! or am I missing something else here?! :(

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How much water are you getting? If you aren't getting enough water, it's likely that your body is retaining it in response to your increased activity level.

No, you did not gain ten pounds of muscle in a week. It'd be nice, though.

Also...you say you went several hours without eating. How many is several? Are you sure you're getting enough calories?

You are not alone!! I started P90X 3 weeks ago, and for the first week to two weeks, all the scale did was go up!! But the work outs were kicking my butt, and i was really really sore, so i attributed it to water retention... all over... including every sore muscle in my body! lol.

ITs back down now for the most part, however i am back up 2lbs again, but... today my butt and my upper back are sore (damn you legs and back dvd!!) so again, im assuming water weight, since i know i am eating right, and burning 6-800 calories in my work outs.. 

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Only weigh yourself in the morning AFTER you've gone to the bathroom and BEFORE you've eaten, with no clothes on or the same clothes on every time you weigh.  Always be consistent and you'll avoid these kinds of freakouts.

Time of day, how much food/water is still inside your digestive system, sodium bloat, fluid retention in your muscles from new workouts, and (if you're a woman) time of the month can make a BIG difference in weight.  Not real weight, just fluctuations.  Don't worry and start tracking yourself consistently. 

Original Post by zanother:

I have been eating moderately healthier as I have been cooking at home using vegetables and what not instead of eating fast food everyday 2 meals.

Are you counting your calories?  Exercise is only part of the equation.  Your diet will account for IMHO more than 80% of your success.  Make sure you're diligently counting calories.  You may be hungrier than you think after working out.  Focus on eating right for a week, counting *everything*.  Once you get in the habit of that you can then add back your exercise routine.

Whey won't help you gain muscle.  The protein in whey will help you retain your lean muscle mass during a diet.  You want to lose the fat and preserve your muscle.  It's generally very difficult to gain muscle on a diet, since you need a calorie excess to gain mass.

relax, it's really difficult to gain 10 lbs in 7 days. you'd have to eat 35000 calories above your maitenance. weight fluctuations are normal, hell i can gain 10 lbs in a single day in fluctuations.

How have I gained 10 pounds in 7 days?!?

Either you've eaten 35,000 calories over what you burn. Or you didn't gain 10lbs and the scale is a liar.. yes, the scale does lie. It happens. Weigh yourself nude tomorrow morning when you wake up, after you relieve yourself. Then you'll have a better idea of where you stand weightwise.  

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