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Weight Loss
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Why do I gain weight so quickly?

Jan 12 2009 13:23
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I can eat bad for just one meal and will be up 1.5 lbs from the previous day.   And I don't think it's water weight since it takes almost 2 weeks to lose it.  Any ideas what is happening?

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   I feel the same way. If I eat overboard I rapidly gain weight...sure some of it is water weight...but some of it is not, because it sticks around for weeks after...


for example on X-mas eve day I was 135.5 lbs...on X-mas for dinner and dessert I overate (I mean I went wayyyy overboard-which still wasn't that bad when I look at it now) was like I don't know 4 or 5 hours of eating....well well over two weeks later I weigh 140 lbs without any other changes in my diet or exercise before or after this like 5 hour slip up....and I know 3,500 cals a pound....well there's no way I ate 17,500 excess calories that day! I would have died hahahaha


GiJane gave kind of made sense for me last week of it...I told her how I had been unintentionally losing weight prior to this date slipping into the 130's and my body may have been more prone to grasp those excess calories and store them provided I had been undereating...hence allowing me to gain actual weight even when I didn't eat that 3, 500 per lb. excess that day...


who knows...I feel like that though too any time I get my body into a pattern where it is maintaining or losing very slowly..the second I go way off of it, even if just for a short duration, I gain and it isn't just water weight ...and don't even get me started with that, when I eat like that I physically blow up like a balloon for a few days and feel like crap...ahhh makes me not miss eating like that the least bit

this used to happen to me. everyone used to toss around the term "water weight" and saying that it will all go away but it never did. anyways, now it doesn't happen anymore and i think i've figured out why..

  • i was undereating before i began eating like a normal person, and so my body was changing/adjusting and holding on to the calories it wasn't getting before.
  • i wasn't drinking nearly enough water, so i was dehydrated. when you're dehydrated you tend to weigh less.. but that wasn't my REAL weight.
  • i upped my fiber intake.. a long with my water. it took a while for the intitial bloating and constipation (tmi sorry) to go away.
  • i started eating more often (3 to 5 times a day), so my body didn't lose as much water weight as it used to.
  • i went from barely exercising to working out 4-6 times a week (cardio and weights).. but the gain on the scale obviously wasn't muscle mass (it's difficult for women to gain muscle that quickly).. it was once again my body adjusting to my new routine through water retention, swelling, bloating, soreness, etc..
  • i was trying to stay borderline underweight.

ok, so this is what i realized was happening with my body. it may or may not be the same for you. this was about 3 months ago. at first i shot up about 7 pounds, but after sticking to my new routine i started losing weight again and am now down about 3 pounds. i've found that sticking to a high protein diet, drinking at least 64oz of water a day and doing cardio/weights 4 to 6 times a week is what's worked best for me.

the most important things that might be contributing to your "weight gain when you eat anything" is that you have been previously undereating, dehydrated and/or are starting a new exercise program.

it takes time for your body to adjust.. and you need to be patient! you can't expect it to switch gears overnight. if you eat right and exercise regularly i promise you it will all balance out.

thanks for the input, it helps

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