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Will I gain weight by eating whole grain wheat bread?

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Will I gain weight by eating wheat bread? I mean, I was told that white bread is awfull if your on a diet, what about whole gain wheat? If not can anybody help a brotha out wit some subsitution in place of bread, because I hate eating meat, and luuvvvvvvvv all types of bread.
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You want to eat good carbs and breads that are whole grain are good carbs. With wheat bread it's a little tricky. when you look at the label you have to make sure it says "Whole Wheat Bread" and not just "wheat bread". They get a little tricky with that stuff.

Also multigrain breads are the same thing, you have to make sure they specify that it is from a Whole grain on the label.

DO stay away from white bread and refined flour - what you heard is correct. :)
you'll gain weight if you eat the whole loaf. but if you're talking a couple slices, your much better off w/ the whole grain (first or second ingredients have to have the words 'Whole' and 'Wheat/Grain' together - screw that 'wheat flour' B.S.). white bread will spike your blood sugar and make you want to eat more later.
very true... white bread will create an insulin spike, do nasty things and make you hungry hungry hungry.

A lot of the whole grain breads taste really good! Remember, when reading the nutrion label, it usually refers to a serving as one slice. Usually, sandwich makers are using two slices. Hello???

If you MUST have bread, go the route of whole grains and whole wheat breads. That white bread is tasty, but it's not good for you. One slice will process inside you very similar as if you downed a can of regular Coca Cola.

I know this must be killing you... you've posted about bread a few times, you must love it dearly! Experiment around and try some new things that can take up the place (and space) of that bread. Good luck!
You'll always have to go a little easy on bread, whole grain is much healthier and will be processed by your system without as much sugar residue (empty caloires) however, our culture (North American) tends to be very bread heavy.... one daily serving of bread is in one slice of bread.

I use flat breads instead of bread, and also use fruit to pick up the needed carbs.
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You can gain weight eating too much of most anything but whole grain bread is much better for you than white. I've eliminated most 'white' things from my diet such as bread, white potatoes, white rice and pasta and replaced them with whole wheat versions. Not only do they taste better but I feel better too.

I don't think I would eat more than two sliced of WW bread a day and I'd eat more low glycemic index carbs such as beans, lentils, sweet potatoes...etc. You're fuller that way and there's a lower insulin spike.
agree agree agree - if you eat too much, you'll gain weight. But whole wheat is much better than processed white bread.

I found a whole wheat bread that I really like - it's Nature's Own Double Fiber Whole Wheat bread. Most whole wheat breads have about 2.5 grams of fiber per slice. This one has 5 grams per slice. And it tastes just as good, although it doesn't last as long in the bread box - I usually throw out half a loaf because I don't eat that much bread each day and it goes stale after a week or so.
Thanks you guys, But I luv bread and I don't intend on losing weight, but I just want to maintain my weight. I do plan on stop eating white bread, but I've been eating white rice and potatoes since I can remember, and didn't gain weight.
I like bread also but I only eat a little of it each day. I do try and eat whole wheat or whole grain bread. But, I can have it anytime I just dont go over my calorie allowance. Tonight I had one hush puppy (Eric you do remember hush puppies) they are really high in calories but I knew if I only had one then I would not go over my count. Just watch carefully and choose wisely. huggers to bread lovers
Thanks for all the info, its great to know this!!
When it comes to white vs. brown it's not so much about the numbers on the scale, gaining weight or not gaining weight. Anything not taken in moderation will affect your weight sooner or later (depends on your metabolism).

It's about eating healthier.

My partner has one of those metabolisms that I swear he burns calories simply by eating them.... it drives me crazy, and he'd really like to put on weight but doesn't seem to be able to.

That being said, when he was in his 20's his diet was anything but a picture of healthy (Mr. Noodle, White bread, Zoodles, Grilled Cheese, Pizza, pizza and more pizza) Everything was pre-made, pre-packaged, high-salt, high-fat, loads of preservatives, lots of white stuff and brown stuff "tasted funny"

Well, he's in his 30's now, and it's pay back time, he still doesn't gain weight, but if he tries to eat like he did in college, then he needs to sleep on the couch because he's smelly, and he'll be up moaning all night that his stomach hurts, he'll have bathroom problems and heart burn.... it's not a pretty picture.

After about a year of him lamenting not being able to eat like a kid anymore, I convinced him to drink lots and lots of water to flush his system, add more vegetables, and switch from white bread and rice to brown..... he's never felt better, no more heartburn, no more hours in the bathroom, and he's allowed back into bed.

Eating healthy isn't just about weight loss, it's about being able to live your life comfortably.
lurleen -- oh yes!! hush puppies...now there is something you *never* see up here!

I just looked up the calories in hush puppies though. 257 in just 5 of 'em!
uh huh...about lil over 50 calories in one of those precious hush puppies...I used to eat them by the dozen...no more pal...those days are no longer but I will eat one or two and be good about it...
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I love bread too! I only eat whole wheat bread. Bakers Inn Honey Whole Wheat is my favorite. I try to limit to 2 slices a day.

Another great trick is the whole grain tortillas. I enjoy rolling up some sandwich meat in those with hummus or fat free cream cheese!

what is a hush puppy? corn dog? hot dog?

Please enlighten me!


ps lurleen probably eats them with grits!!!!! ha!

giggles Karen that was funny...giggles.....hush puppies are like cornbread but they are much lighter ...giggles...they are full of calories too...giggles...you fry them up like fried cornbread...you can bake cornbread also but you can not bake hush puppies...giggles...you usually eat them with fish or barbeque pork or brunswick stew. My mom also made them when she cooked chicken & dumplins. (Eric remember that too) Now I betta ya a dollar somebody is gonna ask.."what is brunswick stew?" giggles...huggers to all the wana be southerners....giggles
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