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Will I gain weight back once I up carbs from low carb diet?

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I was once on the Atkins many years ago and gained the weight back after I reintroduced carbs from having no carbs at all. So that was a big mistake. I've read the explanation for this. But, what about those on low carb diets? Anyone know the absolute minimum for carb intake? Is it 50g?

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A lot of people gain weight back after diets - if it's from reintroducing carbs, it's either a little water regained to help process the carbs, or it's the fact that going off restrictive diets can often trigger overeating.

I'd tried a couple different diets in the past (prepared meals, low-carb, detox) and always yo-yo'ed after getting off them.  The only thing that's been working for me PERMANENTLY is eating normal food, normal proportions of fats/carbs/proteins, just smaller portions of it.

I think it was a mistake. But don't take my words final please consult a diet consultant.

I did the low carb diet about 6 years ago when I was 16. I was eating 20 carbs a day - though after the first week or two I stopped counting and just limited myself to only low carb foods. I doubt I ever ate more than 40 in a day.


When I got off it I introduced low-ish carb stuff into my diet, like peanut butter for instance, and kept adding more and more carbs into my diet until I eventually ate "normally" (though I did keep some habits from the low carb diet so I wasn't 100% what I was before). I did this for maybe 4 weeks until I ate normally? It was a long time ago so I don't remember the specific time. Keep in mind, I was 16 at the time and doing a lot of exercise too.


I never regained anything - maybe a pound or two, but nothing to cause a fuss about. I think people who get off low carb are so excited to eat carbs again they indulge right away and that's why they jump back! Just introduce carbs into your diet slooooowly.


Overall I lost maybe 25 pounds and 2 dress sizes, but I gained a lot of muscle (that might have been why I didn't gain back weight, I could have lost muscle?) because I was working out a lot. After Atkins I was thin, but could still lost another 5-10 and still be healthy.

Yes you will gain it back if you are not careful.  When I started Atkin 15 months ago, 20g a day is my limit.  Then I go up gradually to 30-40g a day.  I did this for 6 months then went on a low fat diet because I got tired of it.  It worked on me and I'm happy to say I did not gained back the weight.  I'm on my last 8 lbs on my ideal weight and so I'm doing low carb again hoping to lose it by summer :)

It sounds more likely that you gained weight when you came of the Atkins diet because you came off a diet, not because you came off Atkins-style eating.

As for gaining weight adding in carbs, I highly doubt adding more vegetables into your diet will cause you to gain weight. For example, yesterday I made an enourmous (2 meals worth) vegetable curry, which contained 37g of carbs for only 200 calories. That's 80% of the average person's minimum carbs, with about 10% of the calories an average person would need to maintain weight. What I'm trying to say is that if you eat the right carbs (and eating less than 50g a day, I highly doubt you're getting sufficient fruits and veggies) you won't be able to keep weight on.

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