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Weight Loss
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how did I gain 7 pounds overnight?

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I weighed myself this morning thinking I'd lost some, only to find I went from 128 lbs to 135. This is rather appalling. I've never been overweight in my life and now the scales are saying I am officially overweight.

My last meal was somewhat higher than usual in sodium, but this can't all be water retention, can it? It's not my scale, I tried two different scales.

Then again, I am 5'2 and I think I would notice if I gained even 2 pounds of fat.
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Did you eat 7 lbs of food for dinner?


Do you actually truly weigh 7 lbs more?


Are scales inaccurate?


Does your body weight vary with how much fluid you consume/retain?



Stop worrying about it.

To be less aggressive than armandounc, no, you did not truly gain 7 lbs overnight. You most definitely are retaining water. Try not to freak out. I can understand how this may cause you to feel badly, but I promise you it's not possible for this to be real, solid weight.

Hi there, I can totally relate to you right now. I'm currently in recovery from anorexia and he weight gain is just coming on so rapidly! But i have lost some. If you had a really big dinner it's possibly just the food in your body. Give it a few days, do lots of exercise and eat healthy (:
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Scales arent always accurate. I know when mine goes on the fritz. And it is possible to be holding several pounds of water. I have a particular dip I make on occasion and without fail, I will weight 3 lbs more the following morning. Same thing with eating a carb heavy meal for dinner. Add to the high sodium meal the normal weight fluctuations and a apossible scale problem , it could appear as such a high gain. Also, any idea where you are in your cycle? I typically pick up 2-3  lbs as early as a week before.

Try not to freak out. Its not 7 lbs of fat overnight. Just watch your sodium, guzzle plenty of H20 and give it a few days.

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