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Can you really gain 5 pounds in one day

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Well yesterday I thought I was doung well I was at 169 lbs and today After dinner I stepped on the scale and it said that I weigh 174 pounds.

Is this possible. What can I do to work it off again and fast


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Yes you can, but it's not fat. Just some water retention. Don't get hung up on individual numbers, concentrate on the trend over two week period.


Here's the key part of your post: you weighed yourself after dinner. You'll weigh less in the morning, before you eat or drink water, and you'll weigh more at the end of the day when your body is full of food and liquids. Unless you ate 17,500 calories over maintenance (which would be hard, even for Michael Phelps!) you didn't gain 5 pounds. Find a consistent time of day to weigh yourself and don't pay attention to the normal daily fluxuations.

It is water weight, time of day you weighed yourself, how much you ate and if you have gone to the bathroom or not, how much water or other liquid you drank. You cannot gain 5LB of fat in a day.

YEAH, you can even gain around 9 lbs in one day! drink a gallon of water and you'll see! but obviously drinking a gallon of water will just add like 9 lbs of water weight.. not fat.

so to answer your question: yes, you can gain 5 lbs in one day. no, those 5 lbs are not fat.

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