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Weight Loss
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I gain muscle I don't want. Help.

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So I used to work out about a year ago, and although I got a little trimmer, I stayed basically the same weight. I played competitive soccer for 13 years, so I have really muscular legs and a strong core. The thing is, I really don't want huge muscular legs or a muscular body. I want to be trim, but I am looking for weight loss, not muscle gain. It seems like everything I do just builds more muscle. I am tired of having huge Lindsay Lohan thighs. My thighs touch and it makes me sick.

I was just wondering if anybody had any advice for workouts that would help me with that. I run around 5 miles every single day (I started working out again recently), because I like cardio, but I don't want that to be adding to my problem. I have more of a short, stocky frame, and my muscular legs look like tree stumps when I wear a skirt below the knee. Seriously. I'm not the only one to have noticed it either.

If anybody has any advice, I would love to hear it, or any personal success stories that would maybe help me out. If not, thanks for reading this at least.

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I genetically have very thick muscular legs and big calves w/cankles and I gain muscle easily.  Thanks grandma!  Anywho...I too was athletic and the only time in my life my legs were thin is when I ate very little and went for looong brisk walks (about 8 miles) everyday.  My body finally ate up the muscles in my legs.  It's not what they tell you to do, but finally I didn't have muscular bulky legs.  I thought running made you gain muscle in your legs?  Everyone in my family that started a running program had bigger legs and butt afterwards.  A little counterproductive to your goal, don't you think?  For some, running helps them slim down, but I really think it's about the individual and how your body responds to certain exercises.

Thank you. I really want to lose fat too, so that is why I am doing the running. Cardio is mandatory for me. I have some fat on my inner thighs I am hoping to get rid of, and I can't think of a way to burn away fat other than running. I really hope my legs don't get even larger. How long did it take you to get the thin legs and did they go back to normal once you stopped taking long walks? I just feel like I don't have the time to walk long distances. For some reason I can run at a steady pace, but when i walk, I dilly dally. I don't know what it is, but speedwalking is like impossible for me. It's definately not genetic because my mother walks, literally, like 5 miles an hour. I don't know how it's possible. And that is her casual walk. You should see her speedwalk. It seems impossible.

Thank you for your advice. I think walking could help me out, and normally I drive to the gym, but I think walking the two miles there and two miles back and cutting down a little on running could really help me out. Thanks so much for responding. I really appreciate it.

It only took about two to three months for them to really slim down.  It's not something I did intentionally, I just loved my walks so much.  I could, like, triple cross my legs almost. I would walk for about two hours every day after work.  It was so relaxing and was the highlight of my day.  My legs stayed slim for about six months after I stopped my routine.  Then I gained weight due to other lifestyle factors like I moved to another state with horrible weather and an increase in going out, beer and fried foods.  A social life can kill you sometimes.  You know how that goes......

you might want to try varying your cardio....try swimming or biking....or doing a cardio class at a gym.....if your body gets too used to what it is doing, its not going to change.  just by doing a different kind of cardio could help kickstart some more loss and may keep you from bulking up in your legs by running....cycling or swimming or whatever will be a different activity working other muscle groups.  just a thought.....

emily...don't know how you can look at Lohan and think in any way shape or form that she has huge may have body self issues if I can be frank.. If you gain muscle easily than you will have to just work that much harder to loose it because that just may be your body type.. htm

take this test and follow the information given in the first paragraph!

Spot reduction is a myth and doesn't work, muscle burns about 6 calories vs. fat carried on your body burning about 2-3 calories (daily)...embrace your muscles because it is actually the reason you are your current weight..if your muscle was fat you'd be fatter, less calories burnt daily, and wear bigger clothes...muscle pound for pound weighs the same as fat but is just denser- consider it 1 lb of muscle a pound of bricks vs. 1 lb of fat a pound of cotton. Both weigh the same but the lb of cotton would take up more space! Same thing as fat vs. muscles.

If you are looking for weight loss and not muscle gain than do cardio (HIIT- which is the fastest way to lose fat in the cardio prospective) do some light weight training to not lose the benefits of muscle burning the fat. Something like 4sets of 15 with decent weight and stack that with cardio for no more than 60 min. On your off days do cardio for 60 min at a decent resistance. If you do only cardio than you will get skinny fat and it isn't sexy; that is why TV people were making fun of Tara Reid, Lohan, Mary Kate and Ashley Olson.

Thank you guys, I appreciate this so much!

What is skinny fat? I'm not saying Lohan is a giant or anything, and she was too skinny for a while, but she just has big thighs now. The rest of her body is normal. And Erika, you can definately be frank. I don't take offense easilly. It's not that I don't want muscle anywhere, because i like my arm muscles and stomach muscles, I just want to make sure what I am doing doesn't make my leg muscles huge and bulky. My sister is really in shape, and she teaches a yoga class, cycling class, and jumprope class at her college's gym, but her thighs are even bigger than mine. I would definately rather have muscular thighs than weak flabby ones.

I didn't know you could do cardio on your off days. I thought an off day was supposed to be like no vigorous physical effort. Can you explain more please, If you don't mind?

How can anyone insult the Olsen twins? I love them.

I am a spoon shape.

Have you tried Pilates? I can't personally attest to the perfect effects because I've never done it consistently enough, but I've heard a few testimonies to the the slimming effect it has on the thighs specifically. It's a very specific type of exercise and you have to do it right for it to work, ie. focus on lengthening your legs as you do the movements, etc.

I like the Windsor pilates dvds myself. Good luck from one thick-thighed lady to another!

Pilates is a really good idea. Thank you for the advice. I've never done pilates before but it had really good results on a friend on mine. I have no idea why I didn't think of that.

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