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Why did I gain 2 lbs? Pls help, feeling horrible...

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Stats: 23 yo, 200 lbs, 5'4 female

Eating: 1400-1600 cal/day, 8 glasses water daily, healthy foods except 1 night/week where I treat myself to whatever I want

Exercise: Curves 3x/week, mucking out 2 stalls/feeding/cleaning 2 horses every day

CC recommends: 1500/day

Burn Meter: 2400 average - about 300 more when I go to Curves


I started at Curves on Jan 15 at 204 lbs and weighed myself 2 weeks later,  on the 29th at 200 lbs even. I was SO excited.

Now, last night was my "free" night. And boy did I take advantage of it. I ate a Baconator combo from Wendy's AND  a 10 piece Chicken Nuggets w/honey sauce from McDonald's.

I went to Curves this morning and for some stupid reason decided to weigh myself. It was 202.

Is that like, from my binge last night? I've been so strict with eating and exercising, having around a 700-1000 + calorie deficit per day. I should be LOSING consistently.

I was expecting 198 lbs this morning. Why was it 202 ??? :( :( :( :(

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i don't eat fast food, but that's a lot of sodium, i assure you.  it's water weight. 


Having a night to indulge or not worry so much about calories is one thing, but to eat a combo meal and chicken nuggets, that's a lot of extra calories!  You really shouldn't be surprised that you gained weight, especially weighing in the morning after a binge.  That's not meant to sound rude, because we've all done it:)  The next morning weight gain is to be expected.  If you go back to eating right and exercising, that weight should come off quickly.  But now you have to ask yourself, was it worth it?  Do you really want to eat that much food once a week just to feel like crap the next day and have to work extra hard to get weight off that was already off?  If you need a once a week binge, I would suggest going a little lighter.  

Now don't be too hard on yourself, because what's done is done.  You'll get past this and you can still be successful.  It's all about learning what works for you.

Good luck!

Food has weight, sodium causes water weight,.let it pass. You didn't gain 2 pounds. Your have to eat 7000 calories over maintenance. Relax

The same thing was happening to me so I upped my calories and then incorporated exercise to net me at 1500. The week I discovered this I lost two pounds. If you don't eat enough you won't lose weight. I will also agree with the others that the weight gain had to do with water. Potassium helps with the effects of sodium on the body. Maybe you should incorporate potassium rich foods on the days you indulge.

Come on, you know why. :) If you weigh yourself the morning after a binge it will only make you mad! Yesterday wound up being a Maintenance day for me- I ate around 1900 cals, but I also some higher sodium foods, so naturally this morning it showed that I gained a lb. Just chalk it up to a Maintenance day and move on. Try not to eat too much fast food, even on your cheat days- 9/10 times it's not even worth it. Or if you must, get a junior hamburger, a baked potato, and a salad or a small chili and a salad. Those are the lesser of the evils and you will still feel like you cheated with a lot less damage (and guilt!) Anyway, after that little scare, I can bet you will make good choices today :)

Cheer up :)

Regardless of bingeing, weight fluxuates. I'm 5'2.5 and my weight swings as much as two pounds on any given day. Because I track my weight daily, I've learned these swings are normal and can reflect anything: sodium or intense exercise which can cause the body to hold extra water, BMs, hormones, stress, quality of sleep, over-indulgence. The advice above to get back on track, and stay on track, is right on. You will see the effort represented in the numbers - just be okay that it's a range of numbers and that range will probably stay the same even as the specific numbers shrink. For example, my range is two to three pounds, but over the past month the numbers have changed from 133-135, to 130 - 132.  

As others have said the high sodium content in the fast food you had may have made your body retain water. Also, depending on your cycle, if you are just before or during your period, you probably are retaining water and it shows on the scale.

It's fat. Pure fat. Everyone knows that the more you enjoy food, the faster it becomes fat. Only takes a few hours.

See how stupid that sounds? Don't weigh yourself after eating a salty meal. If you look in this forum, you will see 100's of forums talking about period weight, salt weight and fluctuations. You're not the first, nor will you be the last.

For all the calories you consumed in that junk food, you may have well just had a  huge slice of cake and an icecream sundae...at least then the sodium would not be an issue. Additionally when you have a "free" day or meal, why not go for something different that you have not had before, and something that is healthy AND tastes great! There are foods like that, and they won't leave you bloated and feeling horrible the next day. 

Good luck. 

Come on guys, can we really call this binging? I think binging is too strong of a word.

I can guarantee you that just the baconator alone would have tons of sodium. Then the fries have sodium, and the chicken nuggets, you guessed it, sodium. Even the sauce has tons of sodium!

It's all water weight as they said.

My suggestion is to go on as normal, drink tons of water, and never weigh yourself the day after an off day, unless it's with you knowing that it's all water weight. Try weighing yourself in a couple of days. It will all be gone

And while I don't condone fast food personally, your metabolism will always thank you for off days. :-)

Original Post by jaefuma:

It's fat. Pure fat. Everyone knows that the more you enjoy food, the faster it becomes fat. Only takes a few hours.


 LOL!  good point-  learn to talk yourself out of this mindset!

additionally its all HIGH cholesterol...may not matter ( in your mind) now while you are in your 20's but its cumulative...its already clogging up your arteries...play  (wrong) now,  pay later..Once again, try eating HEALTHY..it make s a world of difference in how you feel, how you look, and how your body will age. NO lie. 

Read The China Study...it might change how you look at food and how your over all health turns out years from now. Will certainly help you lose weight! 

Original Post by tikiremy:

Come on guys, can we really call this binging? I think binging is too strong of a word.

it's gotta be 2000 calories.  that's a binge on any scale.

I ate a pint of ice cream and a twix after already being over calories last night......I would never consider weighing myself today! I'm sure I'm up at least 2 pounds from normal, actually I would consider that good, maybe even 4-5 lbs higher! But I went and played in the snow and worked out today so I'm not too concerned. But I am trying to stop the bingeing, ugly ugly habit. But as long as you do well the rest of the week, the water weight will be gone in no time! Some say it even speeds your metabolism up, let's hope so Wink

I agree...a day's worth of calories in a sitting..is a binge..and going from McDonalds to Wendys  is a binge ( did she do that?...I don't even know what a combo meal is..I have never had one, nor have ever eaten fast food chicken nuggets..maybe had wings in my last life, once LOL...). Isn't 10 pieces of chicken enough for 2 people? 

Now I see someone ate a pint of icecream...wow..depending on the brand and flavour, that could easily be more than 1000 calories...I have seen ice creams that are 300 calories for a half cup...with the candy, that's also a day's worth of calories.

Its really MUCH easier to not eat to excess like that and not have to wipe yourself out trying to "work it off"..having said that, I have struggled with myself trying not to eat a half a box of honey nut cheerios over the course of a day (different foods, but still out of control).

i find once I allow a little, its like a dam bursting...it just won't stop...like you are possesed! 

Once in a while a HUGE glass (or bottle) of water with lemon in it will do "the trick" for me..its worth the try anyway, cause even if it works half the time, you end up that much better off! 

Explains my sudden weight gain this morning... a full 3.3 lbs!!!!

I knew I was going to rock the scale (Tongue out) this morning as yesterday I ate in the most absurd way- was way below my recommended intake (only 800 cal out of 1200) and mostly it was street food- fried, salty and full of bad calories. So, water retention was going to happen, but 3.3 lbs in a day?!! Even I was staggered:(

Was really depressed after that, but guess, it was my fault so I have to pay the priceCry

@luvmybunny: thanks for the lemon- water trick; I'll warm it a bit as that helps my digestion.

*sigh* but it feels good to eat bad sometimes:):)

Original Post by 7sitka7:

Burn Meter: 2400 average - about 300 more when I go to Curves


 Seems a pretty high estimate IMHO.

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Yeah as many people have said it is most likely to be water weight and the weight of the food. Your body also changes weight a lot during the day, so try to weigh yourself at the same time each day. :) I weigh myself before eating and after exercise. 


Anyway chin up, you're doing really well and having the motivation to change is the important thing. ;)

Original Post by pgeorgian:

Original Post by tikiremy:

Come on guys, can we really call this binging? I think binging is too strong of a word.

it's gotta be 2000 calories.  that's a binge on any scale.

Not necessarily. I could eat a restaurant meal (not a supersized one, just richer food) and take in 2000 calories without binging.

OP - the problem isn't 2lbs you probably didn't gain. The problem is how worked up you are over 2 measly lbs.

I know this is going to sound daft but if you only ate it last night, then surely you relise aswell as the calories the weight of the food you eat is also in you into you dump it out.

So its not always just the water retention is just the fact youve stuffed ya face and its all in your stomache this ofcourse will get out but water retention with the added food you had = the extra weight

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