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Weight Loss
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How did I just gain 3lbs overnight?? Help, I'm ready to give up!!!

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Hi everyone!  I'm hoping that you all can offer some good advice and maybe a boost to keep me going.  Here's the story:

I'm getting married in September and am trying hard to lose 40lbs by then (I'm 31, 5'5", 185lbs).  My fiance and I started doing South Beach back in January and I lost 15lbs. right away.  I've been hovering at my current weight since then.  I've been frustrated, but not entirely so because I figured it was because I was "cheating" (the occasional sweet or bread here and there - I'm a huge sugar addict so South Beach has helped a LOT but hasn't eliminated my addiction entirely).

So I figured it was about time to start exercising.  A about 3 weeks ago I started an exercise routine - every other day weight training for 30 minutes and cardio for 20-30 minutes on the off days (usually walking or light jogging) for a total of 4-5 days of exercise.  Last week, my fiance and I decided to start getting up early and exercising together, which was a great motivator and fun to have a partner. 

I was feeling pretty good about things and patting myself on the back for sticking with it (something I haven't been to good at in the past) when I decided to weigh myself two days in a row, just to see how I was doing.  Imagine my surprise when on the second day, I found that I'd graduated up 3lbs from the day before (I'd weighed in at 185 the day before at the same time of day I usually do, which is in the morning). 

I can't attribute it to my period because I was done with that last week.  In fact, the week afterwards is usually when I weigh my lowest.  It could also be that my eating habits haven't been as good as they were when we first started South Beach (my caloric intake has been relatively low during the week - 1200-1500ish - with higher intakes on the weekends).

I'm also bored with eating and would rather not do it at this point, so sometimes I forget entirely to snack or have a large, protein-packed lunch.  I understand that this gain could be muscle gain, but 3 lbs in one day??  What on earth is going on here?  Am I doomed to gain weight, no matter what I do??  Aaarrggghhh!!!  Please help! 

(holy cow, this is a long post!  Sorry about that!  :) )
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zenzes, many programs will give us an immediate result, but whether or not the program is right of us hinges on it's ability to provide long-term benefits.

I used to value programs by just how much weight loss they promoted, but now I value them by whether they eliminate stress eating, binging, and cravings, and offer good variety of healthy foods to choose from -- that alone will result in weight loss. 

It sounds as though the Southbeach diet has run its course for you, and you should try another program.

The foods we eat should satisfy us -- we shouldn't be obsessed with what we can or cannot eat, but neither should eating be boring. 

While it is convenient for you both to be on the same diet, you have to do what is right for your body and your preferences.

I suggest visiting to see their list of the World's healthiest foods.  Make a list of these foods that you know you enjoy.  You will probably find a lot of foods that you and he can enjoy together --

You may also want to visit to see how much of each food group you should be getting for your stats, and what constitutes a serving for each food in that group.

Good luck . . .
zenzes, I don't know if I am allowed to say this or not, but since you mentioned south beach then I am going to throw a plug in for a plan I am using. 

You should look into Body for Life.  It is an amazing program.  However, many people are looking for a diet.  It is NOT a's for life.  Basically you eat 5-6 times a day.  Eat about 1600 calories (more if you are a man--maybe your fiance can do it with you).  You do the same kind of workout that you are listing.  the book actually tells you exactly what exercises to do if you read the book.  But the best thing about the eating plan--at least for the beginners---is that after eating 6 days clean--no sweets--no junk-- you can have a "free/cheat day" on this day you get to eat whatever you want!  some people really take advantage of this cheat day but eventually eating all that junk makes you want to eat healty the next the time your next cheat day rolls around you are ready for it again.  Seriously, look up the website.  Read the inspiring stories and look at the before and after pictues.  These people made these changes in 12 weeks!  Good luck!
I also gained 3 pounds when I started exercising.  Hopefully it is just muscle.  I can definitely tell my legs have toned up a little.  A lady I work with says I look like I lost weight, so since I know I have been doing good, I'm not going to stress over the weight gain, I'm going to just keep watching my figure and how my clothes are fitting.
First off, when you weigh yourself every day or even many times in a single day, you have to understand that your weight can fluctuate.  Iā??ll weigh in at 180 in the morning and 185 at night.  Its normal. 

Today I can be 181, tomorrow 184, after that 182, then 180, then 184ā?¦ it constantly changes.  What is important is that the overall trend is downwards.

Your weight will change all the time due to the foods you eat, the amount of water you have in your (or donā??t), the sodium you have eaten, etc etc.  Many many factors influence the number on the scale.  One day more and 3 lbs more can be normal.

Second, Iā??m not a fan of diet programs.  Some are good, but the issue I have is that most of them do not TEACH you how to live in a healthy way.  Sure, they tell you to eat xyz, and you do, so you lose weight.  But once you are off the program, then no one is telling you what to do, and the majority of people fall back into their old habits. 

Be careful with these programs.  The one thing that has worked for me is understanding the basics of my body and calories, with various nutrients, and how they interact.  Iā??m not perfect, Iā??m not a professional, I donā??t know everything.  But I am trying to learn and live, not just do.
Wow, what a great response!  Thanks, everyone!  You all have really helped a lot.  I love the website - what a fountain of information!  It's nice to have a good, solid list of good stuff to eat other than the one in the South Beach book.  All of your other suggestions look good, as well. 

I think my finace and I like South Beach because it emphasizes eating lean meats, veggies, whole grains, herbs, and fresh fruit, with little sugar and nothing processed.  Seems like a no-brainer, but it was good structure for us because we are so hooked on bread and chocolate.  We also like the recipes a lot and I love to cook, so it's been good so far.  However, we've never really gotten through the first phase of things all the way, so we "cheat" one day and then decide to start over again.  I think this is where the problem of being bored with food really lies.  Anyway, I think we're going to just stick with the 2nd phase now for a while and not feel bad about eating oatmeal and whole-grain bread.  :)  In the meantime, I'm going to concentrate more on inches lost rather than pounds because that seems like another no-brainer.  Thanks again, guys!
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Well, from my experience, I know that it isn't weight in lbs. you want to lose... it is toning up that you want!  When you tone, you will lose weight and gain muscle.  Don't weigh yourself... you will only get discouraged.  Scales tend to be off anyway, next time you go to the doctor, weight yourself.  that is the most accurate!  I have problems losing weight too.  I joined this calorie count thing so that I could monitor how much I am actually eating.  But in reality, what matters most is that my clothes that were once tight, are starting to loosen up.  Don't quit!  I'm in the same boat!  We can row together... so to speak.
btw if you google South Beach Diet Forum, theres a free HUGE community of very rigid SBD folks

Ive tried it 4 times (yes four...blah) and gave up after two or three months of being bored and sick of not eatting what i love...the cravings just never went away, i like what I like, the end..ya know? just saying..its a good place, especially for recipes :D

dont tell them youve been on P1 for awhile, or when you cheat once you start over...they dont like that, youll get flamed...*runs away* :d haha mostly cause P1 is horrible for you.
bigtwinky is right on target as usual....My wgt can fluxate 2-3 lbs over a 2-3 day period....I'm usually heavier the morning after my wgt lifting workouts...muscle holds on to water while it's repairing...Also depends on how much food you had left in your digestive system...LOL I'm 1/2 lb heavier after my morning oatmeal! 

You'll make yourself crazy weighing everyday....try to wait a week...

I also agree with the need to learn how to eat properly for a lifetime and not just to lose X number of lbs...

Keep at it though...You may end up healthier than you ever believed!
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