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Why did I gain 2 pounds?!!

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I'm so depressed. I weighed myself this morning and I gained 2 pounds. I don't understand why, since I am following my diet to a T.

Could it be from building muscle? Or the fact that I have my period?

Boo :(

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You gained two pounds since... when? Last night? Yesterday? A month ago?

Doubtful that it's building muscle. People say that, but it's really hard to build two pounds of muscle.

A few options, assuming you are comparing today's weight to yesterday morning's weight:

-You are near your period
-Lots of sodium/not enough water
-Exercise, especially weight lifting can cause your muscles to retain water
-A late meal the day before or not using the bathroom recently could mean you have extra food still in your system

Weight fluctuates - don't get too upset by the daily changes and you'll be a lot happier.

Bloating = retained water.

You can retain up to 6 pounds of water and waste I believe... One time I gained 4 pounds from drinking so much water on a hot day and my body kept it on... Plus the factor of 'pooing' should be considered. Some people aren't regular and need some leafy greens to get the bowel movements going.

Wait a week after your period is officially over and weigh yourself when you first wake up. I garantee those 2 pounds and then some will be gone.

Good luck and cheer up!

i gain around 2-3 pounds everytime i have my period.  It's not a real 'gain' though, it always goes away afterwards, so don't let it get you down.

2-6 LB is just normal fluctuation. Avoid the scales and go by how you look, feel and your body fat %. I can gain 3 LB in a day. Smile That is not weight, it is the time of day you weigh yourself, how much you have eaten and drank, if you have gone to the bathroom, if you are retaining water due to sodium intake, hormones and so on.

Don't be depressed! It's honestly JUST numbers. And they barely mean anything.

A scale can not determine the difference between Fat, Urine, Fecal matter, Food, Water Weight (from sodium or menstruation) and Muscle Mass. These all factor in to your weight and what shows up on the scale.

All of these things can factor in to the scale reading as much as 15lbs over.

I've seen people weigh themselves before and after using the washroom in one sitting... and have dropped 5 lbs in fecies alone.

Some say it's best to weigh yourself first thing in the morning after going to the washroom.. and that's your "true" weight. However, this is not true. No scale will ever tell you exactly how much fat you have on your body, and that's the only "weight" that is important.

I highly recommend going out and purchasing what is called a "Caliper". A Caliper is used to measure exact fat to muscle percentages. They range in size and price. But overall are an excellent investment in your health.

It is true, yes... that muscle does weigh more than fat. Although the scale is always incorrect in terms of fat loss/gain... it will not lie when it comes to muscle gain, as it is a much more dense and weighted substance. Yes - the numbers on your scale will go up if you've gained more muscle mass. No ifs, ands, or buts.

Hi Jess.  I don't have any constructive thoughts for you except I CAN commiserate.  Same thing for me this morning.  On the days I stand on the scale, I weigh myself first thing in the morning, before getting dressed, showered, or anything else.  Today, I also am inexplicably 2 pounds heavier and I have not cheated in any way.  I am so committed to eating well and exercising, I don't even want to cheat.

So, I know how you feel.  Standing on the scale, for me anyway, is the measure of my progress.  I can't bear the thought of buying something like pliers to pinch my fat to check progress, I don't care how scientific it is.   Maybe I'll feel differently when I'm over the emotional disappointment of it later today but right now, I'm just bummed my scale says I am 2 pounds heavier Frown.

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