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1 Pound Gain in 1 Day?

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Hi all,

I weighed myself on my scale yesterday and it said i was 97 pounds (before I had eaten anything in the morning)

Today I weighed myself after school (after eating lunch and breakfast). I had gained one pound.

Which one can I trust to be my real weight? Did I really gain one pound in one day?!

I'm scared of these fluctuations. I don't know how it is possible for weight to vary so much!

Anadrea :(


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There are several things that can affect your body weight: food, water, sodium levels, ttom, clothes, wet hair, etc. That's why it's a really good idea to weigh every morning naked after you pee and before you eat. You should also make sure that you're getting less than 2500mg of sodium a day and that you're drinking enough water, because if your sodium levels are high one day, you will retain water the next day, showing a higher number on the scale.

You might also want to just weigh yourself once a week instead of getting hung up on the numbers. :)
Don't sweat the small stuff....like one pound

Food has weight too, you know.....my lunch and breakfast prolly weighs about 2-3 pounds, even though it's only fruits and veggies

Not all scales are on synch with each other. If you'r one of the types who weighs themselve everyday, then wait till the next morning, after your body has broken the food down to weigh yourself. However, it sounds to me your a bit obsessive, which is ok...a lot of us are, but seriously, just breathe.
anadrea, your weight WILL vary throughout the day.  My weight varies by up to 6 lbs throughout the day, and that is quite normal.

The key is to weight yourself the same time each day and under the same circumstances.

I recommend that you weigh yourself the first thing in the morning, preferably after using the toilet and before drinking or eating anything. 

If you weight daily, still expect to see fluctuations.  It's the trend over time that tells you if you are losing or gaining weight.

For example, these are my morning weights for the last 6 days:

192.2, 192.0, 188.8, 188.0, 190.4, 189.8

The more you weigh, the more your weight can fluctuate -- that's simply because of the sheer volume of water you have in your body.  I have upwards of 76 lbs of water in my body -- so it doesn't take much fluctuation in my hydration to affect my weight.

As said before, it's the trend, not the daily numbers, that tells the story . . .
I tend to go up 1.5 to 2lbs every couple of days. Sometimes i feel bad about it but my good sense tells me it is water weight or full belly, etc.  I do make a habit to weigh myself daily as to stay vigilant on my weight and keeping on track
daisy, I weight daily, too, for the reason you gave. 
Hey there, check out this FAQ topic:
http://www.calorie-count.com/calories/help.ph p?id=6

And remember that 1 pint of water (16 oz) weights approximately 1 lb.
A good answer to this question is No.  You did not gain a pound that will stay on your body unless you ate 3,500 calories more than you output.  So unless you were in a hot dog eating contest you probably did not really gain a pound of sustained weight. 

Also, as other people have stated, weight fluctuates.  I sometimes weigh myself three times a day and use the middle of the three.  Yeah, I take it seriously -- I put the numbers into Microsoft Excel and make graphs, then fit 'trendlines' to the graph, so I can see how well I'm doing.  I do the same with body fat, which I consider to be more important since I do weightlifting, and gross body weight alone can be deceiving.

Stay positive.
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I did look at my weekly weights and by day I vary from 1 or 2 pounds depending on the time of day. I really haven't gained any weight from last week, but my scale is not digital, so I always suspect it of being uncalibrated.

I often calbrate my scale by weighing my 10lb weights and ensuring that the shown weight is exactly 10lb's.

It's just right now, none of my data makes sense. I have a fast metabolism and thought I would gain on what I ate last week. I am in recovery from an eating disorder, so it is often necessary to put on excess "bloat weight" (water, weight of food, etc and real weight) before appt's. But two days after, I was right back where I was before I tried to intentionally make myself heavier.

I thought I would gain. CC suggests a caloric intake of 1700 -- I lose badly on this -- I lose on 2000 calories. I'm so afraid to eat, because I never know what the outcome will be. 

Is it better to weight weekly? How do I accurately determine how many calories I need (some internet estimates are too low -- but they seem to work for all of you!)

Anadrea :(
Yeah they suggest I eat 3100 because I play sports and because of my weight, but because of my body type I gain weight when I eat above 2500.  You have to experiment for yourself.  That's the only way some people come close.  What are you trying to do?  Lose, Gain, or find equilibrium?

And most experts I've read say to weigh 3-5 times per week.  Take that for what you will.  The problem with weighing in weekly is that it will be deceiving if your weigh in is on one of the days where you have a big fluctuation because of any of the reasons listed by other people.  You may think you've gained weight for the week when instead you just have wet hair or you ate a lot of salt last night.

You're 18 and about 5'3" right?  That means you are severely underweight.  I hope you are seeing a doctor or other professional who is experienced in eating disorders. 

There's not much I can say to you.  I'm opposed to promoting unhealthy and dangerous habits. 
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I'm 18 and 5'2. I guess that makes me a normal weight.

Today I was 98lbs. I wish I had a more accurate scale.

That makes you underweight, you know that. That is why your doctor wants you to gain weight, that is why I suggest you gain weight - for your health. No scale is perfectly accurate, what is seriously innacurate is your body perception, you are underweight and you need to gain weight.

I can really hear your cry for help here, I hope that you can use this site to support a healthier life, there are people here who will support you in recovery but they will not support you to lose weight, that will kill you, nobody will support that.

You are seeing a doctor who is monitoring your weight, are you having any other help for your ED?

Take care x
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I'm sorry. I know. I want to use this site to help me get healthy, but I still want to lose weight. I guess that my weight is a bit low, but I have a hard time believing I could ever weight more than 100lbs.

I used to be 110 -- I felt awful. Then I went down to 80 and felt good. Now my doctors are forcing me back up to 108 - 110. I am seeing a team of specialists -- I am terrifed to gain weight and terrified when the number goes up.

I'm actually ashamed that my weight is so "high" -- I could be so much lower if my doctors would only let me -- but they will admit me to the hospital at 87% of my body weight.

I've been struggling for two years and I'm still so scared.

Your BMI is under 18.  That means you are underweight.  You have a serious problem and need to have it addressed by a professional.  We are not doctors and it would be ethically wrong of us to advise you on how to persue a life threatening path.

Please get some help!
Food, water... everything weighs something and if it's in your digestive tract it will add "fake" pounds to the scale.   It usually goes away by the next morning.

UNLESS you're holding water, which can happen if you eat alot of sodium.  That is also "fake" weight.

I wish you luck in your ED recovery,  eat a sandwich ;-)

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