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I am getting FULL off of 650 calorie meals but I feel guilty about it?

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After so many times failing a diet and excersice program I finally customized my own and im having GREAT success with it so far. (3 meals a day, all between 600 and 700 calories, adding up to less than 2000 calories a day, I eat foods that are good for you/low in calories/ and keep you full for a long time:)

The only problem i am having is that I always feel guilty that i "ate too much". i am always double checking all the calories in my meals because after im done eating, i feel like im consuming a TON of calories because I am full. I am never hungry so the likelyhood of me eating unhealthy foods in between meals or at night are slimmed.

I love dieting like this. I can eat a HUGE bowl of chicken noodle soup with a TON of added veggies and a fruit, all adding up to 650 calories and it will keep me full ALL night. I remember this past summer we would order sausage/pepperoni/ and cheese pizza and I would eat 5 pieces until i got full (thats 2000+ calories alone, without the ranch i used to add)

It seams that no matter how successful i am with weight loss every week, i am always feeling guilty just for the blunt fact that I am "FULL". Is there anything I can do so that I am not feeling guitly for no real reason at all?

Thanks Guys :)

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I don't understand why you feel guilty.  Seems to me you are doing everything correctly and it's working for you.  Revel in it, don't wallow.

The important thing is that you are losing weight, don't feel guilty, enjoy!!  I don't know why people think they have to "starve" to lose weight.  Sounds like you have found a great plan that works for you, keep it up :)

I know what you mean and understand where you come from.

the idea that weight loss is awful and based on total restriction and self-control is not right. restriction, self-control and eating really small portions isn't fun.

weight loss is all about eating enough to get the "heater" on and burn the fat. we are so lost in this mind set that we feel guilty when we eat "too much" but just enough to let our body tell us that it is now happy and warm for the rest of the evening. we're not used to that.

it was an eye opener for me as well since I used to eat waaaay to little for years and years in my struggle to lose weight. When I finally started to eat I was amazed that I lost weight and now I wonder why the hell I ever did what I did.

weird but true.

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