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Full and bloated...what's wrong?

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On some days I really have to force myself to eat foods that will increase my caloric intake. I usually have a small breakfast (becaues I am not hungry in the morning but still need to eat something) and a larger lunch, but when dinner comes around sometimes I'm just not hungry. Today I've had around 1,000 and I feel full and bloated. I have a B rating on the foods that I've eaten, and I only had two meals with a couple of snacks of fruit in between. In an hour I will probably force myself to have a meal bar, but I hate having to force myself to eat food...it doesn't seem healthy. I ate a 6 inch Subway sandwich...tuna at 5:30 (my breakfast was at 12 because I sleep in late on weekends). After eating it I felt really bloated...is there some way to get rid of the bloated/full feeling so I have an appetite? I used to have too much of an appetite and now I don't have one anymore it seems like.
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I felt like that for a few weeks.  It passed, I don't know if it was anything that was done (I didn't do anything). 
Well look on the bright side of things, you can use this as an opportunity to eat calorie dense foods you would normally avoid (to feel full).  Do you like peanut butter?  Look for things very high in calories but small in size.  (which usually means rich in taste! :P)
do you drink coffee? I find when I am drinking coffee throughout the day I have no appetite.
If you've increased your fiber intake recently by a lot, that could be what's making you feel so bloated. Lots of fruits & veggies can do that, but only at first. As soon as your body gets used to the new levels, you'll feel OK again.
Yes, I've found that coffee intake decreases appetite tremendously also.  I've come to the conclusion that its because coffee is a stimulant, and a side effect of stimulants is decreased appetite.
eat smaller servings of food that is more dense in calories, like nuts and peanut butter.  Spread you calories out over the day so you aren't left at the end of the day with too large a caloric deficit.

If you don't eat enough, you won't lose an ounce.
I don't drink coffee at all. I ate pretty late last night enough to get me to 1400. I have eated a lot of fibery things so maybe that's it, thanks :)
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I can relate.  I have been watching my calories for about 4 weeks.  I am eating between 1200 - 1400 calories a day.  Throughout the day I feel bloated and I feel hungry sometimes but don't want to eat.  I also have been getting acid reflux a lot.  (Maybe the veggies?)  I know that I am losing weight, I can see it in my face and feel it in my body (I am staying away from the scales for another month). 

The hardest part for me is not being able to sink my teeth into someting gooey, cheesy, greasy and/or fattening.  It seems that this was a habit for me and it is hard to break although I will keep plugging away.  I have noticed that when I do splurge and eat bad things, my stomach now reacts badly and I am in the bathroom for hours afterwards.  Maybe nature's way of saying it likes the healthy stuff! 

I will keep doing what I am doing and see what happens.
I had a Subway Veggie Delite tonight and I feel the same way.  I think it is the bread.  I hate this feeling and I have been eating healthy balanced meals for months and never had this kind of reaction until Subway! 

I feel for you as I am uncomfortable too.
A couple of thoughts:

First, does anyone trust the calorie counts for fast food? I don't, particularly something like Subway. It could be that your body is wiser than the listed calorie counts and knows that the human being who prepared the tuna salad put one or two extra TB's of mayo into the mix... that could make all the difference. IOW, you actually ate a few hundred calories more than what was listed as the "official" count.

Second, you could be allergic to gluten. Do an experiment and cut out all gluten products for a week, then add them back in and see what happens. I finally realized I am lactose-intolerant after replacing milk products with soy.... no more bloating!!

Third, especially to canarykari, it could be a gallbladder issue. If eliminating gluten and stearing clear of fast food doesn't cure the situation, do get it checked out.  
Yeah,  I think I need to off Subway from my diet, although I only eat there once a week or so. Sometimes they put SO MUCH mayo in it, and I can make my own tuna sandwhiches without mayo which I usually do except for when I'm in a hurry or with people who want to eat out (Subway is better than practically every other cheap place...)

Is the gluten in the mayo? Also they do give you A LOT of bread, and it seems like it should be more than the calories they a lot for it so you're probably right. I reallllyy don't like their wraps though, they are mushy and slimy. Their wheat bread isn't really whole wheat, either.
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I had this problem for almost a year before I went and got some tests and realised I am wheat intolerant.

If I eat wheat, for a few hours after my stomach is bloated, hard and sore to touch. Unfortunately wheat is in pretty much everything so it's hard to cut it out at first.

Also, if you eat a very small amount of calories (eg under 1000) my nutritionist told me this can cause your stomach to swell, not to mention a whole other world of problems.

Try cutting out certain foods to see if it's an allergy and if not, try eating small, more frequent meals throughout the day!

Try making your own food more often.  Meal bars and Subway sandwiches are both highly processed... full of sodium and sugar.  Add that to a mega-dose of refined white flour (6" sandwiches are far too big) and a skipped breakfast and it's a recipe for a gassy stomach.

'Little and often' is a way to beat the bloat.   A small, healthy breakfast followed by light snacks... fresh fruit, yoghurt..... and light meals is the best way to get to your total for the day.   2oz of bread is enough for a sandwich.   A couple of thin slices of wholegrain bread doesn't overload the stomach... some salad leaves, a little cooked meat, a little mayo... all much more digestible than lots of white bread.   Balance your evening meal around vegetables/salads, some simple grilled meats and a few wholegrains.  Sip plenty of water and you should be fine.



I'm new here and you seem to know what's going on, I'm trying to lose 25 lbs, my problem is that I have been eating to late at night, I have been told not to eat past 6 p.m. in your opinion is that true if a person wants to lose wieght that is.

Also I have been eating wheat bread later at nite with butter of course, not just one or two slices, more like 5 or 6 slices.

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