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5ft 2in girls--what's your goal weight?

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I'm just wondering what your goals are.....I am 5 ft 2 in as well (medium build, 22 years old, female) with a goal of 120 lbs calculated by CC.  I haven't been that weight since I was 15. 

I first started out on here at 140-142ish about a month ago, a 10lb gain over 3 months from the 130-132 weight that I maintained without calorie counting for probably 6 years.  After gaining that 10lb (I went into depression when my new boyfriend finished his work project and moved back home 3 provinces away) I luckily stumbled on this site and am determined to embrace a healthier food lifestyle.

I can't believe the difference in how I feel, even after only 4 lbs (so its been rather slow for me at about a pound per week)....I can't believe how much my sugar cravings have lessened.  I can't believe how much food I can actually eat and STILL lose weight.....and its taking a while, but I'm making much better choices now.  I had always thought that you needed to practically starve and exercise a lot to lose weight--so not true!!!

CC is just the greatest help too!  I love the input from other members and the tracking tools.  Anyways, sorry for the huge story, this is my very first post so I guess I had a lot to say....and I apologize for putting it on your post, luvmyboy.

I'd love to hear from other 5ft 2in people and their goal/maintenance weight so I know what I am heading for and what is achievable for me!

Thanks so much,


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My start goal was around 115. I'm actually 116-117 right now and then I decided, eh why not lose extra 10 lbs :D (asians weigh less generaly so...) I started off at 152 4 years ago and this year I started dieting again at 124 :D

My goal is 110 - 115lb im currently 119lbs .. but tbh i doublt ill ever see my goal as im gaining alot of heavy muscle ...

so i guess it's fair to say my goal is to "look" 110-115lb.

Original Post by mv3:

any other moms out there 5'2"?

I am a mommy!!!  I have a three year old and I have NO intention of having another child EVER!!!.  I really wish my DP would just get the big V and we could on with our lives.

I don't think bearing childern has much do with weight loss efforts. I have friend who are all taller than me and weight much less than I do. Actually several of them need to gain weight. One of them was told to gain 50lbs while pregnant.  I think she managed about 25 though.  My sister is roughly 5ft 2 and normal wears a size 1, this is after having three kids. 



I am 5'2" and currently a yucky 145 lbs. My goal is 120 and I'd love to be there by New Years!! I think I'll love being a petite height when I've got a petite weight to match lol
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Original Post by mv3:

well, I really wish women would let us know how many children they have had or pregancies.  I mean if they didn't mind.  IT could give a little more insight on a realistic weight.  And what actually is good looking for this height!  I'm 5'2 and currently 136 pounds!!!  I have had three children, my last two are twins and they are 2 years old now!  I was 120-124 last year after really not getting my calories in, but i thought that was the way to lose!  of course that yo-yo-ing led me to gaining it all back fast!  So I am trying ot do it the right way this time, and exercising and trying to get back.  I lvoe to be anywhere under 130!  Even if it were 128, although, I may be lying a bit!  I would love to ge tto 125 and maintain it there on a healthy diet, and not restricting and exericsing my heart out too much.

any other moms out there 5'2"?

 I replied earlier that I am 130 and I have two kids...they are 3 years old (end of February) and 19 months...


I'm 5'1 and i was 143 March 5th, but i'm not sure what i am now. I want to be 133 by June, but I'm not sure how good i'm doing.

My mom is 57 years old, mother of 3, and she is 5'2". Out of curiousity we checked our weights the other day - she's 119! I almost fell over! She's like my hero I hope to be in 1/2 as good shape as her when I'm her age.

How many cals are you 5'2" girls eating? I'm suppoed to be at 1200. I just can't do it. I'm at 1500 and losing a lil slower than I prefer. 1lb in 9 days.

I'm 5'2 and I weighed 110 from the age of ten to 17. Then I gained 15 pounds. Then I gained 5 more pounds. I am down to 121 now, but my scale might be a bit off. My goal is 115. I'm also looking to eat healthier and get my body fat percentage down. 


Oh, yeah I am on a 1200 calorie intake diet. It has worked so far :)

Yeah, I'm 5'2 and 121-127 lbs (depending on scale!) and my goal weight is 105-110, just because I know what that looks like on me, and it DOES NOT look scrawny. I could go for 115 if I was more muscular though. Even 120 if I look liked Jillian Micheals. It's just my body comp. that i hate right now.

I eat around 1200 calories a day, and do 30 min to an hour of light exercise per day, usually half and half biking and uphill hiking on my treadmill. I stress the "light" part, because it seems I gain weight/body fat when I exercise intensly, possibly due to cortisol issues.
5'1.5" SW 125, CW 119, GW at least under 109!

I'm 5'3"... is that too tall? I thought I'd chime in anyway 'cause I know what it's like to be short in a world of women with an avge of 5'6".

I'm 146 now, my heaviest, would like to get to 130, I want to add that I am VERY muscular. I'm actually a size 8. But my shoulders are so large (muscles) I need larger tops, despite my B cup. I have been athletic all my life. I lift weights and have to say that my BMI is wrong. According to the age, ht, wt charts I should be at 26% body fat, but I don't think it's that high. 2 yrs ago I was 125, size 6 and about 12% fat. I had an injury and was outta commission for months. Anyway, I've not had any kids and I'm 38.

I wish this system on this site would allow for body fat goals rather than weight goals. It's a more realistic way of looking it health.

I am 5'2" and weighed 140 when I started my weight loss journey. My initial goal was to just lose 10 lbs. I wanted to lose the 10 lbs throughout my 4 month student teaching. Well, by the end of the 4 months, I had doubled my goal and was down to 120. Then I set my goal to lose 5 more lbs. and get down to 115. When I reached 115, I set a goal to get to 110. Once I hit 110, I was doing more weight training, which helped tone up my muscle and helped me lose more fat, so I got down to 105. I'm currently sitting around 105 and don't intend to go any lower. I just want to be fit and strong, so that's what I'm working on now.

i'm 5'2" and around 130 lbs. my goal weight is anywhere from 115-105 lbs.

I'm 5'2"!  I am currently around 115 and would love to get to 110-105.  Not too much to go!

I'm a mother of two and 5'2". My ideal weight would be about 125-130. I have a medium frame but build quite a bit of muscle. I've been as low as 113 and it was not sustainable for me. That was when I was 20 and no kids.  I looked a bit gaunt.

I'm currently 190 and have lost 5lbs since restarting this site in April. So it's coming off slowly, which is the best way. My first goal is to be at 160 and I will be content at 140. I just want to be healthy and fit and eat well. That's a realistic weight I think I can keep and still enjoy food I like.

Hi, I am 27, 5'2", i started my weight loss journey last month at 147.  I am down to 139 after, which is pretty decent.  My goal is 120 because when I was 127 for my wedding 18months ago i still felt pudgy.  once I'm down to 120 I'll see if it is conceivable to be at 115.  I want to have toned muscle so I'm willing to weigh a little more but feel skinnier.  I have never had children yet, but my husband and i are talking about trying for one next year, which is what is currently motivating me to get in good shape so I can start my pregnancy on the right foot health-wise.  I hope to reach my goal and start maintaince by Halloween.  I currently am eating between 1200-1300 a day and doing ok with that.  I am also exercising 30-40 mins. a day on an elliptical or bike 3-4 days a week.

For those of you who started out with less to lose, how many calories were you eating, and how much exercise were you getting?? I'm getting VERY frustrated! I'm 121 ish wanting to get into the 105-110 region (like I posted) but NOTHING is budging.

Hi.  I am 5'3 and 220.  I have been using this site for several weeks and have lost 10lbs.  My first goal is 50lbs.  I would love to get to 180 and see how I feel.  Ultimately I want to get to 140 but I do not want to push my goals to hard because I am afraid that  I will quit if I don't see results quick enough.  It sounds a lot easier to lose 50lbs than 90...

I am 26 and when I graduated high school I was 150.  I miss those days.  With this site as well as the support from friends, family and my new CC family, I can do it and so can everyone else!! 

I do need to exercise more though and that will help!!

I am glad to see all of the Ladies who are taking it step by step. I  have to keep realistic ideas in my head.  I have tried to get below 150 before and it didn't happen.  I remember wearing a two piece bathing suit when I was at 155 and NONE of my friends believed I was that hey. Because I have always seem to top out around this point is the reason I plan on maintaining once I reach this goal.  In the past I have just thrown my hands up and said the hell with being at a healthy BMI. 



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