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5ft 2in girls--what's your goal weight?

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I'm just wondering what your goals are.....I am 5 ft 2 in as well (medium build, 22 years old, female) with a goal of 120 lbs calculated by CC.  I haven't been that weight since I was 15. 

I first started out on here at 140-142ish about a month ago, a 10lb gain over 3 months from the 130-132 weight that I maintained without calorie counting for probably 6 years.  After gaining that 10lb (I went into depression when my new boyfriend finished his work project and moved back home 3 provinces away) I luckily stumbled on this site and am determined to embrace a healthier food lifestyle.

I can't believe the difference in how I feel, even after only 4 lbs (so its been rather slow for me at about a pound per week)....I can't believe how much my sugar cravings have lessened.  I can't believe how much food I can actually eat and STILL lose weight.....and its taking a while, but I'm making much better choices now.  I had always thought that you needed to practically starve and exercise a lot to lose weight--so not true!!!

CC is just the greatest help too!  I love the input from other members and the tracking tools.  Anyways, sorry for the huge story, this is my very first post so I guess I had a lot to say....and I apologize for putting it on your post, luvmyboy.

I'd love to hear from other 5ft 2in people and their goal/maintenance weight so I know what I am heading for and what is achievable for me!

Thanks so much,


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I am 5' 2" and I am currently at 130 with a goal of 125. Even now at 130 I feel good.

I started at 130, and I'm around 115 right now.  My goal was to hit 110, but my period has stopped for the past couple months, so I'm trying to up my caloric intake with fats to get it back.

And yeah!  I feel so much better with exercise too.  On some days I feel super lazy and want to leave the gym, but after my workout on the elliptical for half an hour, I feel great.

Congrats with the first couple pounds =]  You'll get down to your goal weight in no time!

I am 5'2" and currently weigh 135 lbs... and my immediate goal in 125 by the end of June. At that point I will see how I feel and look and decide whether I want to lose an additional 5 lbs or so.

Thanks so much for the replies, girls.  I appreciate it a lot--Its great to hear from others with similar goals and stats!

Also I just wanted to add that I had an awesome surprise this weekend!!  My "boyfriend" (more like just friends right now, but a little more special than just friends, if you know what I mean)  anyways, after 5 months of just an occasional email here and there--meaning I was really lonely and missing him, I ran into him online and chatted for a couple of hours!!!!  LOL, I was just walking on air this weekend with a perpetual smile on my face......  : D

It's great motivation to get in shape and lose that weight! C'mon everyone, we can do it!!!!

Thanks again~

I'm 5'2 and 20 years old, started at 150 (highest about 155) and am now about 128 (crazy to say anywhere in the 120s!), with a goal weight of 123ish. Really my goal range is 120-125. :-) I don't feel the need to get smaller than that...I'm pretty happy with my size right now, although I could definitely still tone (which I'm working on)! I'm a size 5 now (down from a 9/11) and I have my mom's wide hips (thanks, Mom), so I can't see myself getting much smaller than that, nor do I really have a desire to. I have no problem with not being super-slim--I just wanted to be NORMAL. When I hit 135 and got into a size 7 for the first time in YEARS was when I really started feeling good about myself, and now I feel even better!


I am 5ft 2 as well. Last I weighed I was 178lbs. However, Ultimate goal is the 120's but for now I am hoping ot get down to 150 or so.  I plan on going on maintenance after I hit the 150 mark through the Holidays and work on losing more weight next spring.  So after a year or so I plan on completing my over all goal. 



I'm 5'1 & 124 pounds. Goal is to reach 110 pounds by July (hopefully)..

Currrently on 1800 cal diet & around 3 times to the gym

33 mins elliptical (weight loss routine) + 27 mins walk on the treadmill
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First of all welcome. I love this website! I've only been at it for 8-9 days now and have learned so much from these girls/guys. There is so much support here and almost always somebody has the answers you are looking for.

I'm also 5'2", starting weight 121, goal weight 113-115. I'm down about a lb and 1/2 now so I'm losing at a very healthy rate. I think 115-125 is a good average weight for 5'2". I'm more comfortable at 115 because if I gain or lose a lb or two I'm still okay. Unfortunately I'm at the high end of a size 5 so if I gain a lb or two I am literally out of my clothes. I'd like to be more on the small end of a sz 5.

Anyway, best wishes. What are your cals right now? Mine is supposed to be 1200 but I'm too hungry on that so I'm doing 1500 and still losing.

I'm also 5'2.  My starting weight was something like 180-185, and my current weight is 127-130, depending on the day, lol.  Anyway, my goal is the 120-125 range, which I am quite close to.  But as I get closer it gets harder and harder to do. 

I am quite muscular, everywhere but my middle, so my goal weight is really just dependent on shedding the fat there.  And before anybody jumps down my throat and says you can't spot train, lol, don't worry, I know.  I am just now finally starting to lose more fat in my middle relative to the rest of my body, because I lost EVERYWHERE ELSE first. 

Original Post by weddingmama:

I am 5ft 2 as well. Last I weighed I was 178lbs. However, Ultimate goal is the 120's but for now I am hoping ot get down to 150 or so.  I plan on going on maintenance after I hit the 150 mark through the Holidays and work on losing more weight next spring.  So after a year or so I plan on completing my over all goal. 



I hear you, Denise! I'm around 170 right now and my goal is to get to 150 realistically. Ideally, 135-140, but that's probably the lowest I should go.

If I go below 130 I look TERRIBLE. And I have the photos from when I was sick to prove it. :)

I think everybody should remember that height does not determine your ideal weight, like a recommended BMI. Everyone is built differently. For one girl who is 5'2" 110lbs would look good. For me, I'd be thrown in the hospital way before I reached that point.

I am 5'1 and at 117 right now. Which I feel is too big for me. I personally want to be at 110. I was down there, actually I dipped down as low as 104 and that was too low. I was on meds that had that side effect...I went off them because I felt terrible for almost the whole time on them. I liked the fact my appetite was lessened but other things happened, like hair loss. So off of them I went and now my appetite is back in a bad way. I eat all the time and am struggling to go below 2000 a day. I have gained 5lbs in a about 2 weeks. I am pretty freaked out because I have had to struggle to stay at about 130 most of my life except for a short while when I was up to 180. AGH! right?

So I am trying to get my calorie intake under control. My sugar addiction is back because I was eating whatever I wanted and now I need to watch it again. I exercise most days of the week and eat pretty healthy. I just like to munch at night...and it is usually something sweet.

I was in size 3's comfortably a few months ago and now I am in 4's uncomfortably...I don't want to go all the way back up to 130, but the numbers on the scale are creeping closer...I am posting this in hopes it will get me motivated me to keep on track.

Good luck to all of you ladies...short girls rule! he he!

cc1170 - Short girls do rule!! LOL    You can do it--one day at a time, right?  You've done fantastic to go from 180 (at one time) to 117!!!  AWESOME!  I can't wait until I get to my first 5lb milestone....

odie03 - I try to keep my cals around 1400, and stay pretty close to that most days.  I do zig-zag a bit, not really intentionally, but I do have hungrier days where I'll eat 1600 and other days where 1200 keeps me stuffed....also depends on how much of a chance I have to exercise--I'm trying to make it a minimum of 5 times per week.  I alternate days between cardio and strength, but if its a day I can't fit in exercise, I'll try just to take a 10 minute walk.

Good luck to you and keep up with weight loss.  Slow and steady wins the race!  (ha ha, this is my motto to keep going!!)

5' 2". I want to be at a BMI of 22, or 121 lbs. I will be satisfied with anything under 136 lbs.


hw: 112
lw: 98
cw: 109
gw: 100

I'm 5' 2", 39 yrs. old

start weight-125.5

current weight-120.5

goal-110 or a size smaller!

I just want to get lean, not hung up about the scale number.  I weighed 110 in high school, so not even sure that reaching that again is realistic.  I've only been CC for two weeks, started at 1300 calories/day but recently upped it to 1500 because I am working out pretty hard 3-4 times a week at the gym and walking around my neighborhood a lot.  Hope it works!

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I am 5'2" and currently weigh 130.  Had my body fat analysis today and it was at 18% which is excellent (according to my trainer).  My waist measurement was 26" and my hips were 36".  I would like to lose an inch or two off hips and waist and another 5-10 pounds would be nice, too!


well, I really wish women would let us know how many children they have had or pregancies.  I mean if they didn't mind.  IT could give a little more insight on a realistic weight.  And what actually is good looking for this height!  I'm 5'2 and currently 136 pounds!!!  I have had three children, my last two are twins and they are 2 years old now!  I was 120-124 last year after really not getting my calories in, but i thought that was the way to lose!  of course that yo-yo-ing led me to gaining it all back fast!  So I am trying ot do it the right way this time, and exercising and trying to get back.  I lvoe to be anywhere under 130!  Even if it were 128, although, I may be lying a bit!  I would love to ge tto 125 and maintain it there on a healthy diet, and not restricting and exericsing my heart out too much.

any other moms out there 5'2"?

mv3- I have two girls!


Wow, A mom and you are under 120 pounds!  You lucky chica!  Oh my goodness I'd run over a cat to get there!  j/k.  But geeze, after my first the lowest i was at wa slike 115 and i was so eecky, my family thought i was on smack or something because i was so thin, but i was just being unhealthly and taking a bunch of ephedra and all.  Some women look great at sub120 and 5 foot nothings, some womena i guess like myself are a bit more muscular ( alot of broad shoulder, big thighs) and look not so sexy once the boobs go at 120 pounds!  I dont know!  Genetics?  Freak of nature?  whatever it may be...I'd like to be happy at any weight.  If i were happy at what i weigh now i wouldnt' be here, but if i was happy, would i continue to keep dropping wieght, or search for happiness in the "magic" number.  Ugh!  Just venting!  sorry guys!

mv3- I know what you mean...but I suppose if we were happy where with our weight, no matter what, we would be much larger.

I like being a smaller size. But when I was down real low, nobody I know seemed to think I looked healthy but me. So I don't know what to tell you. I think they just weren't used to it. I am bigger now then I was but will continue to try to eat healthy and exercise. I am muscular as well, normally.
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