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Fruit and veggie diet... safe or not?

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I know a girl who dropped a considerable amount of pounds by eating fruits and veggies, all day every day, for two solid months. She wasn't starving, she would eat anytime she thought about it, but all she would eat is fruits and veggies. I have a friend who tryed this, and dropped 4 pounds in a week! Is this healthy though? I told her she would probably gain it all back when she started eating normal again, but if the chances are that the pounds are going to stay off, then should I give it a try? The girl who did this orginally still looks amazing, so I'm searching for a problem, it just seems unhealthy. 
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Hi Liz, I think it depends on several factors.

There are many people who follow a raw diet, where they do not eat any food that has been cooked.  There is currently a thread in the vegetarian forum about that.

There is also a thread in the veggie forum right now about someone who is having just fruits and veggies for a week.

If you put in a lot of planning and thought, and make sure you monitor your nutrients properly, this can be a healthy thing to do.  But that is a huge IF!  This is not the best plan for weight loss, by any means.  But if you are vegetarian and plan to make this part of a lifestyle it can be done without causing harm.

However, again I reiterate that you should only do this if you plan to put a great deal of effort into monitoring that you are getting the proper amount of nutrients daily.  That includes not only carbs, fats, and proteins, but also vitamins and minerals. 

As to whether or not you or she will gain back the weight, that depends on how many calories are being consumed.  If it's mostly carbs and low in calories, then chances are weight will be gained.  There's also a chance the body may not be overly pleased at going back to a regular diet regardless, as some vegetarians have found when they go back to eating meat.

Best of luck to you - just know that there are plenty of more moderate means by which to lose weight, should you choose.
I would be concerned about getting enough protein...and fat is important to the diet in order to absorb some vitamins, like vitamin E. I guess it would be important to keep those things in mind.
plankcm, you like many millions of people, and like me up until a few weeks ago, mistakenly underestimate the nutrition in vegetables and fruits.  All plant foods are a mixture of carbs, protein, and fats.  Bananas are about 3.5% protein, about the same as mother's milk.  Fruits and starchy vegetables are predominantly carb, but also have protein and fats.  Green vegetables are about half protein, a quarter carb, and a quarter fat.  legumes are about half carb, a quarter protein, and a quarter fat.  Soybeans have the omega 3 fat. so do walnuts and flaxseed.

I do believe, however, that grains and legumes should also be consumed, along with fruits and vegetables.  I am currently on a 90/10 program -- At least 90% from plant products and 10% or less from animal products.
BAD IDEA. Well, just from experience. I got REALLY sick and couldnt stomach fats. I'd basically eat fruit (and not cal dense stuff, apples and grapes, instead of super nutritional bananas and mangos) veggies (mainly lettuce, tomato, cucumber) and bread, with a bit of milk, sometimes a tiny bit of potato or a few bits of meat. I lost 15kg. Unfortunatly I lost muscle and am in a huge amount of pain, I lost my nice shaped rear, lost fitness, skin became very dry, hair thin and limp, sleeping patterns stuffed up. I did this cos I eat in at uni and had no choice when I became itnolerant to fat. Now I cant gain enough weight to make sitting on stools comfy. I got even sicker, and my hair started to fall out. Lucky I got it sorted. But please dont put yourself thorugh this. Go ahead and increase your veggies and fruit, have it at every meal, make sure 1/2 your plate is veggies or salad, 1/4 is meat, 1/4 carbs,but you can't only eat fruit for hte rest of your life, so it cant be permanant. Everyone is different tho, so maybe it worked for her. it didnt work for me. I have horrible stoamch pains when I eat or run

I'm glad you coudl see that its not entriely healthy. maybe for a week or so, or like a detox after a bad week, but not to lose. You also need fats, good ones mind you.

Good luck. I'm sure you'll do the right thing.

you didnt have enought protein, thats why you lost what you did

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