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Weight Loss
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fruit & veg only?

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Ive gained back the 10lbs that i lost before christmas. I moved country and so my social life takes me out every night for dinner and hurt my back in car accident so went from being a 6x a week gym fanatic to no excerise at all for a few months. The result = yucky thighs and flabby belly, i couldnt even squeeze into a dress that i was intending on wearing for a ball this week. So its time to get serious, my boyfriend is coming to visit in 2 weeks and want to look good, especially as we'll be on the beach everyday.

Nothing seems to be shifting the weight, so i thought id try eating just fruit, veg and juices for 2 weeks to kick start my diet lose the first few lbs and get me motivated again. Has anyone else tried eating just fruit and veg for a few weeks? And before you tell me protein, fats and carbs are important, i know that which is why im intending on cutting them out for just 2 weeks.
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It could work, however the only thing that I can say is that either 1. you'll gain it all back again (which is devastating.. I know, I've gained a lot of weight after bad dieting) or 2. dieting on only just fruit and veg may not help you lose weight at all! It's quite hard to eat enough calories to stop your body from going into a 'starvation mode' - even if it is for only two weeks. I've never done it because I can't give up meat or carbs! :p

Good luck with it!

I've tried it, doesn't work.
Not because the diet doesn't make you lose weight, just because it's impossible to keep it up.

Don't go this extreme, it never works - just when you go out don't go for the fatty foods - eat a tuna salad or something and keep a balanced diet.

And the thing is is not just because the protein and fats are important, they are also what usually goes to your fat when you overeat (there's a need for carbs constantly, fat and protein - not as much), and you WILL crave them, badly, and lose your sense of satisfaction when you get out of it.

If you think logically, leaving behind the ease of "yeah I'll just not eat what I find hard to control", I can tell you there's no reason why to cut them out if you are able to control them (and it's easy if you know what you eat for the whole day), if anything, there are alot of reason why NOT to cut them out, one is that they would draw back your weightloss by making you tired and craving the whole time.

I'd suggest an easy-made diet, for example cornflakes with milk for breakfast, 3 simple black bread sandwiches (with tuna/yellow cheese and veggies) and 3 fruits for the day and a big salad with 1 spoon of olive oil and chicken breast for dinner.

^ This is a diet composed of simple foods and if you follow it you'll see changes in yourself - because this is a balanced diet, you get everything from it, in just the right portions.

By the way - fruits and veggies are composed mostly from carbs :P

it would be great if the majority of foods you ate were fruits and vegetables but you may lose energy and like others said you would gain it back or possible go into starvation mode. i suggest eatings lots and lots of veggies and fruits- with other meal items..... like 2 tablespoons peanut butter on a 100 calorie thomas english muffin for breakfast with a large portion of fruit- about 1 1/2 cups about 30 minutes prior to the english muffin. then for lunch each another large portion of fruit 30 minutes prior to your meal and then eat 1 cup of veggies with half a chicken breast or 4 ounces of other lean meat. etc. etc. include meat or tofu in this fast and you are good to go!


and skip the juice! that is just drinking sugar- which is horrible for your diet. maybe 1 6-8ounce glass of no sugar added juice per day, but thats it! just drink water! and if you feel the need drink no more than 1 diet soda a day...


i'm giving you this advice from experience- i've tried eating next to nothing and either the weight won't budge or you gain it back immediatly plus 50% more......  no fun!


stay healthy!

Hi Chelseagirl ,

you posted this nearly a year ago,so how did it go ? your fruit & veg diet ???? did you lose weight ?

i want to know because thats exactly what i,m doing at the moment . i was on a normal colorie controled diet(1200 kcal a day) for 4 weeks , in the first 3 weeks i lost 4.5 kg ,but on the 4th week i stopped losing weight . so i am on fruit & veg diet now , and because fruit & veg are so low in calories , you can eat much more of it , so it doesnt really feel like diet Laughing 

My day is like this :

8:00 - Smoothie : banana,apple,kiwi,lemon and cranberry juice(only 8 kcal per 100 ml)

9:30 - Fruit salad : grapes,pear,strawberries,plum and low calorie yogurt .

11:00 - 1 Grapefruit and 250 ml glass of cranberry juice .

12:30 - Veg soup : carrot,potato,peas,cabage and milk .

14:00 - Beetroot salad with onion.

15:30 - Dry fry : mushrooms,red peper and spring onions .

17:00 - 2 oranges and 250 ml glass of cranberry juice.

18:30 - Plum tomatos and cucumber salad with natural yogurt .


For me this "diet" is great , well i dont have to starve myself and i dont think about food all day  like when i'm on other diets ,  and i got energy ! will find out in a week if it will help me to lose weight !

It's funny, I just put up a journal entry, and in it I talked about the period of time that I went on a Raw Food diet.  I'd suggest reading it to see how I felt during it, but to summarize:

I did it for 3 weeks to try and kick my caffeine habit; it worked, I did lose a couple of pounds but it was water weight.  It's great because it did help me stop craving processed foods and stop drinking colas (but that was also willpower) but it's not something a lot of people can turn into a lifestyle.  If you're doing it short-term, and you've done your research and make sure you get some fats and protein in the diet, that you eat plenty, then I would say yes, it's worth a shot.

Long-term?  Well, there are some who have done it for years, but I personally wouldn't suggest it.

I will read more about it :)

Well normal calorie controled diet doesnt work for me anymore :( i dont really want to cut down my calorie intake to 1000 kcl a day . like i said i was on 1200 a day and lost 4.5 kg but i want to lose more Wink i only been on fruit & veg diet for 2 days,but i feel good !!! i'm that type of girl who is on a diet for 3 months and then eat all normal food for next 9 months Embarassed without counting calories .and when i put on weight i go on a diet again for 2-3 months. i dont think i could be on calorie controled diet for life , i miss all that "bad" food Undecided  .

I can guarantee that the problem is you're not eating enough.  At 1200 calories your body believes it is starving and clings to every calorie in an attempt to save the body and keep everything functioning; 1200 is if you're comatose, not even sitting up in bed.  You must eat to lose weight; it sounds like poor advice, but I've lost 12 lbs eating around 1800 calories - it lets your body know that it doesn't need to prepare for a future of no food.

i want to lose about 13 pounds more , i'm 5.6" and my weight is about 134 pounds , i am not overweight but i want to fit in size 8 (UK) jeans .all diets that i see in magazines recomend to eat no more than 1200 kcal a day (thats why i can only stay on these diets for only 2-3 months) . if i could eat 1800 kcal a day and still lose weight it would be great ! maybe i should still be on my fruit diet but add some normal food ? like sandwich , cereal , chicken ... ? i think i will wait for 2 weeks to see how i'm doing with this diet and then will think again Laughing 

I hear a lot of people are losing lots and lots of weight but how do they keep it off ? is it like diet for life ? so you can never have fish and chips or a burger again ? i just dont understand how people dont miss all that "bad" food ?

Is here anyone on " Calorie Count " who lost a lot of weight like couple years ago and kept it off ? I would love to hear how they do it ? How to make yourself not to want fish and chips and burgers for a long time ?

If I may be so bold to say so; the diet magazines are wrong.  1200 calories is for a crash diet, and it will only be temporary loss, because the moment you go back to eating normally after only eating 1200 calories, you gain all the weight back, and usually a little more.  Eating at 1200 calories can really mess up your metabolism - if you want to help yourself out, you should increase to at least 1500 calories a day.  You will see a brief rise in the numbers on the scale, but then you can start to lose in a healthy way that will allow you to eat.

The way you keep weight off after losing it is to stay within your calorie range; burn more than you take in.

You can't make yourself stop missing the bad food; you just eat it in moderation.  :)

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