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fruit salad for lunch, is it a bad idea?

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 For someone who wants to lose weight as soon as possible, it is a good idea to have fruit salad for lunch?

I am concered about the amount of sugar I had in my lunch today.

4 strawberries, 1/2 Kiwi, 1/4 orange, 1 slice pine apple, 1 small cantaloupe.
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well maybe as a treat its ok but i bet you get hungry later. you are usually better to have some protien and fat with whole grains with your fruit :)
if this is all you ahd for lunch then i would be more concerned that you DIDN'T get any protein.  the type of sugars that fruits have is the good kind.  i would be more careful about the refined sugars/carbs that are out there (eg: white sugar, white bread, etc). 
You need protein. For example, this morning for breakfast I had a cup of plain, nonfat yogurt along with 1/2 cup pineapple and a banana. For dinner last week my daughter and her friend made us this yummy salad that consisted of shrimp, mango, papaya, blood orange, red onion, chives, and balsalmic vinegrette. YUMM! I've been craving it all week long. So try throwing in some shrimp, or yogurt, some chicken or tuna, or even a handful of nuts, to up the protein content. Your meal will stick with you longer that way.
Thanks for the reply. For breakfast this morning, I had a yogurt and I add wheat bran + an apple+ coffee.

And yes, fruit salad is all what I had for lunch.

I am just trying to avoid sugar. I love cottage cheese but the sodium is high and I have a water retention problem.

Do you know any cottage cheese that is low in sodium?
Jenmcc: shrimp with papaya sounds like a good idea. I bought shrimp on the weekend and looking for some nice ideas to cook it.
well a bottle of diet coke does me :D
Safina, my daughter actually bought way too much shrimp, and we're still working through it. She and her sister left for her dad's, DH is already sick of the shrimp, so that just leaves me to eat it... I hate to see anything go to waste! But  I am starting to get sick of shrimp now too, I've had it every day for lunch for a week.

I am planning tonight to try to use the rest of it up. I've been putting it over a salad that includes spinach, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, peas, capers, chives, and really yummy buffalo mozzarella, with balsalmic vinegar and a splash of olive oil. Might do that, or something else. Open to suggestions!
safina - when people say "Avoid Sugar" that means sugar in processed food. Like coke, cakes, candies, juices, ice creams, you name it.

Sugar from fruits are OK.

But yeah, I think you should be concerned with your lunch, not for the sugar, but for the lack of nutrition. Add granola, add chicken wraps or tofu wraps, just add something XD

Safina1 :  I am primarily vegetarian but I eat dairy and fish to keep my proteins up. There is absolutely NOTHING WRONG with your fruit salad. Check out the vegetarian forum for some GREAT IDEAS on how to balance diet using fresh fruits. And for more information on the benefits of eating fresh fruit: http://www.dietbites.com/CalorieIndexFruit.ht ml
 I did a quick calculation on a fresh fruit salad with : 1 apple, 1 orange, 1 banana, 1 pear, 1/2 c pineapple, 25 g watermelon, and 25g grapes  YUMMY!

Serving Size 707 g    A GOOD SIZD MEAL - you shouldn't feel hungry after this!

Nutrition Facts :  Calories 405 (Great for a single meal) but calories from Fat are ONLY 11

Total Fat 1.2g2% of daily requirements  THIS IS LOW
Cholesterol 0mg0%   GREAT
Sodium 5mg0%      &nbs p;  GREAT
Total Carbohydrates 105.1g35%
Dietary Fiber 16.5g66%   EXCELLENT
Sugars 72.4g

If you add some natural yoghurt, you'll add more protein :-)

Vitamin A 16% ? Vitamin C 252% ? Calcium 12% ? Iron 7%
Nutrition Grade A !!!  Fruits are a great source of vitamins, nutrients and fibre!  Keep up the great work!
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...if its fresh pineapple, I commend you :)

I had fresh pineapple for like the first time ever, and the canned stuff tastes like poo to me now...
A fruit salad lunch is FULL of nutrition.  Add a piece of cheese or some yogurt, seeds - you have a great meal.  And, if you really want to do fruit it's usually just a case of eating every 2 hours or so.  FRUIT sugar is only an issue if you have some kind of blood sugar issue.  There are times when fruit puts me all out of whack and I get all hypoglycaemic.  Since I've been eating healthily consistently, this doesn't seem to happen.

Fruit is nutritious and full of fiber, but it is also full of simple sugar.  If you eat nothing but fruit for a meal, it will break down very quickly, flood your bloodstream with sugar, and then crash you.  So eat the fruit, but as some other posters have said, also eat some protein or a complex carb like whole grains with it.  That way you will get the quick energy from the fruit but also have a fuel that will stick with you longer.
I don't think you should be worried about sodium, if it's keeping you from having a balanced diet of protien and dairy, fruit and veggies, breads, and good fats.

If your body does not get what it needs to survive everyday, you'll end up with more problems than just retaining water or gaining weight.  If you feel good and are healthy, it will be easier for you to handle exercising and cravings every day.
I don't think you should be worried about sodium, if it's keeping you from having a balanced diet of protien and dairy, fruit and veggies, breads, and good fats.

Not to mention, you body does require a *small* amount of sodium per day for certain bodily functions to work correctly.  See these articles for more information:

http://www.annecollins.com/sodium-rda-diet.ht m
http://class.fst.ohio-state.edu/FST201/MEM/mi nerals.htm (about 1/2 way down the page)
http://ific.org/publications/reviews/sodiumir .cfm
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