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Weight Loss
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So I decided to do this fruit fast for 2 weeks. My freind did it for 5 days and lost 7lbs. Im sure its probabbly water weight but if you keep going you will burn fat. I will start this tomorrow and update you guys .I will do this for 2 weeks. ANyone else had experince with a fruit fast?
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I've always thought it was a good idea to only eat and drink fruit/vege stuff for one day a month. 
I don't think it's a good idea for 2 weeks, you can't get all the things your body needs with just fruit. 
polishmodel, I belong to a yahoo group that discusses various fasts and the benefits, how to's, etc.  I'd be gad to send you the signup information if you are interested.
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You'd be missing on protein. The weight loss would be from water and muscle, not fat. That kind of weight loss would be useless no matter what your goal is.
this if from the thought it might be of interest:

Can you live on nothing but fruit, veg & juice? Oh yes indeed - with a few nuts and seeds thrown in for good measure! It is more than possible and yes you would be extremely healthy, but having NOTHING but raw food 24/7 - 365 - well it's not for me. I once had nothing but freshly extracted fruit and veggie juices for 3 months- yes - THREE WHOLE MONTHS! Trust me, that's a looooooong time to live on just juices. The only reason that I did this was to try and clear my skin of psoriasis - I would never have done it otherwise. I lost far too much weight to the point where I made Ally McBeal look fat! Man or women cannot, nor should not, live on juice alone - You need fibre. The max you should have a juice clearout for is 5 - 7 days. I often have days where I eat nothing but raw foods and drink fresh juices. In fact even when I'm eating cooked foods on a particular day, my intake tends to be 70-80% natural fast food.

But I am not obsessive and am incredibly flexible, it often depends on where I am or whom I'm with. If you eat nothing but raw food, it doesn't allow for any flexibility in today's world whatsoever. I have heard that you can live on nothing but avocados - they are meant to be the only 'complete food' on the planet. But again quite frankly, a life of just avocados doesn't exactly make me want to spin on my head! So if you want to eat nothing but fruit, veg, juice, nuts and seeds and you are perfectly happy doing it, then brilliant - it will serve you more than well. But as far as I'm concerned, is just too restrictive in today's world, especially when we have dinner parties and especially when there is just no need to. The body was designed to deal with a certain amount of just about anything... so eat, relax & enjoy!


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why dont ya try soymilk +  fruit

so ull have protein tooo
The only thing that will burn fat is eating fewer calories than you burn.  A balanced diet will keep you healthy.

Restrictive diets lead to dietary deficiencies if kept up for a long time.  Any weight loss will be temporary.
i love cookies and brownies. i feel i had to say that because i think this is one of those posts where someone needs to step in and say "theres ntohing wrong with fats sugars and carbs" because tehre isnt. your body still needs them. you're body needs everything. actually, i have a cookie everyday at lunch, and a small bowl of icecream with my dessert. and im perfectly thin and havent gained a pound from this junk food. just remember that excersize is important! you dont have to go to the gym, just take some part of your day to walk around somehwere, forget about the car/van/etc..
I've never heard of this diet, but I am skeptical of it because of its nature. You are better off doing it the way the rest of us are; slow and steady.

there is no such thing as quick fixes when it comes to healthy weight loss!
i tried it. lost the weight but it was the source of my binges. after i lost weight. the cravings came on like crazy and caused me to bnge for four months nonstop. i gained bback all the weight and more...
Don't do it!!! A group of us did this for a nutrition class in college. We ALL got yeast infections in our careful! and we weren't all eating the same fruits or even buying them from the same stores. You have to mix it up. That infection was nasty. Trust me, you need something else, or your body is going to react negatively. I'm a vegan, and I was still affected.
Please, please don't try this. Yes, you will lose weight. No, it will not be fat. Yes, it will be water and muscle. No, you cannot keep it up forever. Yes, you will be heavier than when you started once you migrate back to a proper diet.
First off, you have to be clear on the contents of your "fruit fast" -- you're not going to be consuming any fat.  Avocados and other fatty fruits (like durian) are completely out.

Why?  Because the mechanics of doing a fast like you describe are entirely reliant upon the elimination of fat.  Do your research, look around the web, read up on fruit juice fasting, especially the Master Cleanse (lemonade fast) and other raw food fasts.  They will all tell you that your body will not go into "fasting mode" if you have any fats or cooked proteins in your diet.

You absolutely *need* to go into "fasting mode" to be successful, because it's the only way you will (after about 3 days) experience a complete loss of hunger for fats and cooked foods.  It's tough, but after you get to the 3rd or 4th day, you will be coasting, and bursting with energy.

The second thing is that you will definitely encounter mineral and protein deficiencies after two weeks of consuming sweet fruits.  Maybe before agriculture you could exclusively consume wild fruits and be fine; but today's hybridized super-sweet fruits will basically acidify your body and leave you susceptible to yeast overgrowth (as one poster described above).

So, to do this right, you have two options:

* only eat non-sweet fruits (tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, etc)
* drink green smoothies (a blend of sweet fruits and dark greens)

I think green smoothies are an incredible invention, and also incredibly tasty.  By blending the greens (kale, celery, chard, spinach, etc), which are high in minerals, antioxidants, and proteins, with tasty sweet fruits (anything you like, from bananas to oranges to mangos to apples), you get a slow-burning source of fuel that is very easy to digest and will detoxify and remineralize your body like NOTHING ELSE.

Do a quick search for "green smoothie" on the web.  Frederic Patenaude, in particular, is a huge proponent of doing "green smoothie cleanses".  You'll also probably run into Victoria Boutenko's "green smoothie manifesto" -- she's done mounds of research on why combining greens with sweet fruit is probably the perfect fuel for humans.

Good hunting!

So, if you truly wanted to try to fast for some type of "cleansing" beneifit, know that there is no science to back this up, you will just end up sick. If you wanted to do this to loose weight, this will greatly back fire.  Any diet or fast that excludes all but one major food group will deprive you of nutrients, make you loose muscle, and essentially deter from long term weight loss (which I assume is what you truly want).

I suggest this.  If you want to experiment with non-meat and non-dairy eating, try being vegan for 2 weeks, and see if you like it.  This will mean you will only eat fruits, vegetables, grains and nuts. You can eat soy, beans, tofu, which will all provide the protein and nutrients necessary that fruit can't do on its own.  You can cut out processed foods if you like too.

Original Post by kelrantymus:

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polish, you're going to burn muscle and not fat.  Eat fewer calories than you burn, eat a BALANCE OF FOODS, and that's all.  No magic, no fast, no special diet.  Just calories in<calories out.

Eating normally has the added benefit of not leading to binges afterwards where you put on more fat than the muscle you lost.

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