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Frozen Yogurt/ Low Fat Ice Cream every day

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I have frozen yogurt or low fat ice cream every night after supper. Is this okay? Will I have a problem losing weight, even if I can fit this into my calorie allowance? I just always have to have something sweet otherwise I feel totally deprived!

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I am the exact same way as you - I HAVE to have a little bit of that cold sweetness every night after supper!

But after talking to a nutritionist he told me that while I CAN eat it every night, and stay within my calories, it is definitely going to slow down my weight loss attempt. He challenged me to cut back my ice cream/frozen yogurt intake down from every single night to every other night - and supplement the off nights with two small sugar-free popsicles instead (Edy's, 15 calories each - no sugar, no fat). He also suggested that I switch from my half-gallon favorites to some of the 100 calorie ice cream treats or the Skinny Cow fudgesicles to help with the portion control. They cost more money, but surprisingly they do a really good job of handling my craving without putting me over board. And the little Klondike ones look/taste just like small Dilly Bars from Dairy Queen.

But I am not going to lie, sometimes I miss the real deal. I love to take about a cup of lite vanilla and sprinkle special k on top (for crunch) and drizzle it with some hershey's syrup... so I still let myself have that once a week as a special treat. It has just been a habit for so long, it is hard to go cold turkey.

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Yeah, I like to have a few spoonfuls of frozen yogurt after dinner but, while it is fairly low in calories and fat, it is still VERY high in sugar and that isn't good to consume every single day.  I also have made it more into a treat, eating it once every 2 or 3 days, instead of every single day.

I have found that by cutting out all artificial sweeteners and all but trace amounts of refined sweeteners from my diet I do not crave dessert at all anymore. It wasn't enough to banish sweets: I had to banish refined sugar/corn syrup/etc. But now I'm not even tempted anymore. If I choose to have dessert every now and then, it's never motivated by need—because the need is totally gone. And I can see the results: My body is more svelte than ever.

Thanks for all the advice. Any more ideas on what I can replace frozen yogurt/ice cream with that will keep me satisfied?

Frozen banana? 

I don'tlike bananas, but there are people on here that swear by frozen bananas and claim they are a great substitute for ice cream.


Or smoothies - I use almond milk, frozen berries or fruit, a little bit of yogurt, & some ice.  DELISH!

I freeze those little plastic cups of unsweetened apple sauce. They are only 50 calories and they take forever to eat when they are frozen so its fun and they taste oh so yummy! It's a nice, cold, naturally sweetened alternative to ice cream or frozen yogurt.

But I DO eat fat free ice cream and me and my boyfriend stood in the ice cream isle for like 10 minutes comparing ALL the ice creams to determine which one is better for sugar and fat content and we found that the fat free double churned Bryer's chocolate brownie ice cream is the best. It's really good! I would get it without the brownie though because you can tell its not real brownie haha but the chocolate ice cream is great and lower in sugar than the rest!

Dilly bars are only 210 calories....not THAT bad. If you run two miles you can easily eat one and be within your allowance...My problem is wanting to eat those foods on a day that I don't exercise :/

The problem with Dilly bars is that they are largely fat—the majority of which is saturated fat—and refined sweeteners. And with that you get very little in the way of vitamins or minerals. So they are largely useless from a nutrition perspective, though they do have a few grams of protein. And the sugar can also trigger cravings. So it would be better not to eat something like that on a regular basis, even if it fits in to your daily calories. But there's certainly nothing wrong with it as an occasional treat.

I don't know if eating such affects weight loss or not. But I do notice that my body has changed quite a bit since I started eating far less refined sweeteners (and avoiding artificial sweeteners, too). I still weigh the same, because I'm not trying to lose weight. But my body looks more streamlined. And my cravings are gone.

In the end, though, it is all personal choice. If indulging a little each day keeps you on your weight-loss journey, then indulge. You may lose weight more slowly, but you will still lose it. And you don't have to eat a perfectly clean diet to look fantastic.

But I do suspect that if you can cut down on the indulgence, you'll find you don't need it every day the way you once thought you did. And in the end, it's better for your health if you don't regularly indulge in that sort of thing. Even if you burn off the 200+ calories, that doesn't change the fact that you ate 200+ calories worth of food that is not only not very useful to your body, but that can also be detrimental over the long term. Saturated fats raise blood cholesterol, for example, and a high level of cholesterol in the blood is a major risk factor for coronary heart disease, which in turn increases the risk of a heart attack or stroke.


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