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Frame size- you know, the fingers round wrist thing...

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Well, as you were asked to do when you signed up on this site, to determine our frame size we had to put our fingers around our wrists and see if they overlapped, touched or didn't. I could overlap them, but my frame is not small at all - square shoulders, longs arms, wide hip bones- is it just that I have long fingers or skinny wrists???!
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I can overlap too but I don't really think I am a small frame. I think I'm more of a medium.
Yer, me too. I can overlap and I am short but overall for my height I've always considered myself to have a fairly big frame as in my wrists are as thin as they can be bone-wise but they're still bigger than plenty of other people's so I put medium.
I'm so glad you posted this. I thought it was just me. I would have guessed I have a large frame, or at least medium. But small? My fingers easily overlap. I think I have both long fingers and skinny wrists. They are the only skinny bones I have. :-)
Get this.  I'm 6'7", 444 right now, and my fingers can touch.  yeah, i'm a medidium framed mountain.  CoolCool
A more accurate way of measuring your frame is the elbow. Maybe you can Google it, I think Prevention.com also has it.You bend your arm at the elbow 90 degrees. You take the distance between the 2 protruding bones on either side of the elbow. If it measures below 2.5" you are a small frame. 3" is medium and above 3" is large. I may not remember exactly the figures though.
I thought I had a small frame, but my fingers barely touch...
I have the opposite, I have very small hands and my fingers can touch and overlap very sightly so I'm not sure if my frame is small or medium :s
Maybe this is more accurate? http://www.am-i-fat.com/body_frame_size.html

I tried it on my wrist and I have a medium frame (as I suspected!), even though my fingers overlap.

My fingers didn't touch when I did that but I knew when I got down in weight they would.  I put medium for myself.  BTW, mine touch now and may eventually slightly overlap one day.  Here's to hoping!

I think most people know what their frame is and the wrist thing is a general guide to help if you don't.

yes, glad you posted this.  I'm avg build, but the skinnest forearms and wrists ever, and long fingers.  I overlap my wrist enough to touch the knuckle of my fingers.

I'm going to check out the links above.

I've always been in small frame denial.

Yep: Small Frame Denial.  It is offically a new syndrome.  :)

I say this because in spite of my small wrists and elbows, tiny fingers, skinny ankles, etc, I have always had wide hips, a wide rib cage, and broad shoulders.  Obviously you can see from the pics in my photo gallery that I am a curvy girl.  And I've always thought of small framed women as being those tiny little petite pencil people, no hips, no butt, etc.  :)  I think those women are adorable, but they are definitely not me.

Well, about a week ago I got a look at an x-ray of my arm due to an elbow injury.  And let me tell you, I was SHOCKED at how teensy tiny my bones are!  They looked like they might snap at the slightest provocation! 

So now that I've actually seen my bones, I am finally a believer that yes, I have a small frame.  And that small frame does not mean diminuative in every way.  Just something to think about.  :)

>>I've always been in small frame denial. Yep: Small Frame Denial.  It is offically a new syndrome.  :)<<

I think I have it! :-) 

Good stuff... although I have been in large frame denial.  The finger test has me at the large side of medium, but if I use the measurement test, I'm pretty well into large territory.  But it just didn't seem possible for someone who was 5 feet tall like I am to have a large frame.  Then I got a bone scan that showed my whole leg, and my bones are definitely large.  And all of a sudden it dawned on me, "so this is why I'll never be 105 pounds".  It was liberating!

It is deffinitely all proportional.  I am deffinitely a large frame, and along with the large frame have really big hands, so the wrist test put me at a medium frame.  I mean my wrist watch can slide all the way up to some peoples shoulder when they try it on, but a lot of peoples hands also dont really go past my palm or first nuckle when we compare hands so I have long fingers and big hands to, so I would say that I am a big frame, but I dunno maybe its just me.  So if I were you, I would take that test with a grain of salt. 

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It isn't how wide your shoulders or hips are its how wide your actual bone structure is, how thick around the bones are...thats why you test around your wrist...or the elbow technique. 
when i first started dieting i had a large wrist.. (294lbs) then around 200 pounds I had a medium sized wrist.. now its a small one. Um... so I dont judge by wrist sizes. :) I'll know when my body is of a healthy weight for ME when it feels right. I have a strong feeling it wont be as smart as some of you guys.
Thank you for this topic and all the wonderful information.  Everyone always told me I was "big boned" but somehow I knew they were wrong.  Even when I was within a "healthy weight" range, I was always on the high end, just barely within range, and wanted to tone up more.  All I heard was, "you're just big, don't get anorexic now" blah blah blah.  Anyway, those links with the measurements show that I really am small boned.  What a relief to know I didn't/don't have a disproportionate body image, lol.  I'd just like to get to the middle range of "healthy weight" with good muscle tone.   Now I can prove to my family (always the toughest of critics, imo) that I really am not "just big boned".   Anyway, sorry for rambling and thanks again everyone. :D
Original Post by cellophane_star:

Maybe this is more accurate? http://www.am-i-fat.com/body_frame_size.html

I tried it on my wrist and I have a medium frame (as I suspected!), even though my fingers overlap.

Okay, now I'm more confused than ever. :-) My wrists say I'm small boned, and my elbows say I'm medium boned. BUT, the ideal height and weight tables say that, at 5'11", a medium-boned person should weigh no more than 163! Well! I am down to 190 (from 215) and feel intuitively that 178 would be ideal. (I've got good muscles for an overweight guy) That just happens to be at the high-end of of the "large boned" scale so I'm stickin' wit dat! I won't know for sure until I'm at 178.

According to the elbow-measuring method, I'm a large frame but according to CC I'm small-frame. xD =has huge hands= This other site's method is a bit more accurate I think...=goes to look up ideal weight then=

Sigh....according to both this site AND the elbow measuring, I have a heavy frame. I hate it. It makes me feel so unfeminine. My mother says I have the figure of a peasant :(
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