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I can do this right!?

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I only have about 10-15 more pounds to go. I started at 230 pounds(I'm 5'8) over a year ago, now down to 160, but man those last pounds are the hardest. I've been doing good all week and bad on weekends...not a good thing because I don't lose weight that way, but most importantly I decided this new lifestyle because I feel good! I can do it right!? 



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You sure can - and so can I!

Your story seems similar to mine, I started at 188 last year, have got down to 150 now and am doing great in the week and bad at the weekends recently - not great for getting rid of the final 15 that I want to loose.  This weekend will be different - why - because I can be more controlled at the weekends as I WANT to loose the last 15 more than I want to eat/drink those indulgances

You can do it.  

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wow that is incredible, lupita.

such an inspiration!

you CAN do it!

OF COURSE, you can! I am about your height and starting my journey after having my first child. Your story is a motivator. Keep pressing toward your goal!!!1


Without question, you CAN do this. The key to losing the final few is in the diet. I say this after losing 195 pounds and keeping it off.

I originally lost 160 pounds which I kept off for about 18 months before having surgery to remove the remaining skin and residual fat. I then maintained for another 7 months before changing to vegan eating right after thanksgiving 2011. Vegan eating has allowed me to lose 35 remaining pounds in just over 2 months and here is why; Eating vegan basically consists of eating plant based protein which comes in meatless products and of course fruit and vegitables. This approach to eating is protein based (from soy) and is very low in fat and contains some carbs depending of what you eat. The result is lower calorie and fat intake which allows you to lose those last few pounds.

The reason the last few are so difficult is because at that lower body weight we need fewer calories to maintain it. That means in order to continue with fat loss calories have to be reduced even further and cardio and weights needs to be increased just a bit which can be a hard thing to do, especially if we are cheating on weekends which is necessary during the beginning and middle of the weight loss process. Once we get our weight down where we are close to our final goal, that is when cheating starts to hinder our fat loss.

I've cheated once in the last 9 weeks only because I want to lose these last few pounds more than I've ever wanted anything in my life. Going from a size 58 waist to a 36 is like no other feeling in the world and being out in public looking thin and very fit is an experience like no other and I love it and you wil too. You don't have to eat vegan to lose these final pounds but in my opinion based on my personal experience,you will have to make the decision to not cheat on weekends and begin round 2 of your journey to make your goal a reality. YOU can do this and when you are ready, you will.

If there is anythig I can do to help, just shoot me an email. Congrats on losing 70 pounds, that is something you should be very proud of. Weight loss is very difficult to do because food is such a powerful thing so feel fantastic about your accomplishment because you've earned it!

Best of luck to you on your final push!


Lupita and Dave160 you are both amazing! Congratulations on your weight loss and good luck with the rest of your goals.

I used to relax (ok ok, cheat) on my diet during weekends, but I realized that those 2 days undid all my hard work and sacrifice for 5 days. So it was just not worth it. Shooting myself in the foot is what it was.

So, Lupita, if you cheat on weekends, that's the reason why your weight loss has slowed down or even stopped. The solution? Find out your new daily calorie requirements for your lighter weight, subtract 500 calories from that, and log in all your calories and food intake everyday, including weekends, to see for yourself whether you are really shaving off 3,500 calories to lose 1 pound.

The numbers never lie. Log them and see for yourself.


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Wow, you are so inspiring! Thank you so much for taking your time to write all of this. I got this. i do! Blessings.



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Than you!!! Do you have a good website to find out my daily calorie requirments?

Well, this website is a good place. Under Tools, click on Burn Meter and just key in your age and weight. Calorie Count is an awesome site! Play around with the buttons and you'll surely find something that will help you.

Thanks Ebmozo. Bottom line, If I can do it, anyone can! I really mean that. I'm nobody special, I just hated being morbidly obese more than I've ever hated anything in my life and did something about it. Anyone can lost their weight and more importantly keep it off, they just gotta want it more  than anything else including enjoying food. When a person reaches that place, anything is possible.

Thanks again for your kind words.


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