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Weight Loss
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My Before And After!

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Check them out on my profile! Im so proud of myself. 65lbs down! 

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You look so wonderful now! It's like looking at some kind of makeover on TV- new hair, new smile, and of course a new body. Well done!

Great work, you have every right to be proud of yourself! You look like a whole different person and seem so much happier and self confident, great job!


How do I viw the pics??? And ppl plz I need to lose 20lbs
As Michelangelo said about sculpting the David: remove everything that isn't hazelcat and this is the lovely result. Congratulations!

Thank you everyone! 

@mchanterelle just click on my sn and on my profile there will be a button named gallery. It should be under there =) 

Absolutely beautiful. You must be soooo proud of yourself. I am utterly impressed. You should submit your success story to a magazine. They would publish it in a heartbeat. Congratulations.

You look so beautiful! Congratulations :)

Gorgeous! Your hard work certainly paid off :)


what a transformation you look amazing - but what's most wonderful is the new sparkle in your eyes -- congrats xoxoxo

You look fabulous! Great hips! :)

Congratulations, you look fantastic, I bet you're feeling even better!

THANK YOU EVERYONE! I do feel alot better. I hope everyone of you sticks to your goals and make it a great year this year! And remember, these two thing....

1. It's hard to loose weight but it's even harder to be fat. 

2. If you're not dead you can keep running. (or keep exercising) 

WOW, congrats!!!!!  Keep up the good work...and stay healthy.

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Well done!!!! you're an inspiration. Bet you're feeling fab, good on you!! 

mchanterelle - not sure what you mean by ppl plz, you're the only one who can lose 20 lbs for you

You Look Fantastic!! Great Job on your weight loss!!

Wow, that's absolutely amazing!!! If you don't mind sharing, what was your starting weight? What a stunning transformation!

Congratulations!! You look fabulous!

WOW that is amazing. You are drop dead gorgeous! You motivate me!!

What kind of exercising did you do?

Could you please post your weight loss plan?  I think a lot of the users that don't 'get' the proper way to lose weight could really use some proof by looking at your before and after!

You look great, congrats!  Hoping to be there in 12-18 months :D

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