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When I am sitting at my desk working, I try to find little exercise I can do. For example right now I am sitting with one leg under me and taking my other leg and lifting it straight out, like a kick. I alternate legs all day long. I cant be the only person who does these things so what kind of stuff do you do?

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Squeeze my butt cheeks together while sitting and I stand up periodically and do torso twists.Laughing

All day long?  OMG LOL


I can't speak for the OP, but not all day for me lol.  I get up periodically throughout the day, but the butt squeeze??  No way!!  I'd have buns of steel otherwise and I surely do not.

i am gonna squeeze my cheeks now! Thanks!

I keep a thigh-master under my desk and do 50 reps a few times through out the day.

It burns my thigh muscles, inner and outer, and my lower abs. Love it! I wouldn't do it at home, but just sitting at my desk...why not.



I drink tons of water and make tons of trips to the ladies room, usually by walking very briskly in order to NOT have an accident! :-P

Sometimes I'll do some quick lounges if we're really slow...  and sometimes when typing on the computer (we stand) I will balance on one foot until I'm done a task and then switch to the other.... I heard somewhere that can help with your core balance.

i like to see how long i can hold my feet out in front of me when sitting at my desk. i also keep little 5 lb weights in my cubicle and do little arm excersizes thoughout the day. i also drink A LOT of water and like k-loo take frequent little walks to the restroom. keggles are fun too :)
i'm also considering buying a pedal exerciser to keep under my desk while i'm working i've seen them on amazon for about $30 with shipping

I just constantly fidget... move my legs... bouncing them... I think... "every little bit counts"... ha ha. If only everyone had a treadmill work desk! 

When I was at weight watchers they told us about a tummy exercise you can do while sitting, standing, etc. People wont even know you do it! You know when you are trying to suck in your tummy to put on a tight pair of pants or trying to not have your gut hang out? It is that same exercise! It really works, if you do it for long enough you can really feel the burn! I also bounce on my toes a lot. :)

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