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Are you 5 foot 7inches tall?

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If so.. how much do you weigh AND what is your ideal weight?

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I am 5'7" right now I weigh 254, but I think my ideal weight would be 159, but since I have never weigh as little as that in my teens or adult life, i have to get there and then judge where I should go from there.:)

I am 5'7 1/2" and I currently weigh 175. My goal is about 155/160. I'm pretty proportionate but even at 155 I won't ever be a skinny mini!

5' 7.5" - SW 214, CW 174.  GW 155?? 

I was 135 in high school, but looking back at pics I was too skinny.  Being older now, and with my frame and being "chesty", 155-ish will probably be better.  

hey well i am still trying to find mine i am also 5ft 7 and have gone done from 180 my current weight is 143. My family have told me i look great now and that i shouldnt try to lose any more weight but i still have a lot of belly fat so i guess i am looking to go to about 130 pounds but may stop at 135 depends how i look but then everyone carries weight differently dont they


Currently I'm 152. It's within the range of healthy, but my goal weight is 143. I am very curvy at this weight.

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Hello All...!  im also 5' 7"...  im 265 lbs currently...  and i would like to At Least get down to 200...  being that im 48.....  Smile  If I Could...  i would LOVE to be 175...  i cant EVER remember being under 175 EVER...  never ever...  lol...

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5'7" as well and over 200 - not ideal.  My goal is between 160 and 170 - large bone structure, lots of muscle mass.  At this stage, my first goal is to get below 200.  And then go from there.  Plus, I love my curves.  While I am not my ideal weight now, I have a waist, hips, and tush.  I would not want to give those up - ever.  I set a goal more of a size of clothes then a weight.  My goal is to be able to not shop at the "Fat Girl Shop"....cause I don't wear orange, flower prints, or shiney things.  Who puts bling and shine on the tush of a plus size women?  Good gracious!  Cause we need to draw attention to those parts!  Laughing  Just a little vent!   

I am curently about 145 but i want to get down to about 130 as i HATE love handles so much and so hopefully this will get rid of them!!!Wink

I am 5' 8" and weight 147, which sucks really bad.  I feel huge and this is the most I have ever weighed.  I look best at about 135 which is where I'm headed. :))

I am 5'7" and I currently weigh 130 pounds.  I'm with you #8 on those love handles!  I have them at 135, but not at 130.  Oh, I started out at around 170, and I like the way this feels much better!

Hey there, I'm over 5'7 but not tall enough to be officially 5'8. 

Starting weight: 150

Low weight: 120

Current weight: 135 (I gained back over the summer, but now I'm probably 130)

Goal weight: 120, again

I am 5'7" and currently 143-145. My ideal weight is 135. I started at 240 three years ago so I am proud of the accomplishment. This year I have had "the works"... lipo for the inner thighs, tummy tuck, and blew up the boobies. I still obsess about the thighs AND love handles. I can't get my mind to match my body. I keep thinking 135 will make me happy. Will I be though?

I'm 5'8 and 164 pounds - I'm down from 174 since I started CC+ and feel MUCH better - but I'm still skirting the "overweight" range on the BMI -

My "goal" is 148 but I'll be really happy at 155 or maybe a pound or two less.

I'm 54 and play a lot of tennis - just loosing 8 pounds and really helped my tennis - much more fun when you're not lugging around extra pounds!

I'm ALMOST 5'8" and 172 now, was 142 last summer, on my way back down, but my new goal is 133. 

I'm 222 pounds and my goal is 130-140.

I'm 5' 7" 146lbs   my goal is 135lbs.Laughing    

I'm 5'7" and at my goal weight of 135.    =D

I'm 5' 7", weigh 212, and my goal is 143.  I have had a very good week, and I have learned a lot.  Although I joined CC last spring I really didn't take advantage.  It really helps to keep a food & exercise log, to blog, and to use the forums.


176 now.  Goal is 145-155.  That's a comfy size 10.  So, I don't really care what the scale says as long as I'm a .................... comfy size 10.  The stretch marks aren't going to go away by losing weight.  The cellulite isn't going to go away, either.  So, I'm not going to beat myself to death to get smaller than that. 

im 5'7", 236, med-large frame, and my GW is about 160... maybe 155. I want it to be fairly easy to maintain. I want to be able to enjoy my food without always worrying about calorie content. And i look damn good at 160 lol... but that *was* before i had my son.

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