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Foods that makes you gain weight IMMEDIATELY!

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I have noticed, over time, that my weight fluctuates about 2-3 lbs, which I consider OK.

However, it seems there are certain foods that make me gain weight almost immediately!  And it doesn't always have to do with sodium, or fiber.  I have eaten foods with LOTS more sodium, fiber, etc. and notice no real change.  So I can't explain it scientifically.

The one (and so far only) food that causes me, invariably, to jump at least one (and usually 2) pouds overnight (no matter how little of it I tend to consume) is .... Cheddar Cheese!

The weight is usually gone the next day, if I don't eat cheddar cheese again that day.

Have any of you noticed a particular food that seems to thrown YOUR body into a weird weight gain pattern? 
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Carrots and popcorn I KNOW do that...probably others too but I don't weigh myself all that often anymore haha.  But as soon as I added those back into my diet I gained 5 lbs and haven't been able to get rid of it ((yet!!)) I'm hoping it wasn't real weight gain but I guess it could have been =\

Tortilla chips.  Every freakin time.  It makes me so sad 'cause I really love them but I can hardley ever eat them.

I am totally with you on the cheese thing.  Just a sniff and I'm 2lbs heavier.

i dont know may be its my bodytype but whenever i eat bread rolls i get heavy, ofcourse we are talking about the immediate fat. Yes i see the difference on the scale when i eat bread rolls, hey even the whole wheat ones too.. hmm??

Mine would be pizza.... but then that is probably due to the amount i would consume in one sitting!! ;-)
You do know that cheese is a very salty food?.....   My suggestion is you don't weigh yourself every day.  What is the point, really?  Once a week and all the fluctuations from eating cheese or anything else will iron out so that you don't get the big ups and downs.

Instant weight-gain for me.... alcohol.

Cheese, bread (yes, even whole wheat bread...), pizza, chips: All of these foods are high in sodium. That is why you retain water and the scale goes up more than it might otherwise. If it bothers you to see the numbers spike, don't weigh yourself for a few days. But there is no reason to avoid such foods just because the scale will fluctuate—cheese and whole wheat bread especially (and even chips and restaurant/frozen pizza are fine in moderation).

I'm not particularly affected by any of the foods listed here. But Mexican and Chinese food always make the scale jump quite a bit.


Anything you eat or drink will make you immediatly gain however much what you just ate or drank weighted.

^yeah, but there are some foods that cause me to gain fat.

I develop a pocket of fat if I eat anything with a fat/sugar/carb combination, like a pastry or a waffle, and then the spike in my blood sugar only causes me to crave more, more more! I don't totally deprive myself, but you bet weigh cost/benefit!

If I eat all of my calories with protein & vegetable carbs I'm golden. If I eat all of my calories with any sugar/fat/carb I'm jiggly. It's a curse!

Thanks for all the "sodium" responses - however, that doesn't seem to be it!  Because I eat a lot of foods that are WAY more sodium-filled, and ... nada.  One bite of cheddar cheese - and boing!  Up goes the scale! 

And I don't mean right after I eat (so it's not the actual weight of the food) - it's usually the next day.

It's not the calories, either - I'm talking staying within the calorie limits.  Obviously, if I ate 10 lbs of cheese, I would expect to gain.  But even a couple of ounces (within my calorie limit) does it!

I think it's interesting we all have different foods that set us off.  I wonder what the scientific explanation is for each?  Some of your foods seem pretty innocuous - Popcorn and carrots?  Bread? Eep! 

Pizza, tortilla chips and alcohol, I can see ... even pastries - but luckily I can eat those (in moderation) - even mozzarella doesn't seem to have the same effect as the cheddar!  Weird, huh?

I'm glad mine is cheddar cheese now! :)  Even though I love it!

P.S. - I like weighing every day. It keeps me from gaining too much at any one time - it's always manageable to lose 1-2 lbs in a couple of weeks if need be; when it goes over 5 (since I lose SO slowly), it becomes a 2-3 months process.

Perhaps the cheese actually causes gas as well?  Maybe that has something to do with the weight gain?

For me it's Chinese food, veggie chow mein and veggie fried rice.. Sigh, I wish there was such thing as healthy Chinese food! :(

That's really odd. I am interested enough about this that I'll get notifications as to replies. I mean I've heard of people gainig crazy weight after eating certain things but not like you.

Perhaps you gain more weight because cheddar cheese is higb density, more so than mozzarella at least.

Wouldn't gas make me lighter!  Wink

athenaoly - I know I'm not the only one with weird food "things." 

Could be some kind of weird allergic reaction - I do have mild lactose intolerance to only certain dairy products, tomatoes and pineapples make my mouth break out, and certain textures (e.g. stringy stuff, overripe fruit, green bananas) make me gag, among others, so I'm chalking this up to another "weird food thing" with my body.

Pizza, cheese (that's because I wouldn't be going to the bathroom for another 2 days!), and I've also noticed that if I go bad and eat like sugary carbs I have gained like 3 pounds overnight in water! Ridiculous!

Beans do that to me.. they're just heavy!

that imeddiate gain comes from salt...or other foods that bloat you...

so give me ANYTHING wt too much salt and I puff 2-3 lbs; or give me pasta, rice and potatoes and I'm starting to look like a over-stuffed pillow

white pasta, which i avoid like the plague anyway.  switched to whole wheat pasta a couple years ago.

and popcorn... and i mean the "healthy" diet packs.  i'm sure they're packed with sodium and that's why i see the scale jump, but i'm not a huge popcorn fan anyway... i just ate it in the past because it's supposed to be filling and low-cal.  but i haven't had popcorn in over a year because i don't like it enough to have to see the water-weight-gain on the darn scale the next morning!

Original Post by nece:

For me it's Chinese food, veggie chow mein and veggie fried rice.. Sigh, I wish there was such thing as healthy Chinese food! :(

There is, but that would require eating actual Chinese food. :p

For me, it's mostly just high-sodium food even though I drink insane amounts of water.

Hi "freshbakedpi" that is sooooooo true. It is the exact same thing with me. Veggies and meat are great but one look at break makes me fluffy. Lol.

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