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Food Journal Template

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Inspired by calorie-count, I created a template for recording food observations that has been really helpful to me (gets into how different foods make you feel). It's posted on my blog at:  and thought some other folks might find it helpful - would of course appreciate any feedback on how to make it even better.
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Wow!  Thats the best template I have seen since starting my weight loss journey online!  What a creative contribution - thanx!

I downloaded it into my CalorieCount folder.  Would you make a version in Excel?

I'm really glad you like it - please let me know how it goes as you use it. Yes, I agree about Excel. I have a version in Excel, but wordpress rules don't allow me to post it (I guess for file security reasons), so I'm trying to figure out how to share that with people.

To make the Excel version, you can (of course) put the fields in Excel and then create drop down lists to make it really easy to make your entries - in case you don't know how to do this, make your lists off to the right in the spreadsheet for the drop down list options, then use the "Data"menu - select "Validation" choose "List" and select the cells where the options are. 

Based on the requests, I've now created an excel and Numbers (Mac) version of the food journal template.

I also added a "dashboard" that lets you see at a glance how you've been eating and how you've observed it has made you feel.

You can get the template here: Everyday_Magic_Weblog/Entries/2007/12/21_Livi ng_Food.html

Look forward to any further thoughts and comments!


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