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Food grade vs. calories

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Wow!  I thought I was eating decently, and I do know I'm eating better than before, but just joining CC today I've learned the grades for some of the stuff I thought was decent scores terribly.  I love my Breakstone's Cottage Cheese Doubles and they score terribly :(  How seriously do you take the grading system?  Do you put more importance on simply the calories in the food or the grade?

(New here and have a few questions...hopefully no one feels bombarded =))

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grilled chicken breast is a B-. that should tell you enough

Wow - chicken breast is a B-.  Lots to learn about the system.


no problem! its basically based on conbination of measuring nutrient richness and balance of CPF(what that balance is)

I think the amount of calories you consume daily is more important than the actual grade.  Because the grade is based on how nutritious the foods are.  So an apple has more of what they consider "essential nutrients" than the cheese you like.  But if you eat more good than bad your average will lean more towards an A.  Eat the cheese but make sure the other things you eat are graded highly.  Almost any plant based food is graded highly on here.  But you have to think that nutrition is highly debatable.  I don't take the grade too seriously though.  Nuts/seeds have a low grade because of their grading system.  They are loaded with good fats, protein, fiber, and other nutrients.  So I don't understand how raw seeds/nuts can be graded as a C.  So this is when we have to make our own choices and decide how we use this online tool.  :)  

I don't pay much attention to the grade of individual things ... but I do pay attention to getting green bars for my nutrients.  I use to really be attentive to that ... but it wasn't until I looked at Yoplait Greek Yogurt Honey Vanilla and saw that the large container versus the small container varied from an A- to a C+ I decided it was decidedly arbitrary! HAHA  As long as I am doing well nutrient wise ... I feel like I am okay with nutrition! 

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