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Has anyone had problems loosing weight whilst on Fluoxetine?

I stopeed taking it (under guidance from a Doctor) 2 weeks ago and have carried on with my diet as when I was on the tablets. I have already seen quite a difference! I read that it is hard to loose weight whilst on them so am wondering whether my mind is just playing tricks on me!

I don't want to weigh myself because when I think I am loosing weight it gives me more motivation to carry on!


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I lost quite alot of weight while I was on fluoxetine, mainly because before that I was too depressed to get out and go to the gym so they definately helped kickstart my weight loss. I haven't been on them for around 8 months or so and I haven't seen any real change in my weight loss, still slow and steady. I don't think taking flouxetine really made a difference other than helping with my depression helped me be more active. My doctor prescribed them to me because I was worried about weight gain whilst taking anti depressents, he said fluoxetine doesn't cause weight gain and can even help with weight loss -whether thats the drug itself or like I have already said, helping you get out of your depressed rut and feel like exercising I don't know but whatever it was it works and now I'm getting by on natural anti depressants - exercise lol

I have taken fluorexetine for a long time, on and off, and it never seemed to influence how much weight I lost or gainned. But what I've heard is that it's supposed to help you lose, if that.. I'm currently on it, and don't think it's been having an influence on my weight loss.

oh dear! Was kinda hoping for the opposite answer!

In all honesty thank you for your replies! Can't always have it the way we want!

I absolutely have this problem.  I take a low dosage for IBS and the doctor warned me I might gain weight.  Since then I have been working out regularly, being more active in my daily life and following a 1500 calorie a day diet and I just can't seem to lose weight.  After a few months of working out 3-4 times per week for about 30 minutes with no result, I increased to 6 workouts a week for an hour at a time and I gained 1.5 lbs.  And don't tell me it was muscle weight!  I'm very discouraged but I don't want to go off the med, especially right before the holidays when I have too much going on to sit at home nursing and unhappy digestive system.

You're not alone on this one!

I didn't realise you could take Fluoxetine for IBS.....its an anti depressant

Yup - I'm actually on two different ones - both at dosages lower than would be used for depression/anxiety.  One slows down the digestion process, the other helps keep the intestines from cramping.

It's amazing how tied in all our body systems are!

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I realize this post is a little out-of-date but I came across this thread while doing some research.  I'm a pharmacy student and was casually looking into fluoxetine used in weight loss.  What I've found is that for about 6 months it does seem to have a positive effect on weight loss with people taking the medication losing significantly more weight than those people who were taking placebo.  However, after 6 months it really loses its efficacy and becomes about the same as placebo.  Also, while some of the effect of fluoxetine could be related to increased activity due to resolved depressive moods, most researchers believe it actually has to do with the effect of serotonin on the brain's "hunger" receptors.  Because fluoxetine increases the amount of serotonin in your brain, more of it can act on these receptors and cause you to have less appetite.

I also had a positive experience on Fluoxetine. It almost completely turned off my appetite to the point where I had to remind myself to eat. I lost 50lbs in the first 6 months of being on the drug.

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Hi there all,

I've just started taking fluoxetine for depression, 20mg daily.  This is the 3rd day and I'm feeling very tired ever since I started on them.  Does this tiredness wear off and if so, how long before it does?  At what stage does the hunger suppressant kick in?  I still have my normal appetite.


doonlette, side effects technically should die down within a few weeks. also, why are you expecting hunger surpressing? I don't think it's supposed to surpress your appetite. it didn't mine anyway

I  don't eat out of hunger, I eat for many other reasons.( Boredom ,Too much to do, anxiety,nervousness, loneliness, depression...etc)  If I would only eat when I was truly hungry I would lose weight.

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I started taking it for depression but also found out (see above) that it often supresses your appetite.  You are told this in the information leaflet enclosed in the packet.  Mine has now kicked in after the 4th tablet.  Thanks for your replies, anyway.

I actually gained about fifteen pounds on fluoxetine. Keep in mind, I was low-range BMI and I'm still only mid-range BMI. I was a recovering anorexic who would starve to deal with her depression. But once I started taking these all I wanted to do was eat, eat, eat which freaked me out a lot. So I did something bad last week.. I stopped taking my 20mg dosage cold turkey. My doctors advised against it, especially since the summer is my most depressed time, but I was pretty desperate to stop gaining weight. I'll re-post to the forum to update on whether I actually lose some weight after quitting it.

I was prescribed Fluoxetine today for depression, i was worried when doc said i may feel worse for two weeks so read the side effect section and was pleased to see about the wieght loss aspect of them, not because i need to loose wieght as i dont but this is the only thing i feel and have control of. It will be interesting to see if it has an effect on my wieght but as i said im more worried about the next two weeks. Thats how i found this section by googling about Fluoxetine.

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I had about a week of tiredness but it wore off after that.  It has certainly lowered my appetite and, after three weeks, seems to be kicking in as I feel a little more mellow and contented than I did before taking it.  I have to say that, for me, it appears to be helping with my depression.  Good luck.

Ah thanks for your reply, do you feel as sad at all, when you say content do you mean a little happier ??? Sorry to ask i just hate feeling so low. Im going for councelling next month too so hopefully that will help. Took my first tablet last night and i was really nervous which is wierd as been on before for pnd but this time the depression feels different, darker if you see what i mean.

So glad its working for you x

I started taking fluoxetine in april to help relieve headaches. i noticed weight creeping up and deciding about 3 weeks ago to stop taking them without weening of them first. since then weight is still slightly increasing. i myself had a normal BMI and exercise everyday of the week as i am a fitness instructor. i feel awful now and so unconcious of myself and dont know how or if this weight is going to come of. any advice?

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I have been on Fluoxetine for several years.  I have put on 15 + lbs over that time.  I  am an athlete and workout regularly.  I eat healthy, cook our food, lots of fruits, veggies, fiber, lean meat, limit sweets.... I have researched weight gain in regards to long term use of Fluoxetine and found a weight gain of on average of 7% (according to one study) can be expected.  Apparently Fluoxetine, and other drugs like it, are stored in fat cells.  My son was put on Fluoxetine for the period of a year and a half.  In that time his weight increased dramatically.  He was a skinny adolescent then put on lots of flab during this time.  After he finished his treatment with the medicine it took a few weeks but the weight started coming off.  He lost 20lbs over the last year.    I tried to wean myself off but found that the emotional consequences were not worth the weight loss.  It is my anecdotal experience that Fluoxetine does cause weight gain in some even with regular exercise and healthy diet.  Frustrating but better for me to be heavier and stable than anxious and thin.

I have been on fluoxetine  now for almost a year and I noticed a well needed weight loss, I lost 46lbs but have now hit a plateau I have not gained or lost so I still eat what I want but in smaller portions and I do not drink soda very often like I did before, I drink more 2% milk and lots of water I have found Smart Ones from Weight Watchers to be the right amount of food to curve the appetite also without losing the taste but I still have the urge to want to eat a lot but I tell myself I have come this far so why ruin it now. I do not workout I do so much walking at work that the last thing I want to do is workout but I know I need to change that way of thinking and help myself out to lose more weight.

It made me really hungry, especially on a higher dose
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