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Flavored water?

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I've been putting those powdered sugar free, calorie free tea mixes in a pitcher of water every day. (becuase I HATE the taste of pure water) I have 2 questions.
1. Is this ok? Will it ruin my water intake? Since it has like nothing in it isn't it the same as water?
2. Am I drinking too much water? I drink the whole pitcher in one day, 3.8 liters! And sometimes I'm still thirsty!

I feel great but i'm thinking it may be too much water for me since I'm only 5ft 111-115 lbs.
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1) Yes, its okay! Still counts as water. Your just adding a little flavoring to it.

2) Not sure if its too much. 3.8 liters seems like a lot. I usually have around 3.5 liters per day, but I outweigh you by 45 pounds.
I worked my way to drinking pure water. That is best for you, and I think 3.8 liters is not a problem.

My worry with the drink mix or diet cola, etc. is the artificial sweeteners they contain. But I do think it is better than not drinking water at all.

Why not use tea bags and get antioxidents without the chemicals?

Or cut up some lemons and limes in your water for vitamin c?
Good question, I'm interested in hearing the answer too because I also don't really like pure water.  I can force myself to drink it, but I prefer it with lemon or other flavoring like you mention.

I know that it does count some...but the question for me is how much.  If I drink 8 ounces flavored, is that the exact same as 8 ounces of pure water with no flavoring?

I ask, because I have heard that even things like coffee and juice and diet soda can "count" toward the water goal but they count a lot less because your body has to filter the water out of whatever you're drinking and its not pure water.  This also doesn't take into account the not so good stuff in things like coffee and diet soda (i.e. caffine).

On that same note, I've also heard that its good to drink COLD water because your body uses calories to raise the temp in your body so it can use it.  So along those same lines, does your body use calories to covert say juice into usable water in the body?

Hahah..thats a long way of asking, does flavored water count at 100% water? Or 8 oz flavored = 8 ounces pure?

(Gah, some days I wish I didn't have to turn EVERYTHING into a math problem or science experiment! )
I've been buying the Walmart Great Value drink mixes - they have no cals, no sugar (they are sugar free) and are really tasty.

Today I bought a box of the Cherry Limeade flavor and it's really good!

I find that these drink mixes keep me away from what I really want - MOUNTAIN DEW! LOL
a agree that it's a good way to make the shift from soda/pop -- and I've been using "Water Sensations" with splenda (I try to stay away from asperteme)  One thing I've been able to do is decrease the amount of flavor I use, so insead of putting 4 packets in a 2 qt pitcher, I'll just use 2 -- next step is just one.

I work outdoors a lot in the summer, and have to refill my water bottle at various city parks -- or when we are camping - and find just a little bit of flavor helps me get some of the water down a lot easier when I'm not dealing with my water filter at home.

I am bigger than you, but drink a minimum of 3 liters a day (usually 4) and I can't drink it ice cold -- just a little cooler than room temp is perfect for me!
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I can't answer question #1.

However, question #2 - I have suffer from kidney stones caused in part by high uric acid levels in my system. My diet regimine includes 3 liters (101.4 ounces or about 12 1/2 cups) of water a day...1 liter of which is to be lemonade (lemon juice helps keep stones from forming). So I don't think your 3.8 liters of water a day is too much.

If you are still thirsty you might check out your tea mixes for caffeine or sodium content. Decaf coffee and teas are not 100% decaf...5 cups of decaf coffee can have the same amount of caffeine of 1 cup of caffeinated coffee and the caffeine is only about 90% removed from decaf tea. So unless you tea mix is completely artificial you might still be getting caffeine which is a diuretic and can be making you thirsty.

Regarding water intake.........Isn't tea and soda water considered  part of your daily water intake?  I know diet sodas is a no no and I have quit drinking that.........

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