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How did you get your flat stomach? (with pictures)

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I'm battling a bit trying to lose like 5-7 lbs of stomach fat and I need advice, how long will it take?What can I do abut it?It's way less than one inch without pinching it. But I hate looking at it, it's so disgusting seeing that layer of fat!

These are the pics of my tummy. _me_dead_gaby/DSC07582-1.jpg SC07599.jpg


how can i get it like hers?? tch/gallery/swim_guide/tall/080616/blake_live ly300.jpg

but preferably like theirs?? festivals/rihanna.jpg nifer-aniston-03.jpg 05/leighton-meester.jpg


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I can't see the pictures - I don't know why - if it's my work browser blocking or what - but the way I got a flat stomach - and I have a kid - was pilates!  I love my stomach now and I would swear by pilates it did wonders to the whole baby bump!!  Do you have any of the pilates videos?  I would recommend the ball if they still sell it - there is this one exercise on that video that really kicks the saddle bags @$$ - iff you know what i mean - I don't have any side fat anymore because of that particular exercise.  Good luck!!

Gabby, that is NOT 'fat' and it is nowhere NEAR 'seven pounds' - it's totally normal to have a little surplus skin around your mid-section that you can pinch together - your body needs it for moving around and bending and stretching. If you didn't have a little looseness there you'd rip yourself in half when you bent over! You are only thirteen years old and your body is only just starting to develop. Just give it time... you have a beautiful figure already and it's only going to get better as you get a bit older and your body matures.

Oh, and how to get a stomach like Rhiannas? It's called an airbrush. Absolutely NOBODY is that smooth and perfect naturally.  It's just not possible.

AH! PLEASE LISTEN TO KAJIKIT; SHE'S TELLING YOU THE HONEST TRUTH!!! You look totally awesome, just keep eating healthily and excercising regularly.

Oh, and just to add what kajikit was telling you about airbrushing, its true, just about EVERY photo that you see of a model or celebrity is airbrushed.  Something you might want to look into are some websites about "Photo-Retouching"; its pretty mind-blowing to see how drastically photos are altered these days, and hopefully it'll help see that you really do look wonderful.  

I know about airbrushing. But I've seen people face to face , that have that amazing stomach! And I really want it. And my stomach it's not as good as it looks on the picture. But thanks anyway.

Nobody is perfect. I agree what the others said about airbrushing of stars.  They are not as perfect as you think they are.  And look at Aniston's thighs.  They are a little flabby, and I'll bet it drives her nuts, even though overall she has a great figure and is a beautiful woman, especially for age 40.


I think it's great to want to improve ourselves, including our physical imperfections, but obsessing on minor imperfections to the point of thinking ourselves "disgusting", or going to get excessive plastic surgery is not healthy.


Just keep up the good work and enjoy this moment in time while you are fairly young and trim, because eventually we do all decay, and no matter how much you work out and diet and go under the knife, at 60, both you and I will look pretty saggy.  There is a lot more drawing people to you than your body.  Focus on that and be happy with the results of your efforts!

Those girls with "amazing" stomachs may not be as healthy as you think.  (Have you ever gotten into an in depth conversation about what they've done to get it like that?)  Also, you have to remember that everyone has different genes, thus everyone's body will not develop the same way.  I mean, I admit that I'd like to be a few inches taller and have larger breasts, but I already know that I don't have the correct genetic makeup for that, so there's no point to dwell on it.  The same goes for the way that humans' stomachs develop.  Some people can develop six packs without even trying, while others have to work really hard.  Some girls will grow up to look one way, others will grow up to look another way...thats just the way we are.  You need to look at your body without comparing it to other people's-----especially to people you don't really know, but ESPECIALLY to pictures of models and actresses.

Speaking from experience, its not worth it to become obssessed with your apperance because it only leads to negative things (both mental and physical).  Our society's standards for "beauty" and health generally do not coexist in the same world, therefore even healthy, strong, and beautiful people (such as yourself) do not feel satisfied with the way they look.  Think about it.  If fashion companies presented us with standards that we could actually achieve, how would they get us to continue to buy their products?  We're meant to feel inadequate (a terrible feeling) so we buy things that will supposedly "fix" the things that make us feel that way, even though we're comparing ourselves to a fantasy.  It took me a while to realize this, and both my physical and mental health have suffered because of it.  I just don't want the same for you...  

Like I said before: "just keep eating healthily and excercising regularly."


Wtf which stomach fat!!!!

Cardio, pilates and a clean diet. Mostly the diet part.

Are you just doing searches on any thread that mentions Rhianna and bumping it?

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