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Did I just fix my metabolism?

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In my other posts, I've mentioned how I was a chronic undereater. For one week, I have been eating my maintence calories. The first couple of days were terrible... but now I'm actually, for the first time in a long, long, long time, hearing my stomach make noises and be hungry.

Since I'm feeling hungry now eating way more than I was, does that mean my metabolism is fixing itself? I'm eating more than 1500 a day now too, if I'm hungry. This is incredible! Smile

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I don't think metabolism is every permanently's just when you undereat you slow it down and do some damage to your body.  It's great that you feel hungry again; it's our body's natural way of telling us we need to nourish it, and it's good to listen!

Ugh, it seems like maybe I might be hungry in the morning, but at night I feel so incredibly bloated.

I've been eating 1500-1700 calories a day for 1 week, and I have gained 7 pounds. Please - somebody tell me this will go away. I don't exercise very much - I walk to class (sometims like 2 miles a day) and I run in 10 minute bursts.

I am so with you!!!  I have the slowest metabolism every but my mom, sister and dad all have fast metabolisms!!!  I undereat for 2-3 days and then power out, but I dont feel like I am eating alot but it adds up!  I figured I just eat when Im hungry.  BUT last week I started eating more, I gained a few pounds but not much... and this week it is coming off.  I will say I am trying to keep out as much carbs as possible because I am terrified that eating more food is going tomake me gain weight!!!  I am staying between 1400-1500 and eating less carbs than normal.  I am also FORCING myself to drink at least 4 glasses of water a day.  They say that helps your metabolism.  I read that models eat hot salsa to make them thirsty for water to make sure they keep drinking it... it WORKS! 

Keep at it... I would say your body will hord for a few days... 7 lbs shounds like water weight too so check to see if your eating foods high in sodium.   Also if you run in 10 min. bursts thats prob almost a mile for each 10 mins.  That 100 calories burned. 

The calorie counter on here rocks too!  I can see if I burned more calories than I ate each day and I can see how well I am eating, how many carbs vs. fats and also the vitamins I am getting from the food that I am eating.  And it fixes problems I did not know existed.  Like one cup of Almonds is over 700 calories!!!  I was so upset after I ate that for LUNCH realizing that I had used my calories for the day.... 

I am going to keep at it, I think you should too!!!

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