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Does anyone suffer from a particularly large belly?

I'm four sizes bigger around my waist than in the rest of my body.  So if I get pants that fit my waist my butt and legs are swimming in all that clothing.  If I get pants that fit my legs and butt, then they're too tight around my waist and I get the belly overhang that make all my shirts look horrible.

Has anyone solved this problem with fitting tips or a particular brand?
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The shortish tailored jacket is a great idea Mrs Shaifley! Some styles sinch a little in the waste to give a nice curve but will camoflage the lower belly hang and come in great colors and fabrics.  One of my favorite items, for sure.

The not uber-low-rise I think is also called drop-waist. I think unless u are uber-skinny, there bound to be some flesh poking about :/
My suggestion is to pair whatever bottom style you wear with an empire waist cut top, with flowy mid area. It's in style now and I personally like them, cos you can eat and 'let go' :D
I have the big belly (ugh!!).  Between all the weight gain and 4 pregnancies (the first child being BIG at 10 lbs, 6 oz and 2 weeks late - 70 lbs gained!) which made all the skin SO stretched, my stomach is awful.  I hate it.  I wish they could just cut it off and stitch it back up, much flatter. 

In regards to your question tho - I wear elastic waist pants, usually the stretchy kind, or the ones made of jersey material.  I can't *wait* til I can wear real (banded) jeans/dungarees again.  I miss wearing them so much.  I know they make them in my size, however they usually cost an arm and a leg, and they look the size of a pup-tent, and it's just SO discouraging, not to mention I can't get them to fit right either. Either I can't get them past my upper thigh (if the waist measurement is right) or I can get them past my thighs but the waist is too big, or the overall fit is wrong... or a hundred other things.  I have actually gone back to sewing by finding patterns I like, getting the biggest size they offer and then doing any necessary modifications.  I had purchased some summer ones.  Not sure about winter since money is tight right now.  I was hoping to make some easy, basic skirts and jersey (material) pants and shorts.
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Sorry but this is a bit off topic--i just started my diet again and counting cals AGAIN and i was wondering how you guys have that virtual picture of yourself before and after. What website is that? lilborykuamami--I saw yours and want one like that.  For some reason I'm scared to take an actual before and after pic of myself--but a virtual one isn't so intimidating ;-)  Any advice would help!

And regards to the topic--I don't really have a big bellie, but I am developing the oh-so-lovely lil pouch since I've gained 30 pounds.  It's definately gotta go!
I just came across this website after asking google about clothes for women with big middles and skinny legs and I have to say that I am very dissapointed with the answers. I know everyone had put forth an effort to help out but man I am only 26 years old im definitly not ready to wear strech pants daily or, spandex or materinty pants lol you would think that compnaies would catch on and make pants that fit women with our problem.I seriously think that it migth be an impossible sewing task....Seemstress migth not be able to actually make a pant with a big middle and thinner legs but I am taking a sewing class this semester at school just for this reason and I will find out if its possible to make pants the way we like them and let you all know.....also lane bryant(in store) does carry one single style that is better than others but I cant remember the name(the girls there should know) also go to www.torrid.com (for the younger crowd) and you migth find something you like there..its the best plus size store ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good luck
www.target.com... you can order custom-fit jeans... enter your measurements ... it is not expensive either! I have always been meaning to do this. If anyone does, let me know how it works out. Would also be interested in hearing how much it costs to have jeans altered, if anyone's done it, and any tips about choosing clothes you intend to be altered.  

Otherwise, how about just forgetting the pants entirely and opting for skirts instead? That's what I have been doing. Choose an A-line skirt... make sure it fits perfectly in the waist (hitting at the belly button or just below - whichever you prefer). It'll give the illusion of wider hips, and thus a tinier waist. Have the skirt hit right at the knee for the most flattering proportion. And if there's too much fabric at the hips, it's far simpler operation for a seamstress to take it in. It's all about creating proper proportions. I highly recommend the Trinny & Susannah What Not to Wear book.

I just bought two such skirts at Old Navy for a song. Adorable flouncy eyelet material, perfect for spring and summer and soooo comfy!
I don't know if anyone has already suggested this, but I've taken to buying men's jeans.  They are naturally smaller in the butt and legs, so if I find some to fit my big tummy, they don't look huge everywhere else.  You can also buy stretch jeans, which allow you to buy a smaller waist size and still be comfortable.
Bubblytoes, I am a seamstress and yes, it's very doable to make pants that fit women like us.  Mass producers simply make clothes that fit the average woman, who usually has a shape in proportion to her waist, unlike me with my big waist problem.  Mass production simply ignores the fact that all people are not the same.  I see a lot of "relaxed fit" jeans on the market, and I need the opposite!
Now thats what I call some good information  thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im going to try the target thing for sure, I guess I will try the alteration thing too maybe if I find a jeap pair at ross...................and as soon as I lean how to alter a pattern I will try to make a pair of pants just for me!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks
I can't find anything on the traget website..........Do you know where I shoudl go??? Thanks!!
Oh no!!! It looks like they don't make them anymore??? Sorry about that! I guess I also waited too long. :-(

I think land's end might also offer custom fit... do a google on custom fit jeans... there are a couple of companies that do it, but Target used to have the best price.
I know Layne bryant..to get the clotes to fit...I have to wear a padded bra...cause of my arms are so big and belly...that they don't fit in the boobs...
This is my problem, i eat so much but it doesnt go to my stomach i really am a stick. However my butt is huge and my chest is flat, i mean yea i like my butt but if i could lose a couple of pounds. Also i have "22"s for arms and my legs are big some boys make fun of me for it but my mom thinks i have good legs "great body". I dont i wanna have a bigger chest little less butt and stomach is fine, Please help
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