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Does anyone suffer from a particularly large belly?

I'm four sizes bigger around my waist than in the rest of my body.  So if I get pants that fit my waist my butt and legs are swimming in all that clothing.  If I get pants that fit my legs and butt, then they're too tight around my waist and I get the belly overhang that make all my shirts look horrible.

Has anyone solved this problem with fitting tips or a particular brand?
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one of my coworkers has this problem. she says to buy pants to fit the waist properly, then, take the pants to a seamstress and have them take in the seams to make them fit in the legs and bum.
i think it sounds a little costly (to do for every pair of pants) but worth it.
this is my problem - i make do with stretchy type pants that expand at the waist, and are just "roomy" elsewhere...

it's annoying, but i've come to get used to finding clothes that don't fit. sometimes i had better luck in the men's dept. of stores...
I'm looking forward to the day when I can buy pants and skirts with a regular, flat, waistband.  Until then, my answer to the problem is elastic waists.  I can't wear the "low rider" type pants at all, but then I think they are the most unattractive style ever invented.  Even slim women look big around the middle in them.  I'll be glad when they ride off into the fashion sunset.

I'm also looking forward to tucking in my shirts and wearing belts instead of depending on the length to hide my stomach. 
Sorry, I have the opposite problem. My butt ans thighs are too big!
I think off-the-rack clothes for a body that isn't off-the-rack will only end in frustration. A few handmade skirts in good fabrics and colors will go a long way to making you feel well dressed and comfortable. If you don't sew, find a friend who can, learn to do it yourself (basic skirt sewing is fun) or hire someone to help you. 

(and if you have the "opposite problem", drawstring palazzo pants in soft fabrics are a safe bet)

Living in miami is like NY, always on the frontline of fashing. Bbe glad to know, low riding jeans are WAYY out.  I used to have this anger/disgist/jealousy when i saw these tiny girls all trumping around in them.  Now knowing they are "so last season"  i just laugh LOL

Good Grief! I'm so glad to hear I'm not the only one with this problem.  I seem to carry all my weight around my stomach and I have a hard time finding clothes.  ( I wear about a 26-28)  I wear a lot of jeans with elastic waist and the stretch in them.  Just my size has a great website to order from and so does Lane Bryant Catalog.  But being in the medical field I have to wear scrubs to work, and it is so frustrating because when you are overweight, scrubs are not very comfortable at all!  No stretch whatsoever.  So in order for me to get them to fit around my belly I have to buy like a 3x top and then they are huge everywhere else, especially around the bust and shoulders.  This is such a pet peave of mine.  I wish they could design scrubs differently to fit all shapes and sizes of people. 
Laugh all ya want but I LOVE the low-rise boot-cut jeans!  I NEVER owned a pair of jeans that actually fit both  my waist and legs until the low-rise hit!  And, the slight flare of the boot-cut evens out my body such that I don't look like a spin top (heavy on top/middle with skinny legs/ankels).

I personally don't think low-rise jeans make women look bigger in the middle.  They make me look slimmer than any high waisted jeans I ever wore...and they are far more comfy...and no fat roll spillage out of the top.

It always frustrated and disgusted me that high-waisted straight leg jeans never fit properly (not even when I was thin) and in my humble opinion...they make me look boyish.  They take away from my butt and are always baggy in the legs OR they fit the legs but fat spillage around the top took away from my boobs...Talk about unattractive...

To each their own... :-)
OH...and the low-rise are still 'cool' for us 30+ around here but are 'out' for the  ;-)
I have to agree with chubzie on the low rise jeans.  Now that I can fit into 14s and 16s, I prefer the low rise to anything else.  I had a pair of high waisted jeans that I waited months to fit into, only to find them to be the most uncomfortable things I have worn in a long time!  I too like the flare leg bottoms.  I've never been a slave to fashion -- I wear what I like that fits well.  Ditched the briefs underwear for hipsters too -- what a difference in comfort!
I think the low rise are very cute if you are very thin.  I rarely see a woman who looks great in these jeans.  I see young girls with tummys and hips pouring out of the jeans.  I wonder, don't they look at themselves in the mirror.  If the person is thin and I mean model thin, they look great but the rest of us, they over emphasize the belly and hips and look awful. 
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Ok - don't flame me, but have you tried maternity pants?  I carry a lot of weight around my middle and found that I was most comfortable in my old maternity clothes.  They fit in the legs but had extra room in the waist portion. 

If you aren't comfortable shopping in the maternity section you could shop online.  Old Navy has a maternity section that I like.
There is a difference between low-rise and super-low-rise thong barring jeans.  Low-rise boot cut jeans are flattering on most figures.  The waist hits just below the belly button or right above the bony part of the hip that juts out in front.  With a belt and a well fitting shirt, they can de-emphazise the belly, elongate the torso and make the butt look great.

I love and live in the awesome low-rise, boot cut, sorta stretchy, dark wash jeans at Target.  They also have a nice variety in the Plus Size and Maternity sections.
I agree with marnee. I think most people consider "low rise" as those that have a 1 inch long zipper and have your butt crack almost showing. I simply cannot wear those, due to my wide hips and butt!!
I agree with low rise jeans fitting better.  I am short waisted as well as having tummy issues and low rise jeans sit nicely on my waist without the overhang and they also tend to accentuate my rear/legs which I have worked very hard on lol.  I prefer them to high waisted pants anyday. 
Ya know, I was watching that "What not to wear" show on TLC the other night and there was a girl on there with a similar problem. They suggested wearing jackets (like cute little suit jackets) with everything from jeans to skirts. They seem to be tailored to show any "assets" you might have on top or bottom but reduce the appearance of any fat that you might have around the middle.
dont ever wear low rise if you have belly problems. If you must- wear a hoodie over its a great alternative plus its cold outside. Girl u have the entire winter to work it off and get a fab ab
jbm, my advice exactly, shop maternity wear.  I have the same problem . . . and I'm not a bit abashed about shopping for maternity wear -- and I'm pushing 60.
Very true Marneedear!

The biggest risk with low rise when you have a bigger middle, those babies will fall in the blink of an eye. lol  (i was a victim once). I prefer at belly button or just below.

There is  nothing like getting clothes tailored though.  I used to take fabric to the local tailor when i was in africa.  I would show the guy old copies of j crew i had and he would make me jeans, kakis, dresses, in style, perfect fit, and it only cost me like 5 dollars.  We need to reinstate that skill back in the us, for reasonable prices. 

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