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First week weight loss--what is normal?

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Hi everybody.  I just want to know what is a realistic amount to lose in the first week?  Also, if my body burns 2300 cals naturally and I dont eat over 1700 cals daily, but I also dont exercise, will I lose weight?  I'm trying to ease myself into it so that I will actually stick with it. 

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I didn't exercise the first month, and I lost weight. =) And then the past two months I didn't exercise and still managed to lose weight.  So yes, you will lose weight without exercise but at some point I hope you do ease into it.

And the first week, pending your eating, you may actually gain so don't get discouraged if you do so.  Otherwise, most people find they lose between 2 and 5 pounds the first week (also depends on how much you weigh).

It varies greatly for everyone, though.

Yes i'm living proof lol but  there is a calorie difference

Like i only eat no more then 1200 and i dont excersize i've been loosing weight i've lost 9 pounds in about 4 weeks, i mean you will prob loose more if u work out, i say that to myself but i'm so lazy lol

on the first week i lost 2 its been kind of like that every week

Good luck ^^ after u start to loose u will want to work out i just got some yoga balls and ive used them 2 times lol but i am gonna start to use them more often.

There's not a norm or a way to predict it, but most people lose a lot the first week (2 to 10 lbs depending on their size) it's mainly water weight and that eventually slows down but exercise won't affect it much in the beginner.

 When I first started, I didn't exercise that much at all ( I was 319 lbs) but I gradually added more and more, and now I do 3 to 4 days a week of 30 minute cardio and strength training. I lost weight before I started exercising too, but exercise really helps. If and when you hit a plateau, consider upping your activity before lowering your calories.

Yes you will lose weight.  Just look at the calorie deficit.  A pound of fat is 3500 calories.  If you restrict your calorie intake to be 700 calories less then what you burn that day, it will take you 5 days to lose a pound.  BUT, if you add say, cardio to it, then say you add an extra 300 a day through cardio.  You're now at a deficit of 1000 lbs per day, to lose a pound in 3 and a half days.

 Add weight training and you will eventually increase your metabolism to burn more calories while at rest.



contrary to The Biggest Loser propaganda, for the first week, i suspect that zero weight loss is normal.  it takes time for your body to adjust to the change.  i mean, if your partner left the seat up for fifteen years, then put it down every day for a week, would you believe that the change was permanent?  probably not right away.
just keep in mind that your weight can fluctuate around 5 pounds a day depending on water weight, the weight of food injested, etc. If you stick to the 1700 kcal diet, you will lose! Don't get discouraged with the day to day fluctuations. Good Luck!!
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