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My first binge :(

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I had my first official binge yesterday (well first since I started my diet a few weeks back) - I often eat a lot and binge, but since I started focusing on weight loss I've been good - actually I've even been eating around 1800 calories which is plenty!  And with a good mix of protein, carbs and fats and lots of veges etc...

Stats:  Female, 27yrs, 71kg, 163cm.

It's interesting that I don't get hungry on days I DO exercise - yesterday was a rest day when I binged!!

Oh well - learn and move on right?  I'm going to keep a binge diary and fill in what I was feeling etc at the time to make sure I don't do the same thing again!

Also, I did read the post about "Tips for the day after the Binge" so I'll eat more protein today and exercise tonight!

Just wanted to share...  Bit sad (as yesterday was also the first day I was under 71kg!) but I know that this won't affect long term weight loss - just that this will undo my hard work on Monday.

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I've had a bad day too!!

I'm not in deficit and I'm fuming! I'm so hungry too...

Back on it tomorrow! :p x

I had a binge recently myself. When I looked back on that day, I realized i) I was hungry all day but trying to control it, ii) was low on both carbs and fats in my log, and iii) had not exercised that day. When I binged it was all about fats and carbs, so I wonder if it was related.

I might have been able to avoid that binge if I'd been paying attention earlier to the cravings I was having and dealt with them properly.

Has anyone else figured out what triggers a binge???

YES I was hungry all day!  And was eating what I normally eat but for some reason it just wasn't satisfying enough!  So then at 4pm I basically had a second lunch (it was HUGE, Rice and gravy) and I really feel that that should have been enough!  But then I was hungry again around 7pm and kept snacking to curb it!  But then I got home around 9:30 and thought, OK let me eat a little bit more and then it turned into a binge...

That leads me to my next question actually... think I'll put it on another post!


There has GOT to be something to binge eating other than emotional loss of control. It feel almost bio chemical, if you know what I mean.

Yesterday I had another really hungry day (again I didn't work out, I wonder whether that's coincidence, or causal). I could feel a binge coming on.

This time I ate "leaves" (aka salad) until I felt like a sheep in the meadow. By the time I was finished,  I would have had the equivelent of a bathroom sink full of macerated greens in my belly. It still felt as if there was nothing in there. I actually had real hunger, which we all know would be impossible!!

Next I tried three teaspoons of no fat Greek yogurt, wondering if it was a protein or calcium shortage. The yogurt made a bit of difference, but not much and certainly not for long.

Then I had two chocolate caramel rice cakes topped with a teaspoon of peanut butter and a tablepoon of non fat Cool Whip on each one. After that I began to settle down a bit. The gnawing hunger was gone, but I certainly didn't feel as if I had a pail of solids in my stomach.  

I made a cup of sugar free hot chocolate, and after three sips, BINGO! I was finally stuffed. I think the hot chocolate finally "puffed up" the rice in my stomach, as well as all of the greens. I poured out the rest of the drink and went to bed. Done!

I managed to do all of that without a 2,000 calorie binge, and stay within my calorie range, thank God, so I count that as a binge averted.

What the heck led to such a strange phenomena, and which of all of the above efforts stopped the cycle?

So far I'm thinking it has something to do with my body chemistry on days when I am not moving enough. Somehow the hunger signal flashes on, and won't turn off. Maybe my body "believes" that it has an opportunity to recapture lost calories, and sets off a chemical chain. Maybe its looking for high density calories (like you might find in peanut butter) to replace lost fats. Maybe that's why the "full" signal just doesn't work properly (and maybe finally did work when I gave it a bit of peanut butter).

I wish I knew what the chemistry was behind this so that I could stop it before it ever got started, but if it ever happens again I'm going to try liquids in between bulky foods ad see if I can get the hungries to stop sooner.

If anyone else has information or experience with this, I would very much appreciate hearing from you!!!


There's a difference between a one time binge and habitual binging.  The former could be a lack of food, appropriate nutrition, or frustration with a new diet and the latter is indicative of a serious eating disorder.  

Scientists have linked binge eating in rats (sweet and fattning foods) to the opioid receptors of the brain.  Rats are not people, but their similarity to people from a neurological perspective make them a good test subject.

For some people, binge eating is just like a drug binge.  It releases a bunch of chemicals in their brain that they get high on.  They hide it from their family and friends.  They feel ashamed, but don't know how to stop.  

Smashley:  I think I used to be like that - I would actually need to hide how much I'm eating because my friends would get SHOCKED!

Divasnote:  I was exactly the same - literally starving!  And no matter how much I ate I actually felt hunger - I think I over-did the exercise for a few days before...

And YES I'm exactly the same - on the days I exercise I don't even feel that hungry - but on my day off... BAM!!!  The hunger kicks in!

So I just wanted to share an update :)  Normally 1 binge and I'd be off track - BUT this time I was good - I just accepted that I slipped up, and I made sure to eat in control yesterday and exercise and I've almost undone the binge!  So I'm really happy because honestly in the past I've always been an all-or-nothing girl!  I think posting things up on CC helps too - reminds me of my goal!  I think I'll post this in the other 'tips on binge eating' topic too - cos I really followed those tips and it helped out!

Thanks to you all! :) :) :)


"There's a difference between a one time binge and habitual binging.  The former could be a lack of food, appropriate nutrition, or frustration with a new diet and the latter is indicative of a serious eating disorder."

Thanks Smashly, that's helpful.

My experience was a new one for me, most likely nutrition related. Having another ravenous day today, and this time it was a workout day. The peanut butter solution from yesterday isn't working today, and I am actually getting a hunger headache. I haven't had meat in a while, so I'll see if that helps. If not, then its just something I'm going to have to live with for a while as my body adjusts to being on a diet.

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Divasnote, I think you might need to look into whether your foods are "dense" and filling. Off course you're not going to be full of salad leaves, regardless of how much you eat!! And rice crackers are EMPTY calories which will not fill you up, that's a promise. 

Think about planning out your days' food the night before. Heavy in veggies (not just salad), protein, healthy fats, no refined carbs (no rice crackers or rice)!!! I can bet you won't be feeling hungry anymore. I'd put it down to a hungry for NUTRITIOUS food, rather than hunger period.

I'm doing the caveman diet and I force lunch down at work (6 hrs after breakfast). Dinner I'm usually, well, probably like a caveman, but I figure it's cause of my poor lunch.

Best of luck doll.


I had to add to this thread as the sames happnin to me ;( I have been on my new healthy eating plan now for almost 3 weeks and its been great ;) I eat no more than 1400 cals a day and a perfect mix of proteins/carbs etc etc ... I walk almost everyday and have been full of energy...BUT for the past 2 days it gets to 9pm and I just fancy something extra...I've opted for a pack of cheese n onion rice cakes 80 cals and a bowl of muesli with semi skimmed milk 400 cals ;( thats taken me up to 1800 on these 2 days and I do regret it!!!! OK...its NOTHING like my old binges which could take my cals up to 4000 in the day but I still feel Ive messed up! On these 2 days I had "over done" the walking and propably walked 2-3 hrs...do u reckon this will even out the extra cals? I was also thinkin of chocolate last night but quickly got into bed before I ate something I really regretted!!!! SO...todays a new day and Im thinkin of gettin the muesli outta the house lol just incase it happens again! Any help n advice would be great ;) x


The 1,400 calories number is not the maximum you should eat. The 1,400, actually your BMR number should be the minimum you eat. Starting from this number or any number above this you need to ensure you burn 500 calories a day more than you eat to ensure you lose 1lbs a week.

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