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Weight Loss
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Find your twin on CC!

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Post your stats here. By this, I mean your weight, height, sex and age. See if someone else here has similar stats. You might just find your twin. Having the same frame type is an added bonus!

If you can find another health-conscious person who is more or less built like you and is around your age, that is great. You can share tips with that person to get to know how to lose weight with your body type (since his/her body type might be the same). You can also try different things and give each other some feedback. I think this should help with all of us losing weight, especially teenagers because I think the simple rules of calorie-counting don't work with teens as their minimum differs from the adult 1200 (female) and 1500 (male).

Well, what's the harm in trying, eh?

PS: Be sure to check here for twins everyday!

PPS: A fellow user, eve666, suggested that the best way to do this would be to start from the last page and work your way back. That way stats and goals will be more current, I suppose.
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Original Post by demz95xox:

Female, Age: 13, height: 5'4, weight: 155, GW: 110, frame: M-Lg

 I'm older than you - but our height/weight/frame is very similar!

Hi! I'm 20 years old, 5'6", started at 174 in April and am currently 148. My goal weight is 130. I hit a plateau for a while, got down to 143, and somehow wound up at 148 over the past two weeks. I'm a vegetarian and getting started on running again, so if anyone has any tips I'd love to hear them!

Original Post by catlabrum:

Hi All!  I just joined today.  Previously lost weight to have another child and now I am ready to get my life back on track because I loved the way I looked and felt.

I'm 36


CW: 168


I hope there is a twin out there for me. 

I'm darn close.

35 y/o


CW: 168

GW: 138

Medium build.

I previously lost weight to look and feel better, but eventually traded my gym membership for a bar tab.  No kids, but I've been trying to sympathy gain with all of my child-bearing friends. ;) 


5'7.5 cw 164 gw 145ish 30 years old


Are you my twin?!?!?!?!I think this would be great!

Male, 28 years old

5'5, 159 pounds

Hoping to get to 140

Medium frame

Female, 27 years old

 5'3, 143 lbs

Medium frame

Want to lose about 10is lbs- I don't look bad at all, just not fitting into my clothes they way I used to :) Want to get in better shape again and run a 10K in May.


Looking for a twin to keep motivated! Send me a message (hard to follow all the threads on this! haha)

5'7", Female, age 28

CW:221 lbs

GW:160 lbs

hourglass shape



5'2";F; 33; med-large frame

SW: 247

CW: 226

GW: 130

I did already find one person very similar to me but there must be more.  I'm wondering,  "is there another twin for me?"  You can't ever have too many motivators!

Original Post by cfeldt:

Original Post by minda_spk:

Ah! I'm too lazy to go through too many pages of posts. : )

24 years old
Currently 240 lbs
Hourglass/Pear shape
Would give away my boobs for free
Prefer someone focused on health and not just weight loss. Prefer someone not scale obsessed. This is more important to me than age and stuff : )

 Hi Have you found a twin yet! We are not quite, but pretty close!

age: 24
height: 5'5"
currently 223
Goal 155ish.. maybe less if I ever got there

I love your comment about your boobs! I am always offering to give mine to friends who are "less fortunate"


Hey minda and cfeldt,

age: 33

height: 5' 2"

CW: 226

GW: 130

We're not an exact match but I had to say "Amen" to the boobs comment.  I've been trying to give mine away for years.  That's the one part of me that I'm really afraid won't get any smaller as I lose weight, or worse yet will just deflate.Surprised

Age:  32

Height:  5"1

Current Weight:  117-119

Goal Weight: 105-110

Shape:  Close to hourglass... a little thicker in waist (35, 26.5, 35)

Sex:  Female

Frame:  Medium

Activity Level:  I run marathons... (currently averaging 50 miles/week)

Goal Calorie Intake: 1900


didn't read all the posts... wonder if my twin is out there!

I'm 23 yr old female, medium - large build. 5'4 and currently 202. my goal weight is 143....

are you out there?

well 4betterdays i didn't read all of the post either... actually yours was the first one I read. I'm 23yr old female, 5'2 and 198lbs currently and my goal is 140.

I wouldn't call us twins, but pretty close.

Female (guess the photo shows that),  61,  5'3", small frame,  135lbs,  goal of 128,  married,  gram.


Large frame


245 llbs

goal of 200


Hey everyone. I'm a newbie!


20 yrs of age.


Current: 148lbs

Goal : 132lbs

I'm of medium build.

Main area of problem would have to be my stomach. That's where the majority of the unnecessary weight it =(

I'm in my second year in University.


Gender: Female

Age: 18

Height: 5' 2"

Weight: 88-92

Frame: Small

Gender: Female

Age: 19

Height: 5' 8"

Current Weight: 167

Goal: 135

Frame: medium

I recently hurt my back pretty bad and wasn't able to workout for about 4 months, which caused me to gain quite a bit of weight.  My problem area is definitely my stomach. 


I am 5'1
Weight 143lbs
Frame: small to medium
Age: 32
Goal is: 105-110lbs

Gender: Female

Age: 18

Current Weight: 162

Frame: Medium?!?

Goal: 125

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