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I Finally Stopped Drinking MT DEW!!!!!!!!!!!

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Hello to all who read this, I am 33 yrs old, I have been drinking mt dew regularly for over 20 yrs, I was always told by family and friends that I drink way to much and how bad it is for you... etc. i tried switching to iced tea few times and even tried other sodas like pepsi, welches grape soda and sunkist orange but always came back to my dew. I am posting this and i am embarressed to you all that I would drink at mimimum a 10 pack of cans a day and at worst more than double that, A DAY, thats more than 20 cans of dew a day. I always knew that it wasnt  good for my health, my reason for gaining weight, and even problems with teeth was cause of this drink that tastes soooo good to me but i didnt care.

A few moths ago I began fixing my teeth and had to lie to dentist about how much I drink, but he definatly knew I was lying. I wanted to make strides on getting healthier and to look better. I began to workout, I bought the soloflex. Ive had it now for around 3months and I do feel much stronger. But still I knew deep inside that working out for about an hour a day but drinking all that Dew would defeat the purpose of working out.

Im on my 5th  full day of not having a single soda. I cant lie and tell you the temptation and craving is not there, I own a Pizza shop with soda all around me. I found this new drink through one of my employees that you can only get at walmart called Great Value, Ive tried crystal light and 4c drinks before but hated the after taste. Well not Great Value!!!! It is so amazingly good. Everyone always said to me , "you should drink more water, water is good for you", and I was tired of hearing that. But I love this, it has great flavors, my fav is the orange and cherry pomogrannit. I feel like my Dew days are over!!! I am drinking about 4 to 5 quarts of this day. I hope that all those years of drinking Dew that my Health can be better now that I wont drink anymore. I am also hoping to lose about 40 pounds.  I hope I am one big step in the right direction. I really feel this it for me. My next Giant goal would be to stop smoking but I will leave this for a differnt topic.

Well thanks for reading my very first post and if you may have any comments,suggestions or advise or questions please share with me. Thanks 

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Good for you!

My crutch is Pepsi Max and I feel ya. Not a day goes buy that I don't have a can or two. Embarassed

Congrats! My sister in law is trying to kick her habit of mt. dew. She was drinking about 40 oz's a day at one point or she would always have a bottle of it with her. Now with this Great value drink mix is it sugar free? It is better since its not carbonated but if your still ingesting a large amout of sugar. I would say start weening yourself off the mix drinks. Start with one plain cup of water a day (bottle water is probably best to use since tap can taste funny).

The only time I ever had soda on a regular basis was when I worked at my part time job cause everyone else drank it. I stuck to caffine free diet coke, loved it more than regular coke, not sure why. But I was only able to have one can then Id have water or tea. Tea was a killer for me cause I used to put 3 big spoonfuls of sugar w. milk in it. I was never heavy though, not until a 1.5 yrs after high school then I gained like crazy cause I ate out at places like Fridays and Applebee's.

Anyway, Congrats thats a huge step with stopping mt. dew.

Hello and thanks for reading and replying to my first post. " Great Value" is a sugar free Low calorie drink mix  that you mix with water. I cant believe it has 0 sugar and the taste is sooooooooooooo amazingly good. The only bad thing is that you can only buy it at walmart. 

Thanks again for kind words and best of luck to you and sister in law.

good for u! Its really hard the hardest part will be when people will offer it to you.  If and when they do you have to be strong and stick with it and turn them down.  Its sucks but trust me when i tell you that when your reach your goal you will be soooo happy when it didn't take an extra two weeks  because you fell off the wagon.

That is awesome!! Keep it up you will feel so much better. I was addicted to diet cola and kicked the habit a few months ago, and have never felt better. Such a terrible thing to put into your body! Congrats and stay strong, water is the best once you get used to it :)

Congratulations on kicking the habit!

I just got off Diet Coke about 8 months ago, and it has made alllllllllll the difference in the world.

Thanks to all for your very kind words of encouraagement. Im proud to say I love drinking water !!!!! no more dew!!!! I cant wait to start shedding some lbs!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Mt. Dew is like crack. I've been an addict now since I was 11. (I'm 28) I kicked it for good about a month ago. Its tuff!


Kudos and good luck!

Congrats, soda is a bad habit to break! I love mtn dew, but I've never been much of a soda drinker. Have you tried Fruit 2 O water? It's flavored water and doesn't taste too bad; that's how my dad lost weight real quick by switching soda with that drink.

Good for you.  I gave up all soda and cigarettes seven weeks ago.  I'm not sure which was harder, the coke or the cigarettes!!  Laughing

My husband is diabetic but won't give up the soda...hates crystal light.  I'll have to try the great value ones and see if he likes them better.

Thanks for the last 3 replies..... Its amazing how much dew I was drinking and now NADA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I love this Great value water drink, whats funny is that I went to all the walmarts in Philly and they were all sold out, Like a Feem, I went to Nj walmart and bought over 150.00 dollars worth to stock up, ( The Grape, fruit punch,and the orange are my favs) My cup stays full at all times with plent of ice!!! Love it !!! Winning!!!!!

Original Post by lil_firefly_25:

Congrats, soda is a bad habit to break! I love mtn dew, but I've never been much of a soda drinker. Have you tried Fruit 2 O water? It's flavored water and doesn't taste too bad; that's how my dad lost weight real quick by switching soda with that drink.

It's that stuff and Arizona diet Green Tea that have saved me.  BIG soda and overall carbonated beverage fan here, I spent years battling kidney stones (aka killme stones) by diet alone and I just don't care to drink plain old water.  The Walmart carbonated flavored waters were a Godsend to me and helped me greatly in controlling the flow of stones.

But between that and Coke Zero it rotted my teeth, and after one particularly painful episode at the beginning of this year--the first such toothache episode for me in my life (I think I saw God, or was it Satan?) and being asked by *my* dentist if I drank a lot of carbonated beverages, I realized that it's not just soda that's bad.  I'd spent years thinking it was sugared sodas that were the problem, then I thought it was just soda, but carbonated water would be just fine. 

Imagine my disappointment to learn that all carbonated beverages are going to rot your teeth with carbonic acid!  They're so fizzly, so refreshing, so not for me and my expensive teeth anymore.

(heavy sigh)

Well, it is what it is.  And I thank whoever came up with it for Fruit2O.

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